Rita & Lolita

LUMINOUS AND LOFTY LISTS Rita: The beginning of January is when I make my New Year’s resolutions.  Lolita: It’s when I regret spending more money for holiday gifts on you than you do for me. After twelve months, you are always at the top of my list on spending reductions. Rita: Let’s ask our artists to give us a list of their top three anythings for the preceding year (2016). Lolita: That’s a great question from a person with an obsessive compulsive disorder, dear sister. Let’s start by asking one of the greatest … Read More >>

Live Reviews

The Noise is looking for writers who would like to write live reviews on their favorite New England-based acts. Contact T Max at tmax(at)thenoise-boston(dot)com. Include LIVE REVIEWS in the subject box. …. WHOSE MUDDY SHOES Chianti, Beverly, MA 12/18/16 I’m in the middle of moving and manage to squeeze in the time to catch a set of this cool band that I saw a couple of weeks ago at Julie Dougherty’s Open Mic in Salem, MA.  Whose Muddy Shoes could … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message

MR MAX’S MESSAGE by T Max Happy New Year to all my friends.  Now that The Noise has settled into its online-only identity, I, T Max (publisher of The Noise) will add something new for 2017. I will start using this column, MR. MAX’S MESSAGE, to let you know what I am up to. I’ll also include info about the people who are nearest and dearest to my heart – my talented friends. First a little history… Not every knows … Read More >>

The Forz

THE FORZ By A.J. Wachtel The Liverpool Sound invasion of the early ’60s happened more than 50 years ago but you can still hear the resulting reverberations whenever The Forz get onstage and shake the roof of the club. Sorta like Herman’s Hermits meets Weezer meets Gerry & the Pacemakers meets The Hollies meets Fountains of Wayne. Cole Tyler is on vocals and lead guitar, Anthony Graziano sings and plays rhythm guitar, Dave Gambon on vocals and bass, and Ryan … Read More >>


BUTTERSCOTT – Tracked Down by T Max With a brand new CD coming out this month (just in time for the holidays) the members of Butterscott were forced out of hiding by their record company to promote The Somewhat Disappointing Contractually Followup™. By name, you might think this is a release you could skip, but on closer inspection I was able to dig into bowels of Butterscott and find the missing pieces of a colonoscopy that should have been done … Read More >>

Matt Farley

MATT FARLEY A CREATOR’S CREATOR by T Max Matt Farley of Danvers, MA, is a creative guy – a very unique kind of creative DIY master. He comes up with his own ways of doing things – very carefully and cleverly thought out. He a musician and film maker.  I recent went to the world premier of his latest film Slingshot Cops. It’s a totally different experience than a Hollywood film. Think small community. And although Matt Farley may not … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

CLOSED CLUBS Rita: The end of the year always makes me think of things I’ve lost in the past. Lolita: I lose my temper on you on a daily basis but how about asking artists to tell us a story about a Boston area venue that is lost to the scene and no longer doing business? Rita: Have you lost your mind? That’s a great question. One in a row dear sister. Let’s start by asking one of our favorite folkies ELLIS PAUL (Ellis Paul): The legendary … Read More >>

CD Reviews

If you are an artists based in New England and would like your recordings reviews, send hard copies to T Max/ The Noise, 28 Goodhue St. #406, Salem, MA. … DOUG MACDONALD BAND Lighting Head 9 tracks Like a rata-tat-tat machine gun, “Atomic Phunk” blasts out of the speakers as Patty Short’s extended drum roll meets Doug MacDonald’s Gretsch staccato low end notes. Doug (in character) belts out crazy man vocals listing everything wrong with his life, ending with, “They … Read More >>