Geoff Pango & Mr. Curt

GEOFF PANGO & MR CURT Mr. Curt has been around creating music longer than I’ve been covering the local music scene. I first was aware of his band Pastiche when they won Boston’s most prestigious music competition, The WBCN Rock ’n’ Roll Rumble, in 1980. Since then (and prior to that) he’s taken on many project: Urban Ambience, The Exi’s, and Urban Caravan are but three of fifteen project he’s manned before his current musical marriage. Geoff Pango has been … Read More >>


CUSHING By Eric Baylies Cushing is a three piece post punk band from Portland, Maine. They are one of the best and most exciting live bands in New England, and they are pretty great in the studio, too! I had the good fortune to speak to Serge about Portland, rock, and everything else. Noise: Please tell me who does what in the band, and what they do. Serge: Evan Coffey plays bass, Ric Loyd plays drums and I (Serge Vladmiroff) … Read More >>


BUTTERSCOTT – Tracked Down by T Max With a brand new CD coming out this month (just in time for the holidays) the members of Butterscott were forced out of hiding by their record company to promote The Somewhat Disappointing Contractually Followup™. By name, you might think this is a release you could skip, but on closer inspection I was able to dig into bowels of Butterscott and find the missing pieces of a colonoscopy that should have been done … Read More >>

Doomsday Student

DOOMSDAY STUDENT by Eric Baylies A long time ago in a galaxy a few towns away called Providence there once lived a band called Arab On Radar. They were one of the greatest bands in the world. Three out of four members of Doomsday Student were in that band (singer Eric Paul, guitar player Steve Mattos, and drummer Craig Kureck), along with guitarist Paul Viera. They have a new album out called A Self-Help Tradegy. I had the good fortune … Read More >>

Antje Duvekot

Quick Q and A with ANTJE DUVEKOT by Kathy Sands-Boehmer Antje Duvekot is a favorite musician in the greater Boston area.  She spread her creative wings here and has made it her home and her fans are eternally grateful.  Antje first few recording are now collector items and her brilliantly produced later albums are greatly cherished.  Whenever Antje appears, her audiences request their favorite songs of which there are many and they have all been looking forward to her latest … Read More >>

7 RI Bands

Seven Rhode Island Acts To Take Note Of By A.J. Wachtel All the participants in the New England music scene are on the same team. We just play a lot of different genres at a lot of variable venues throughout five separate states. Each of these assorted areas have their own special sound and unique characteristics. Check out what THE SILKS, LUCKY UNITED, ALLYSEN CALLERY, JP JONES, VUDU SISTER, JOHNNY EDWARDS WILD COMBO and MEN OF GREAT COURAGE all say … Read More >>

The Proletariat

THE PROLETARIAT by Eric Baylies The Proletariat were one of the best Boston bands of the early ’80s. After just two incredible albums and some songs on the legendary This Is Boston Not L.A. compilation album (with the likes of Gang Green, The FU’s, Jerry’s Kids, and The Freeze) the band ceased to exist. Finally after over thirty years they are coming back to play Boston and Providence. Lumped in with the hardcore and punk movements of the time, partly due … Read More >>

Sam Bayer

SAM BAYER FETCHED IN A PRIVATE JET by T Max Sam Bayer is a unique folk singer-songwriter from Cambridge, MA.  He’s edgier than most in the field, and his intelligence is obvious as soon as he opens his mouth.  He uses his wit to create some of the most interesting and and humorous takes on life and this is what ends up on his albums.  His latest, The Great Indoors, is pure evidence of his ability to entertain.  I met … Read More >>