25 Years Ago

25 YEARS AGO  | By T Max DECEMBER 1985 ISSUE #44 Yeah, this month we’re skipping 5, 10, 15, 20 and timewarping back 25 years to 1985. Please examine this cover. Band 19 was lead by Richie Parsons, who still makes it out to play and manages one of the more successful Newbury Comics stores. Fritz and Ed Riemer from that band are also still playing out. Now look down at Three Colors. Who would have known that that skinny … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 Nov2010

By T Max and Lolita Flange 5 YEARS AGO November 2005 Issue #256 Cover: Voodoo Screw Machine, the Freeze, Presley Other Stories: Dresden Dolls, Boston Music Awards, Rosa Parks, cool stores in the Greater Boston area Bands: The Rudds, Three Day Threshold, Apollo Sunshine, Victory at Sea, Wack Ass Egyptians, Crank Sturgen, Taxpayer, Hilken Mancini, Chris Brokaw, Harris, AM Stereo, Apple Betty, the In Out, Black Helicopter, Reverse, the Luxury, Aloud, Heavy Stud, the Fools, Scamper, the Bon Savants, Ketman … Read More >>


By T Max and Lolita Flange 5 YEARS AGO October 2005    Issue #255 Cover: Reverend Glasseye Other Stories: Billy Beard, Harris, the Dimwits, Word on the Street is a column that covers Bleu and Joey Pesce Bands: The Ferns, Bleu, the Everyday Visuals, Tiger Saw, Faces on Film, Peter Moore, the Gentlemen, the Rudds, Cocked & Loaded, Lincoln Conspiracy, Meat Depressed, the Marvels, the Bon Savants, the Spurs, Presley, the Welch Boys, the Peasants, the Freeze Gossip & Stuff: This … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 Sept2010

By T Max and Lolita Flange 5 YEARS AGO September 2005 Issue #254 Cover: Waltham, Caspian, Bee’s Knees (inside story on the last days of Manray) Bands: The Rudds, Lovewhip, Incredible Casuals, Tristan da Cunha, the Beatings, Dinosaur Jr., Bleu, Neptune, Ketman, Scamper, Blue Man Group, Meat Depressed, Scrank Sturgeon, Cyanide Valentine, Muck & the Mires, the Downbeat 5, Helms, Peter Moore, Doctor Frog, What Time is It Mr Fox?, the Coffin Lids, Rock City Crimewave, Robby Roadsteamer, Andrea Gillis … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 July2010

By T Max and Lolita Flange 5 YEARS AGO July/August 2005    Issue #253 Cover: Bronson Arroyo, Dropkick Murphys, Valhalla Kittens, the Rudds, December Sound Bands: Asa Brebner, Emily Grogan, Fluttr Effect, Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women, Count Zero, Worlds Greatest Sinners, Humanwine, Three Day Threshold, Jimmy Ryan & Hayride, Tristan Da Cunha, La Peste, Unnatural Axe, American Hi Fi, the Cautions, Stump the Undertaker’s Organ (always a challenge to stump Allan Sheinfeld—you have to yell out a TV … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 June2010

by T Max and Lolita Flange   5 YEARS AGO June 2005  Issue #252 Cover: Mach 5, Certainly Sir, the Everyday Visuals, Nobody’s Home Bands: The Rudds, Darkbuster, the Downbeat 5, Ho-Ag, the In Out, Ad Frank, the Charms, Taxpayer, the Raging Teens, Presure Cooker, Chicken Slacks, Valhalla Kittens, Midnight Creeps, the Bon Savants, Scamper, the Clickers, Count Zero, Tanya Donelly, Big Bear, Helms, the Jody Grind, Doctor X Gossip & Stuff: Dr. Frog runs a full page ad and … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 May 2010

By T Max and Lolita Flange 5 YEARS AGO May 2005   Issue #251 Cover: Reverend Glasseye (Rumble Champ), Big Digits, Lady of Spain Other Stories Inside: Dan Millen, Mark Baxter Bands: The Konks, Darkbuster, Garage Dogs, Ho-Ag, U.V. Protection, Ad Frank, Bourbon Princess, Lost City Angels, the Montgomerys, Humanwine, the Everyday Visuals, the Ducky Boys, Count Zero, the Downbeat 5, the Silver Lining, Tons of Chill, the Queers, Jimmy Ryan & the Hayride, the Brett Rosenberg Problem, Senator Whatley, … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 April 2010

By T Max and Lolita Flange 5 YEARS AGO April 2005    Issue #250 Cover: Rocket Science, the Cyanide Valentine, Gobshites, Baby Boy H, Clickers, Night Rally, New Findings in the Colonoscopy Controversy Bands: UV Protection (I miss those strange arty operatic gals), the Bags, Dear Leader, Willie Alexander & the Boom Boom Band, Moki Gossip & Stuff: I forgot how controversial my colonoscopy photos were. I know Rita and I made a big stink about the photos—we knew it was … Read More >>