Olneyville Sound System

OLNEYVILLE SOUND SYSTEM by Eric Baylies Olneyville Sound System hail from Providence, Rhode Island. For almost two full decades Dan St. Jacques (vocals and bass) and Adam Autry (drums) have helped create, define, and refine the sound of underground music in Providence and far beyond. I was extremely fortunate to be able to talk to Dan about the days of future past of one of my favorite bands in the history of the universe. Noise: Tell me a little bit … Read More >>

Those Alone

THOSE ALONE by Dr. Swig McJigger Younger readers of The Noise might have difficulty relating to the following, but circa the turn of the millennium Dunkin’ Donuts sold caps bearing a legend along the lines of “Red Sox/ Yankees: The hundred-year rivalry”; this caused an incorrigibly snide talk-radio host derisively to cite the saw, “The rivalry between the Yankees and Red Sox is like the rivalry between a hammer and  nail.” This dynamic comes to mind when regarding Those Alone, … Read More >>

Parker Wheeler

PARKER WHEELER REALLY BLOWS by A.J. Wachtel Parker Wheeler’s name has long been synonymous on the North Shore with his enduring and continuous Sunday Night Blues Party at The Grog. For decades, people have traveled from all around just to be present at these jams to experience some of the best musicians who have dropped in on this weekend-ending, non-stop party.  Listen to what this local treasure has to harp about… Noise: You have had your Blues Party every Sunday at The Grog in Newburyport for the past … Read More >>

Jim Trick

GETTING TO KNOW JIM TRICK by Kathy Sands-Boehmer If Marblehead, Massachusetts had a mayor, Jim Trick would win that election hands-down.  It’s clearly evident that he knows everyone and I mean everyone in town.  It’s impossible to walk down the street or eat a meal at any restaurant without people walking up to Jim to shake his hand and say hello.  Now that Jim’s been playing more shows and has released his latest CD, Further from the Tree, people are … Read More >>

Red Peters

RED PETERS  by A.J. Wachtel Red Peters is a very funny man. He also has a bit of Eddie Haskell, from Leave It To Beaver, in him: his outward smile and comedic persona really camouflage a much darker, more complex and intellectual interior. While Eddie said in black and white, “My you look very nice today, Mrs. Cleaver,” and fooled nobody, Red croons “Blow Me (You Hardly Even Know Me)” behind an orchestra, and the world dances at his feet. Read on and … Read More >>

Jimi Hendrix Funeral

JIMI HENDRIX’s FUNERAL by A..J. Wachtel You might recognize the name David Hull from his many years playing bass for Farrenheit, The James Montgomery Band, Joe Perry Project, and Aerosmith, but many moons ago he played with former Band of Gypsys member, Buddy Miles. Here are his recollections of playing at the Jimi Hendrix funeral in 1970. David Hull: Okay, I tried to put the event in a context of what was going on that year, with Hendrix, Buddy Miles, … Read More >>

Cortney Swain

COURTNEY SWAIN: THE BROAD STROKES OF IMAGINATION by Harry C. Tuniese Songs are strange critters: thoughts with interpretive sounds, all individually contained, promising more than less, in simple bursts of content, known or unknown. By now, having passed through so many genres and styles, when I hear something where all the diverse elements connect, I’m struck with a renewed sense of wonder and awakening. Some artists may take years of struggle to reach their goals, and sometimes, they’re able to … Read More >>

Mitch Hampton

MITCH HAMPTON: No Mindweeds On His Musical Menu by Nancy Neon Mitch Hampton is a modern day beau brummel with a full blown ’70s fetish. At the Cambridge restaurant Cuchi Cuchi, he led me on the musical odyssey that has brought him to the release of Heavy Listening, his debut solo album on Navona Records. Hampton received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the New England Conservatory of Music. Moreover he has commissioned work for clarinetist Richard Stoltzman, flutist Mike Feingold, and Ciumpi Quartet, among … Read More >>