On Your Deathbed

ON YOUR DEATHBED by Eric Baylies On Your Deathbed is one of the best and longest running heavy bands in New England. Some of the members have roots to hardcore and metal scenes stretching back 25 years. I had the chance to speak with On Your Deathbed singer Bob Mendell about everything from hardcore to L.A. Guns to pro wrestling. Noise: Who is in the band and what do they play? Bob: I, Bob Mendell, am on vocals,  Caz Gadles … Read More >>

Through Melody

THROUGH MELODY by Edward Morneau I. The fundamental elements sustaining life and evolution are time, place, oxygen, gravity, water, and music. Yes, music. Like the neurotransmitter dopamine, music is the drug of all cultures and arouses in the casual listener and the fully addicted one, evolutionary impulses that fortify health, longevity, language, love, expression, and memory. Music tricks us into remembering its presence in our lives because its properties are manifest in melody, harmony, rhythm, noise, juxtaposition, and repetition – … Read More >>

CD Reviews

VARIOUS ARTISTS Loving the Aliens A Lowbudget Tribute To David Bowie 29 tracks This two disc release is an intriguing collection of songs with varied influences of punk, new wave, metal, jazz, orchestra and gospel. They all share an avante streak of uniqueness as the common denominator on all the cuts. Most of the tunes are unrecognizable for the first few measures until all of a sudden the known hook emerges and you smile at the off the track appeal of … Read More >>

Noise Live Picks

“+” after an act implies there are more acts on the bill If you’d like to start writing live reviews on New England acts of your choice, contact tmax@thenoise-boston.com – please put LIVE REVIEW in the subject. … Tues Sept 26  AMY FAIRCHILD @ Toad, Cambridge, MA Tues Sept 26  JACKALS @ Atwoods, Cambridge, MA Wed Sept 27  SESSION AMERICANA @ Oberon, Cambridge, MA Wed Sept 27  JENEE HALSTEAD @ Salem VFW, Salem, MA Wed Sept 27  THE WEISSTRONAUTS @ … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

YOUNG GUNS Rita: September is a cool month for many reasons. It’s the ninth month of the year in the Julian and Gregorian calendars and the third month to have the length of 30 days. It is also the month with the longest name with nine letters and in the Northern Hemisphere is the seasonal equivalent of March in the Southern Hemisphere.  Lolita: Dear sister, you remind me of a paper tiger. Something that seems threatening but is ineffectual and unable to … Read More >>

T Max Tour

In 2017 T Max was inducted into the Music Museum New England.  Oedipus (WBCN) wrote these words about him… T Max, who in the local Boston rock scene doesn’t he know?  A local renaissance man, T Max is a writer, publisher, musician, songwriter, producer, storyteller and visual artist. Beginning in 1981 T Max stapled together the first issue of The Noise, a fanzine that focused on the burgeoning local underground music scene, concentrating on bands in need of exposure beyond … Read More >>