7 N.H. Bands

SEVEN BANDS TO TAKE NOTE OF IN NEW HAMPSHIRE by A.J. Wachtel All the participants in the New England music scene are on the same team. We just play a lot of different genres at a lot of variable venues throughout five separate states. Each of these assorted areas have their own special sound and unique characteristics. Check out what BEST NOT BROKEN, DOWNTOWN DAVE & THE DEEP POCKETS, RHYTHM METHOD, YOUNG FRONTIER, GRETCHEN & THE PICKPOCKETS, ANNA MADSEN and … Read More >>


PYRAMID by Eric Baylies Pyramid is an unusual and awesome combination of punk, psychedelic and rock ’n’ roll cabaret. The young band has literally come out of nowhere in the last couple of years to pretty much take over Providence. I was able to talk mainly to head honcho Constance about your new favorite band. Noise: Tell me a little about how the band got started. Constance: Let’s see, Pyramid will be two years old on May 20. We started … Read More >>

Dropkick Murphys

Reflecting on 20 Years with DROPKICK MURPHYS at the Agganis Arena 3/19/16 by Maia Kennedy Anniversaries mean a lot to all of us. They are a chance to reflect on the time gone by, enjoy the time we’re in, and to look forward to more good times to come. This anniversary for the Dropkick Murphys is a big one: not many bands last 20 years or are as successful as they’ve been. This anniversary is also a big one for … Read More >>

Positive Negative Man

POSITIVE NEGATIVE MAN by Sally Cragin PREQUEL I’d been serving on the Fitchburg School Committee for a year, when we invited the Massachusetts Board of Indoor Air Quality to do an assessment on our school buildings, some of which were nearly 50 years old, and needed infrastructural repairs (boilers, roofs, furnace work). Because our School Committee believes in total transparency, we scheduled a public presentation on the work, as reports generated by this department’s inspection were hundreds of pages long … Read More >>

Rick Berlin

RICK BERLIN with THE NICKEL & DIME BAND by A.J. Wachtel On the huge stage of talented New England artists Rick stands out. In the large universe of local stars Berlin is one of the brightest. Four decades into his career, Rick Berlin still tantalizes audiences with his creativity and artistry, and to this day his music is as trend setting and trend breaking as ever. Noise: You’re a Yale graduate. Does this carry the same weight in the entertainment … Read More >>

Birdsong at Morning

BIRDSONG AT MORNING  –  Charming Grace by Harry C. Tuniese Formed in 2008, led by singer/ songwriter/ guitarist Alan Williams, along with compatriots Darleen Wilson (guitar/ vocals) and Greg Porter (bass/ vocals), and a host of new and old collaborators, Birdsong At Morning creates elegant tapestries of sound, words, and music. Here is a trio that been on the local scene for almost thirty years – not collectively – but as participants in many worthwhile projects that have enriched Boston … Read More >>

Infusion Evolution

INFUSION EVOLUTION by A.J. Wachtel One of the best things about the New England music scene is it’s depth and diversity. On one end of the spectrum is the Boston Symphony Orchestra and at the other end are the countless number of street performers located everywhere you turn. Planted somewhere in the middle is Infusion Evolution; a five-piece band from Rhode Island with a sound influenced by many styles and cultures. Noise: You are a groove band influenced by salsa/ flamenco/ … Read More >>

Olneyville Sound System

OLNEYVILLE SOUND SYSTEM by Eric Baylies Olneyville Sound System hail from Providence, Rhode Island. For almost two full decades Dan St. Jacques (vocals and bass) and Adam Autry (drums) have helped create, define, and refine the sound of underground music in Providence and far beyond. I was extremely fortunate to be able to talk to Dan about the days of future past of one of my favorite bands in the history of the universe. Noise: Tell me a little bit … Read More >>