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Contact T Max at call or text (617) 331-9367 Julie Dougherty (North Shore music Goddess): His love of music is not only evident but infectious… if you’ve seen him live, you’d know that he is only half the show, the audience is the other half. He engages you, tells stories, sings some great old cover tunes with his own interpretations, and asks you to be part of the conversation. An evening spent with T Max is like being … Read More >>

Forget Forget

FORGET, FORGET “ELECTRO-GLIDE IN HUES” by Harry C. Tuniese Forget, Forget is an indie synth-pop duo from Portland, ME, consisting of Tyler DeVos (guitar/ vocals) and Patia Maule (synths/ vocals/ programming).  Their music is equal parts dance party and introspection, defined by analog warmth, intertwining instrumental parts, vocal harmonies, swirling textures, and reflective lyrics. Their second full-length album, You’re Not Gone, was released last July and is one of my fave albums of 2017. They play frequently in the Northeast U.S. and I have been … Read More >>

Way Out

WAY OUT by Eric Baylies WAY OUT is a pretty amazing and fairly new band based out of Providence. The bassist plays in Daughters, one of the biggest bands to ever emerge from Rhode Island, but this modern new wave, no wave, and punk powerhouse sounds completely different from Daughters. I caught up with guitarist and singer Derek to learn a little about one of my favorite newish bands. Noise: Who is in the band and what do they play? Derek: … Read More >>

Roz & the Rice Cakes

ROZ & THE RICE CAKES                                                     by Eric Baylies Roz & The Rice Cakes have been playing and touring for roughly a decade. The Providence based band is a strange hybrid of pop hooks and prog rock. I spoke with lead singer Roz Raskin about the future and past of one of Rhode Island’s brightest … Read More >>

On Your Deathbed

ON YOUR DEATHBED by Eric Baylies On Your Deathbed is one of the best and longest running heavy bands in New England. Some of the members have roots to hardcore and metal scenes stretching back 25 years. I had the chance to speak with On Your Deathbed singer Bob Mendell about everything from hardcore to L.A. Guns to pro wrestling. Noise: Who is in the band and what do they play? Bob: I, Bob Mendell, am on vocals,  Caz Gadles … Read More >>


SPECTRAMOTIV by Eric Baylies Noise: Who are the members of Spectramotiv and what do they play?  Lady Bedouin: Spectramotiv is a Boston based trio with Lady Bedouin on vocals, Andrew Abrahamson on guitar, drum machine and synth, and Jon Littlefield, a.k.a Tall Jon on bass. Noise: How did Spectramotiv start, did you kind of know each other or did you meet through ads? LB: Ads? That’s funny! What do you mean? Like Craig’s List or something? Noise: Sure, why not? LB: No, we got to know each … Read More >>

T Max Veggie Tour

T Max was inducted into the New England Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum in June of 2017. When was the last time you saw him?  He’s out and about all over New England on his 2017 Vegetable Tour. Come by meet the man responsible for 36 years of the Noise supporting local music… pick up some healthy vegetables while you’re at it. Click on the image of T Max with his Veggiehead to arrive at his 2017 release… Hole in My … Read More >>

Six Star General

SIX STAR GENERAL by Eric Baylies SixStar General has been one of the best New England bands, both live and in the studio, for over a decade. I had the chance to talk to bassist-singer Mark MacDougal aka Slick and guitarist Kyle Jackson about the band and the label Mark has run for many years, 75orless records. The band is rounded out by drummer Dan Ulmschneider. Noise: Tell me how the band started. Had you known Kyle for awhile? Was … Read More >>