Barry Goudreau

BARRY GOUDREAU’S ENGINE ROOM by A.J. Wachtel Barry Goudreau is the ex-lead guitarist for the band Boston and is now slinging solos with Barry Goudreau’s Engine Room. This tremendously talented artist is one of the best six stringers around and his classic playing on many of Boston’s famous double lead riffs makes him one of the all-time greats. Goudreau is a guitar god and this is what he has in store for us mere mortals. Noise: Who’s in your new … Read More >>


SPECTRAMOTIV by Eric Baylies Noise: Who are the members of Spectramotiv and what do they play?  Lady Bedouin: Spectramotiv is a Boston based trio with Lady Bedouin on vocals, Andrew Abrahamson on guitar, drum machine and synth, and Jon Littlefield, a.k.a Tall Jon on bass. Noise: How did Spectramotiv start, did you kind of know each other or did you meet through ads? LB: Ads? That’s funny! What do you mean? Like Craig’s List or something? Noise: Sure, why not? LB: No, we got to know each … Read More >>

CD reviews

If you are based in New England and would like your CD reviewed, send it to T Max/ The Noise, 40R Highland Ave #219, Salem, MA 01970 … DAMN TALL BUILDINGS birnCORE Good Enough!  6 tracks I do surely enough have a bona-fide weakness for well-executed traditional mountain music and other such archaic tunes, call it by whatever silly marketing label like Guerilla Roots you like. The instrumental accompaniment on the opener, “Roll[in’] in My Sweet Baby’s Arms” are like … Read More >>

Live Reviews

WILLIE ALEXANDER’S PERSISTENCE OF MEMORY ORCHESTRA (first set) Music on the Green Gloucester Meeting House, Gloucester, MA 7/28/17 Sitting behind a tall yellow church. It’s the oldest (1806) surviving meeting house in Gloucester. The others have all burned down. Hopefully Willie Alexander’s performance tonight will not get too hot. His piano sits on the stage displaying stickers that have been picked up from all over the world. Charles Nazarian jokingly introduces the band as the Persistence of Life Orchestra as … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

NON-AFFILIATED NEW ENGLAND NOBILITY Rita: Here are a few of my favorite things as the summer comes to a close. Lolita: The holidays are coming and there are only 147 shopping days left until Christmas, you cabbage-headed consumer? Rita: No, you witless wonder. The only thing you find favorable is the Dead Sox are now in first place and have plenty of time to blow everything by Labor Day. Lolita: Tsk. Tsk. Tee Max is already making book on them winning the pennant. How about we ask our favorite artists … Read More >>

Noise Live Picks

“+” after an act implies there are more acts on the bill If you’d like to start writing live reviews on New England acts of your choice, contact – please put LIVE REVIEW in the subject. …   Sat Aug 26  WALTER SICKERT & THE ARMY OF TOYS @ The Sinclair, Cambridge, MA Sat Aug 26  THE GILLOTEENAGERS + @ The Cantab, Cambridge, MA Mon Aug 28  DAMON & NAOMI @ The Middle East Upstairs, Cambridge, MA Wed Aug … Read More >>

The Big Shot

Who is this one they call The Big Shot? If we asked Coleman Rogers, he would know because he took the photo. For this is just a small piece of a larger photo. If you click on this image you will magically be transported to a place where the full photograph sits in digital space, and it will reveal the identity of the who owns this leg – the one they call the Big Shot for the full month of … Read More >>

T Max Veggie Tour

T Max was inducted into the New England Rock ‘n’ Roll Museum in June of 2017. When was the last time you saw him?  He’s out and about all over New England on his 2017 Vegetable Tour. Come by meet the man responsible for 36 years of the Noise supporting local music… pick up some healthy vegetables while you’re at it. Click on the image of T Max with his Veggiehead to arrive at his 2017 release… Hole in My … Read More >>