Hayley Reardon

HAYLEY REARDON by Kathy Sands-Boehmer Hayley Reardon is already a seasoned pro in the music business; she’s been playing at an astounding number of clubs, coffeehouses and festivals since she was in junior high school. Hayley is now a college sophomore who is studying music at Belmont University in Nashville.  This Marblehead, Massachusetts native writes from experience and from a fresh perspective and her maturation as an artist has blossomed exponentially each year. Hayley has proven time and time again … Read More >>

Evenfall Quartet

THE EVENFALL QUARTET –  Stomp That Note by Harry C. Tuniese It must be difficult for a performer to play the standard jazz repertoire without playing cliches. They’re more likely to search within themselves for a method to realize these pieces. I think that has to do with what they put in or what’s left out of them. Apart from other forms of music, jazz is always alive in the moment. Over time, as The Great American Songbook became the … Read More >>

Alek Redfearn & the Eyesores

ALEC K REDFEARN & THE EYESORES by Eric Baylies Alec K. Redfearn & the Eyesores are a long running, influential avant garde rock and roll jazz explosion from Providence. They have been blowing minds all over the world for over two decades. It was my privilege to speak with band band leader Alec to pull back the curtain a little behind the magic band. Noise: Please tell me who is in the band and what they do. Alec: Right now … Read More >>

Jimmy Bez

BEZ SEZ – JIMMY BEZ By A.J. Wachtel This talented artist came into my universe when I got a message from his mother who I originally knew as a waitress at The Rat decades ago. She told me that “Johnny Angel Wendell (The Blackjacks, The Swinging E’s) told me to get in touch with you to give my son some press.” I’m glad she did, this young singer/songwriter/guitarist extraordinaire sure can play! Listen to what he has to say… Noise: … Read More >>

Geoff Pango & Mr. Curt

GEOFF PANGO & MR CURT Mr. Curt has been around creating music longer than I’ve been covering the local music scene. I first was aware of his band Pastiche when they won Boston’s most prestigious music competition, The WBCN Rock ’n’ Roll Rumble, in 1980. Since then (and prior to that) he’s taken on many project: Urban Ambience, The Exi’s, and Urban Caravan are but three of fifteen project he’s manned before his current musical marriage. Geoff Pango has been … Read More >>


CUSHING By Eric Baylies Cushing is a three piece post punk band from Portland, Maine. They are one of the best and most exciting live bands in New England, and they are pretty great in the studio, too! I had the good fortune to speak to Serge about Portland, rock, and everything else. Noise: Please tell me who does what in the band, and what they do. Serge: Evan Coffey plays bass, Ric Loyd plays drums and I (Serge Vladmiroff) … Read More >>


BUTTERSCOTT – Tracked Down by T Max With a brand new CD coming out this month (just in time for the holidays) the members of Butterscott were forced out of hiding by their record company to promote The Somewhat Disappointing Contractually Followup™. By name, you might think this is a release you could skip, but on closer inspection I was able to dig into bowels of Butterscott and find the missing pieces of a colonoscopy that should have been done … Read More >>

Doomsday Student

DOOMSDAY STUDENT by Eric Baylies A long time ago in a galaxy a few towns away called Providence there once lived a band called Arab On Radar. They were one of the greatest bands in the world. Three out of four members of Doomsday Student were in that band (singer Eric Paul, guitar player Steve Mattos, and drummer Craig Kureck), along with guitarist Paul Viera. They have a new album out called A Self-Help Tradegy. I had the good fortune … Read More >>