Bong Wish

BONG WISH by Sleazegrinder Part hazy, shimmering hippie death goddess, part snarling, shin-kicking Bad News Bear, Mariam Saleh is one of Boston rock’s most compelling and alluring figures. She is probably most well-known for the jangly thrift-store explosion that is the Fat Creeps, the psyche-pop duo she formed with Gracie Jackson, but more recently she’s been concentrating on Bong Wish, an all-girl barefoot lysergic boogie-raga blowout with flutes, violins, and teenage runaways in denim jumpsuits. There has literally been nothing … Read More >>

Parker Wheeler

PARKER WHEELER REALLY BLOWS by A.J. Wachtel  Parker Wheeler’s name has long been synonymous on the North Shore with his enduring and continuous Sunday Night Blues Party at The Grog. For decades, people have traveled from all around just to be present at these jams to experience some of the best musicians who have dropped in on this weekend-ending, non-stop party.  Listen to what this local treasure has to harp about… Noise: You have had your Blues Party every Sunday at The Grog in Newburyport for the past … Read More >>


WEMF by Sleazegrinder Full disclosure: Since meeting the gang of scruffs behind WEMF in February, I subsequently went on to join their FM-wannabe love and terror cult and now host a weekly show, the Sleazegrinder All American Super Rock Power Hour, on Friday nights at 8pm. But I would not look at the following story as a ringing (and potentially biased) endorsement of the station so much as another tragic symptom of my rampant egomania. On with the show. A … Read More >>

Thrust Club

THRUST CLUB by Sleazegrinder Are you thrustworthy? I have my doubts, to be honest, but Thrust Club thinks you probably are. If you want to know for sure, they have a quiz. It’s got questions like “Are you a ninja?” and “Can you dance?” It’s pretty scientific. “It’s on our website. Send it in, we’ll let you know,” said Thrust Club’s drummer, JC Climint. Has anyone failed so far? “Couple times, yeah,” she said, shrugging. “There’s an open-ended question at … Read More >>

Rani Arbo

RANI ARBO & DAISEY MAYHEM Playful and profound music: Chatting with Rani Arbo by Kathy Sands-Boehmer The Boston Globe once called the music of Rani Arbo & daisy mayhem “playful and profound.”  I can’t think of two better adjectives to describe this amazing band.  They play some of the most soul-lifting songs you’ll hear in your life as well as some of the most awe-inspiring collaborations ever. Rani Arbo (fiddle, guitar) and her husband, Scott Kessel (percussion), hold down the … Read More >>

Gary Hoey

GARY HOEY by A.J. Wachtel Gary Hoey may be the best unknown guitarist in New England. Although he has a huge following, this cat’s name should be near the top of everyone’s list of best and most influential six-stringers on the local circuit. From growing up in Lowell, to sharing the stage with some of the most iconic and quintessential blues and heavy metal artists alive; his story is an inspiration to everyone who has shared the dream. Check it … Read More >>

Charlee Bianchini

CHARLEE BIANCHINI by Lois A. McNulty “Charlee is such a multifaceted person. She’s a writer and journalist, a musician, singer and songwriter, and a real advocate for the preservation of what’s best about this community. Her song about me and my activism, “Thrown to the Wind,” is the nicest tribute anyone has ever paid to my lifelong concern for the place we all live in and love.” (Peter Anastas, Gloucester native and writer) Charlee Bianchini, with Gloucester roots four generations deep, went … Read More >>

Jay Frye

  JAY FRYE by Lois McNulty Usually, we don’t know much about a performer until he or she becomes fairly popular. Well, this month, The Noise gives you the chance to get to know a musician on his way up. Jay Frye of Gloucester is only 20, and he’s making music a priority.  You might even be able to say, someday, about Jay Frye: “Yeah,  I knew him when….” The Noise caught up with Frye recently in Gloucester during his … Read More >>