5/10/15/20 Mar 2010

By T Max and Lolita Flange 20 YEARS AGO Issue #93 March 1990 Cover: The Titanics, John Orsi, High Risk Group, Bradley J Bands: Volcano Suns (my favorite band to see back then—they were always on the edge of going out of control), DYS, 7 or 8 Worm Hearts, A.C., the Swinging Steaks, Toecutter, Teresa’s Kryptic Trout, OBE, the Stand, Sanity Assassins, Who Be Dat Gossip & Stuff: Richie Parsons (Unnatural Axe) becomes a dad and farts in harmony with … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 Feb 2010

By T Max and Joe Coughlin Back 20 years ago we did more than 10 issues a year, so in this 5/10/15/20 I want to catch up on the issues that always get over looked—the January issues from 1990 and 1995. They will be mixed in with our regular batch of February issues from five, 10, 15, and 20 years ago. 20 YEARS AGO Issue #91 January 1990 Cover: Jerry’s Kids Bands: The Del Fuegos, Lemonheads, Dharma Bums, Sub Skin … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 Dec 2009

By T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO December 1989 – Issue #90 Cover: Mr. Butch Bands: The Titanics, Hell Toupee, Hovorka, Mikey Dee, Cluster, the Stains, Cxema, Red Bliss, Raging Lemmings, Medicine Ball, the Pact, the Five (whose singer Reid Paley is still at it in New York), the Unattached (who had something to do with selling a song to Alice Cooper), Buffalo Tom (who is playing the Orpheum with Lyres, and a Neats reunion, for First Night … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 Nov 2009

By T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO Issue #89 – November 1989 Cover: Hell Toupee Bands: Think Tree, Swamp Oaf, the Bags (the latter two being in fact the same band), Bentmen, Big Dipper, Bullet LaVolta, Gang Green, Galaxie 500, Mindgrinder, Well Babys, O Positive, the Neats, whose entire recorded output from 1981 through 1984 plus extras has just now (as in 2009) been released by Ace of Hearts (20 years later being about par for the course … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 Oct 2009

By T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO Issue #88 – October 1989 Cover: The Bentmen Bands: Green Magnet School, the Swinging Erudites, the Lemonheads, the Slaves, Dresden Danse, Scatterfield, Ray Mason Band, Well Babys, Laughing Academy, Johnny & the Jumper Cables, Siamese Triplets Gossip & Stuff: Wow—Magic Dick (J. Geils Band) and Rick Danko (the Band) play on the Del Fuegos’ first RCA release. *** Jesse Mayer (Jesse von Kenmore) leaves the Drive to play with Meltdown, and … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 Sept 2009

By T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO September 1988, Issue 87 Cover: A Scanner Darkly, Laughing Academy, Conrad Capistran Bands: The Zulus, Barrence Whitfield & the Savages, Holy Cow, Condo Pygmies, Big Dipper, Think Tree, Green Magnet School, Boogaloo Swamis, Well Babys, who, I’m happy to say, came about from the open jam I used to run at Green Street Station, wrote “(I’m Living in an) Alcoholic Psychosis” with the Noise’s own Francis Dimenno, and later were Rumble … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 July 2009

By T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO Issue #86 – July 1989 Cover: The Bags (Rumble winners) Bands: Buffalo Tom, Slapshot, Jerry’s Kids, November Group, Big Barn Burning Gossip & Stuff: Rita and Lolita brag about the accuracy of their Rumble predictions and decide to go into the fortune telling business. Lolita designs a sign that reads “Lovely Lolita Flange Sees All, Let Her Be Your Telepathic Servant.” So now they could add ESP to their OCD, ADD, … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 June 2009

By T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO Issue #85 June 1989 Cover: Anastasia Screamed, Slapshot Bands: Bullet LaVolta, Lemonheads, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Galaxie 500, Tribe, Roger Miller, Mr. Butch Gossip & Stuff: Rita and Lolita start their column with a complete analysis of the Rumble that includes their predictions. Rita picks Slapshot, a hard ass hardcore band, to win, and Lolita picks the Bags. Lolita was right. I guess Lolita had more influence on the judges. Slapshot … Read More >>