Erin Harpe

ERIN HARPE  & THE DELTA SWINGERS  by A.J. Wachtel For many decades, Boston’s music scene has been ahead of the curve in different genres including rock ’n’ roll, folk, punk, and new wave. Berklee College of Music attracts musicians from all over the world to study, and world class ensembles like the Boston Symphony and the Boston Pops cover the classical and the orchestral sides of the panorama perfectly. But behind everything, and still standing as tall and as important and popular as ever, is the blues. … Read More >>


FREEVOLT by J.C. Lockwood Michael Bernier? Yeah, this Newburyport musician has been burning up dance floors and concert halls around New England for the better part of the last decade with high-energy/feel-good acts like Michael Bernier & the Uprising and, for the past two years, Freevolt, whose debut album should be in the racks right about now. But Bernier is also a bit of a juggler, with the whole Evolvement thang, you know? Evolvement Music, a music-production and event-management company. Evolvement Radio, a weekly … Read More >>

Mosey Greams

MOSEY GREAMS a.k.a. GUY ZACCARDI Thirteen Important Questions & One Odd Comment by Bradley Royds Noise: How many lizards does it take to make Zaccardi-Saurian stew? Mosey: Oh lordy… I can see what dimension we are traveling to for this gamut of polished questions. It takes three delicate saurians: Ambrose Bierce and The Devils Dictionary, an alternate guitar tuning for your everyday life and my father’s 19th century Victorian attic where the stew got a-stirring and the song got recorded. Noise: Are … Read More >>

The Fools

THE FOOLS by A.J. Wachtel There is a lot of history to this band that hails from Ipswich. By 1975, Mike Girard, Rich Bartlett, and Stacey Pedrick formed The Fools, and by 1979, with the release of their Talking Heads parody, “Psycho Chicken,” they became very well known across the country. The group followed with “It’s a Night for Beautiful Girls,” a huge hit that peaked at #67 on the Billboard charts. EMI signed the band and they toured with The Knack and released their … Read More >>

Rumble Prelims

35th ROCK ’N’ ROLL RUMBLE  by Dr. Swig McJigger Sunday, April 6: Night #1 REBUILDER, TIGERMAN WOAH, SINNET, GUILLERMO Rebuilder (Sal Ellington, Craig Stanton, Daniel Carswell, Brandon Phillips, Rick Smith)—This unit gets the nine nights of the Rumble off to a rousing start; for much of their lid-lifting set, four of the five members are equal partners in singing the songs. To borrow a phrase from sports, they “left it all on the stage,” and look like they are having … Read More >>

Munk Duane

MUNK DUANE  by Kier Byrnes Noise:  How did you get started in making the music you do today? It’s a bit of departure from the Munk of the early 2000’s. Munk Duane: I’ve been calling it a “de-evolution.” The music I was making back in the day was heavily influenced by the electronic music world. I was enamored with sound design, sampling, and creating sonic palettes from traditional analogue synth sources, as well as warping organic, real/world sounds and layering … Read More >>

Barry & the Remains

BARRY & THE REMAINS Yeah, Yeah, Yeah  by A.J. Wachtel Editors note: This interview was conducted before the death of drummer Chip Damiani. It’s hard to imagine, but in the blink of an eye 50 years have passed since The Remains first formed in Boston. It’s also been a half a century since The Beatles arrived in the United States, and almost as long as when Barry & The Remains were one of the groups that opened up for The Fab Four … Read More >>

Full Scene Ahead

FULL SCENE AHEAD! by Will Barry         What, you may ask yourself, is Full Scene Ahead exactly? Is it a blog, a booking agency, a radio station, a promotion company? In short, yes. But, to put it simply, it’s just—well, Full Scene Ahead and I think they take pride in defying any type of easy classification. In fact, I think they thrive on it. They’re an all-encompassing multimedia conglomerate of like-minded men and women bent on fostering the growth of Boston’s local music … Read More >>