5/10/15/20: Summer 2008

  by T Max and Joe Coughlin   20 YEARS AGO July 1988 Issue #75 Cover: Heretix, Heyday, Jon Bernhardt Bands: Bullet LaVolta, Dredd Foole & the Din, Galaxy 500, Mission of Burma Gossip & Stuff: In the comic strip the Beeheads say they can’t accept an invitation to the Rumble because it will screw up their rehearsal schedule. *** Green Street Station announces the battle of the booking agents. The booker who brings in the biggest crowd wins. *** … Read More >>

5/10/15/20: June 2008

by T Max and Joe Coughlin   20 YEARS AGO June 1988 Issue #74 Cover: Maelstrom, Galaxie 500, Thya (WZBC) Bands: Titanics, Hullabaloo, Treat Her Right, Men & Volts (back together and playing out again, thank God), Condo Pygmies, Joe (no relation), the Dharma Bums Other stuff: The Rumble is coming together with the preliminaries at the Paradise (starting on June 13) and the finals at the Orpheum. Heretix took the tiara (that didn’t exist back then)—some of the losers: … Read More >>

5/10/15/20: May 2008

by T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO Issue #73 May 1988 Cover: Dredd Foole & the Din (which began as essentially Mission of Burma backing singer Dan Ireton), the Blake Babies (featuring Juliana Hatfield), Lois McGee Bands: Salem 66, Nova Mob, Anastasia Screamed, J. Gag’s Big Black Book, Busted Statues (That’s drummer Michael Mooney standing with Clint Conley on the cover of Burma’s The Horrible Truth About Burma live LP. Busted Statues also featured Diane Bergamsaco, later of … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 April 2008

  by T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO April 1988 Issue #72 Cover: Treat Her Right, the Bell People, Steve Barry Bands: Think Tree, Erik Lindgren, Galaxie 500, What Now, Ex-15, Dr. Black’s Combo, T.H. & the Wreckage, 1.4.5., The Zulus, Big Dipper—playing April 26, 2008 at the Middle East! Other Stuff: This is when Bunratty’s turned its reputation around from being a North Shore metal band hangout to booking bands like Moving Targets, Bullet LaVolta, Gigolo Aunts, … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 March 2008

  by T Max and Joe Coughlin   20 YEARS AGO   March 1988 Issue #71 Cover: Bullet LaVolta Bands: Think Tree, The Bags, Gang Green, Blake Babies, Dharma Bums, Mark Melocarro, Two Saints, Scruffy the Cat, Slaughter Shack Other Stuff: Bill Tupper is the subject of the beginning of the gossip column. This local music scenester had the qualities of a WWF manager. He’d frequently jump on the stage to rile up an audience and demand an encore from … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 Feb 2008

by T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO February 1988 Issue #70 Cover: The Bags, The Slaves, Joanie Lindstrom—Joanie’s still at it, and deserves more props in this town for her knowledge, perseverance, and always-entertaining radio shows. Bands: Cavedogs, Nova Mob (not to be confused with Nova Mobs featuring Julian Cope or Grant Hart), Throwing Muses, Big Dipper, Rich Gilbert, Dharma Bums (named for a Jack Kerouac book and, unfortunately, not Buck Dharma), Galaxie 500, The Bell People, The … Read More >>