Petty Morals

PETTY MORALS by Kevin Finn Would you like some punk with your disco?  Perhaps you would like some synth with your punk. Either way, Petty Morals just might be the group for you.  The band members (Tai on lead vocals, Chrissy V on guitar, Chrissie T on bass, Lauren on drums, Helen on backing vocals, and Nazli on synthesizer) are strangers to nobody, familiar for their stints in such fine acts as Tijuana Sweetheart/Vagiant, the Grinds, and Cult 45.  The … Read More >>

Pretty & Nice

PRETTY & NICE: SITTIN’ PRETTY by Will Barry Pretty & Nice have come along way since their inception in 2006. They’ve released several records, including their latest LP, Golden Rules for Golden People in April 2013. Their sound, an effervescent, off-the-wall conglomeration of pop and punk with a taste for the experimental has garnered them critical acclaim not only locally, but has even gotten them national attention from the likes of Pitchfork Media and MTV. In their years on the music … Read More >>

Eight Feet Tall

EIGHT FEET TALL  by Max Bowen Formed in November 2012, the reggae/hip-hop band Eight Feet Tall has been making a name for itself in an unprecedented way, playing to a sold-out crowd at their debut show at Church, and performing with national touring bands such as the Sophistafunks and the Fear Nuttin Band.  For months, the band has been releasing their music one song at a time, and the response has been huge. That momentum has culminated in their recent … Read More >>

Tim Casey & Glenn Williams

LOWBUDGET PRODUCTIONS:  A COTTAGE INDUSTRY BECOMES THEIR CASTLE  by Harry C. Tuniese Every city has their creative indies with everyday people striving to promote art, music, film, concerts, etc. Here in Boston, we are more than blessed with a bounty of local folks trying to make a big difference rather than a big buck. Of course, with luck on your side anything more is extra change! I recently sat down with Tim Casey and Glenn Williams, two old friends from … Read More >>

John Powhida International Airport

JOHN POWHIDA INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT by Eric Baylies John Powhida International Airport is not an actual place as of this writing, but it may be someday. They are one of the most well known and respected bands in Boston. I spoke with John Powhida about music, madness, and all the nations’ airports. Noise: As a courtesy introduction to our readers, who is in the band and what do they play? What other bands do they play in? John Powhida: Peter Moore handles … Read More >>

Corin Ashley

CORIN ASHLEY  FANTASY TO REALITY by DJ Mätthew Griffin Boston singer/songwriter and jet-setting “hyper-mod-pop band” Pills’ member, Corin Ashley, has jumped across the pond to record his second solo album, New Lion Terraces, at the famed Beatles’ Abbey Road Studios. With a circus of the stars line-up performing on the album, Corin breaks the bank to fulfill his 40th birthday fantasy. Noise: Recall your first musical inspirations as a child. Corin: I suppose, like a lot of people my age, the first … Read More >>

Johnny A

IT ALL BEGINS WITH A (An Axeman for the Ages) by A.J. Wachtel Johnny A is big league. In a few weeks he will be at the Rock ’n’ Roll Summer Camp playing along with Jeff Beck and Brian Wilson in front of a theatre full of worshippers. Ordinary people like you and me just don’t get to spend our summers quite so elegantly. Check out what other major activities Johnny A is up to… Noise:  You have a new CD … Read More >>

Mary Lou Lord

MARY LOU LORD HAS IT ALL by A.J. Wachtel The first time you see and hear Mary Lou perform you realize she’s incredibly talented; just listen to the passion and emotion in her voice. She’s got the look. She’s got the ability to write a great melody or do an even better cover of a song than the original version; and her presence onstage and off is of the highest caliber. As an artist, Mary Lou Lord has it all. Noise: I’ve heard you are currently … Read More >>