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KIER BYRNES & FRIENDS Blarney: A Compilation of Irish Music 14 tracks Any lover of folk music has probably also cultivated an appreciation for traditional Irish tunes such as “The Irish Rover,” which opens this compilation. It is clear from the vocal gusto with which Byrnes attacks these numbers that he is a long-time aficionado of the form. “Star of the County Down” is notable for its traditional Irish percussion. “Jar of Porter” is a well-known Irish drinking song, here … Read More >>

CDs – Feb

BUTTERSCOTT Buttersville Records The Somewhat Disappointing Contractually Obligated Followup™ 30 tracks Instead of talking about this latest offering from the inimitable trio comprising the 21st century Butterscott, why don’t I instead inform you that the tradition of humor, at least in early rock, is strong. From the Lieber and Stoller songs written for the Coasters to “Chantilly Lace” and “Stranded in the Jungle”… No, wait. Maybe I had better talk about the record in depth, something which is sure to … Read More >>

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If you are based in New England and would like your latest release reviewed, send a hard copy to The Noise/ T Max, 40R Highland Ave #219, Salem, MA 01970. … THE CHANDLER TRAVIS PHILHARMONIC Iddy Biddy Record Waving Kissyhead Vol. 1 4 tracks Waving Kissyhead Vol. 2 13 tracks Decades from now, local music historians will look back and see that Chandler Travis created his own genre, quirky pop. This two pronged, unevenly divided set of songs is his … Read More >>

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If you are an artists based in New England and would like your recordings reviews, send hard copies to T Max/ The Noise, 28 Goodhue St. #406, Salem, MA. … DOUG MACDONALD BAND Lighting Head 9 tracks Like a rata-tat-tat machine gun, “Atomic Phunk” blasts out of the speakers as Patty Short’s extended drum roll meets Doug MacDonald’s Gretsch staccato low end notes. Doug (in character) belts out crazy man vocals listing everything wrong with his life, ending with, “They … Read More >>

CDs – Nov

If you are a band or act based in New England and would like to have your release reviewed in The Noise, send a hard copy to T Max/ The Noise, 28 Goodhue St #406, Salem, MA 01970 … CELEBRITY HANDSHAKE Eastern Prawn Records Celebrity Handshake EP 6 tracks This is an amazing EP by a band from Portland, Maine, consisting of A. M. Haines (vocal, keyboard), Jose Moreno (guitar), and Will Berdan II (drums). It is full of noise, … Read More >>

CD Reviews – Oct

If you are an act based in New England and would like us to review your product, send a hard copy to T Max/ The Noise, 28 Goodhue St. #406, Salem, MA 01970. … THE FORZ Running From the Past 14 tracks The first three tracks on this collection are excellent. “Come to the Fore,” like a great many of these songs, is a certified throwback, sounding precisely like it came off of a Pebbles anthology; it’s a sharp-edged rocker … Read More >>

CD Reviews – Sept

TWO VIEW REVIEW BOBBY LEGER Imaginary Dream 10 tracks This is a pretty cool CD in a number of ways.  The gritty blues ring out true. Bobby Leger’s worn matured voice adds a believable factor and gives the lyrics a true blues feel.  The inspiration for the blues on Imaginary Dream is Mary Lou Lord, who made her slice of fame by connecting with another famous artist. Bobby has piggybacked onto the story: the late-in-life artist finds love, loses love, … Read More >>

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If your act is based in New England and you’d like to get a review of your latest recording, send a disc to T Max/ The Noise, 28 Goodhue St. #406, Salem, MA 01970. … VARIOUS ARTISTS Lowbudget Records You Can’t Always Want What You Get A Lowbudget Tribute to The Stones two discs – 34 tracks There are almost two and a half hours of good music and interesting covers on this epic tribute to the greatest rock ’n’ … Read More >>