by Lindsay Crudele   You just can’t fit a piano in a backpack. Between breaks from her job as a cook at the Rat, Emily Grogan was getting a taste of a scene far different from her classical roots. Eventually, she traded her keys for strings, and now the multi-instrumentalist is releasing her third album. As a single mom, her songs about picking up and moving on have attracted the attention of the Today show, and her band HRT, … Read More >>


Tyler Derryberry (Ho-Ag as DEVO) Photo: Just Bill HO-AG (as DEVO) Halloween Show The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge, MA 10/31/06 Yes, it’s Halloween night and a number of bands are paying tribute to other national/ international bands, but I specifically came to see Devo. Ho-Ag jumps into “Beautiful World” wearing the classic yellow plastic jumpsuits sporting the diagonal Ho-Ag where Devo would be written. They’ve got the jolted Devo sound down, they look great, and they pull off some of … Read More >>


Lolita : From the looks of it, '007 already appears to be a year of action. The Noise is taking a step into the future. The March issue of The Noise will be online-only. So on 3/1/07 look online instead of on the magazine racks. Rita : And by the spring The Noise websites will be overhauled to represent the technical state of the art. Just wait 'til our readers can respond to reviews right on the site. Lolita : … Read More >>


COUNT ZERO, VAGIANT Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA 1/12/07          I may be late for That Handsome Devil but the band’s lovely Ms. Plaural is right upfront for the opening of Vagiant. I wasn’t sure what to expect from these buxom females. Two longhaired voluptuous gals are on guitars—the blond (Hellion) jubilant lead singer plays an old vintage crap guitar, the brunette (Elena) bangs a heavy metal axe. Then you’ve got the stylish flop-topped Cleopatra-like (Leeanne) on bass and the spike-haired … Read More >>


PETER C. JOHNSON   High-N-Dry Records Yaka Yaka                         11-song CD      As much a literary as an exclusively musical recorded work, this concept album chronicles an impressionistic, growling antihero’s personal journey spent unspooling through a madness ignited by John Lennon’s murder. In its Spartan way, this instrumentally-backed spoken word album is a brutal miracle. As an exemplar of outsider music and of art-from-pain, it puts me in mind of Neil Young’s banned-in-Aspen LP Tonight’s The Night, or Lou Reed’s monumental bummer … Read More >>

2006 Noise Poll

Photo: Bang Camaro WHO YOU THOUGHT WAS THE BEST IN 2006 T Max The poll to determine the Best of 2006 was conducted on www.thenoise-boston.com . We received thousands of votes—a far cry from just a few years ago when fewer than 100 mailed-in ballots was the norm. There’s no Maxie Award ceremony year (we do it every other year). If you consider yourself an especially informed local music fan, and would like to be part of our nominating crew … Read More >>


by Lindsay Crudele  Press the bottom buzzer and head to the top floor of the Hi-N-Dry and the air feels thick, like a sacred space. The former home of Morphine frontman Mark Sandman now stands as a temple to low rock, and devotees of the unmistakable format can rest assured that a new family of low rockers plans to keep it alive. “We haven't changed the configuration,” said Dana Colley, the saxophonist, on a recent rainy night's visit to the … Read More >>