GETTING TO KNOW DARLINGSIDE by Kathy Sands-Boehmer … Darlingside harken from the left side of Massachusetts but their name and their music is traveling east, north, south, and further west.  For lovers of string instrumentation, this is your band.  Not only do they play a variety of strings: violin, cello, mandolin, guitar… but all members sing and harmonize.  The musical tapestry is indeed interesting.  Darlingside has been chosen as Emerging Artists at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival. And now it’s been … Read More >>


PETER PRESCOTT IS UP TO IT AGAIN: MINIBEAST by Eric Baylies I suppose that for people of a certain age Chuck Berry invented rock ’n’ roll and the Beatles and Rolling Stones improved upon it. If you are just a little bit younger you may be of the opinion that Mission of Burma perfected it in Boston almost 35 years ago. When Mission of Burma broke up for about twenty years or so, Peter Prescott did not sit around and … Read More >>

Neal & the Vipers

NEAL & THE VIPERS  by A.J. Wachtel Experiencing one of Neal & the Vipers’ earth-shattering live performances is akin to being in the parapet of a front-line trench during wartime: it’s always exciting, urgent, loud, serious, action-packed and very, very intense. Never laid back or mellow, these cats are the picture of passion; with all the artillery coming out of their amps. Here what’s in store for one of Rhode Island’s best R&B bands: Noise: You’ve played almost every bar between New England … Read More >>

Anita Suhanin

ONCE A SINGER,  ALWAYS A SINGER CATCHING UP WITH  ANITA SUHANIN by Kier Byrnes For the past two decades, Anita Suhanin has been one of the most prolific singers in the Greater Boston area. As the silvery-voiced front woman of Groovasaurus, she has won critical acclaim, even nabbing herself a Best of Boston award.  As the strong soulful voice behind the band Shwang, Anita held court to one of Boston’s longest running residencies, winning respect of fans and fellow musicians alike.  … Read More >>

The Darlings

THE DARLINGS By Dr. Swig McJigger Group A: Blue Lobsters; Halley’s comet; the full splendor of the night-blooming cereus. Group B: Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers; any number of elite figure skating pairs; Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell/Kim Weston/Diana Ross. The first set represents rare occurrences, the latter outstanding male/female collaborations.. We can confidently insert Simon Ritt and Kelly Knapp, founders of The Darlings, into both categories. Despite circa two decades of existence, appearances by The Darlings have always been … Read More >>

Carter Alan

CARTER ALAN Radio Free Boston by Harry C. Tuniese Growing up, there was nothing like the radio for adventures in music. From my earliest memories of the Boston Top 40 of Arnie “Woo Woo” Ginsberg at WMEX or Dick Summer at WBZ during the ’60s, spinning that dial introduced me to rock ’n’ roll and beyond. By the late ’60s, with the arrival of FM radio and WBCN, I was hooked and transfixed. A potent mix of new music and … Read More >>

Franc Graham

THE FRANC GRAHAM BAND by Dr. Swig McJigger Your humble correspondent commences this article just as Major League Baseball’s A.L. and N.L. championship series get underway, which means the time approaches for those goofy bets between big-city mayors, say, Mumbles Menino putting up a New England clambake against whatever St. Louis considers good eatin’ (something beefy, one presumes).  Somewhat along those lines, only and athletic conquest, I believe Massachusetts has made out very well at the expense of Pennsylvania (or “that … Read More >>

Ten Foot Polecats

TEN FOOT POLECATS ARE IN THE GROOVE by A.J. Wachtel After hearing this blues trio’s music for the first time, one realizes there’s a lot about that genre’s sound you’ve never heard before. Everyone can quote B.B., Elmore, and Robert Johnson. Everyone knows about the impact black music had on white audiences in the ’60s. But “Statesboro Blues” or “The Thrill Is Gone” never sounded like this. The Polecats’ unique interpretations and passion are unparalleled by anyone on the scene today. Noise: You’ve toured … Read More >>