BANG CAMARO    Black Sword Records Bang Camaro    12-song CD Unless you live under a rock (or out of state), you know that Bang Camaro has a whole lot of lead vocalists–17 on this disc.  I’d call it shtick, except too many would take that as a negative, when, in actuality, it is the main reason I keep listening to this—the gang vocals lift this above the source material.  Bang Camaro plays music that is very deeply indebted to hair-metal … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message

DREAMERS WANTED Some of you may remember my involvement with Boston Rock Opera. That project brought together a lot of talented Boston musicians. Where that was a performance-based project, Dreamers Wanted is a recording project that will bring together a lot of like-minded Boston musicians and members of the community in general. The first segment of Dreamers Wanted is called “End War Now.” Go to and check out the demo of “End War Now.” See if this project is … Read More >>


  WALTER SICKERT & THE ARMY OF BROKEN TOY Abbey Lounge, Somerville, MA 2/15/07 Edvard Munch said, “Illness and madness and death were the black angels that stood by my cradle.” These same black angels inhabit Walter’s phantasmagorical microcosm. Wearing a black top hat festooned with feathers, he’s Svengali with a palette of colorations-samples, radio static, and experimental electronics. The ethereal Edrie kneels on the stage surrounded by a beautiful, bizarre menagerie of toys including antique dolls, a parrot, a child’s phonograph, a wind-up cymbal-slapping … Read More >>


by John Hess The Gobshites are: Peter—guitar and vocals Betty—fiddle Chuck—drums Pret—banjo Rob—bass Steve—accordion Ryan—mandolin     As we’re in the midst of another miserable winter, the thought of spring is on everyone’s minds. The first event to kick off spring is always St. Patrick’s Day. And the best way to kick off St. Paddy’s Day is to venture off to see The Gobshites, who are making a point of celebrating St. Paddy’s Day 365 days a year. They are a … Read More >>

March ’07 Radio Chart

1. Piebald – Accidental Gentlemen 2. The Campaign for Real-Time – Yes… I Mean, No 3. Pernice Brothers – Live a Little 4. Kristin Hersh – Learn to Sing Like a Star 5. Mademoiselle – Mademoiselle EP 6. Mission of Burma – The Obliterati 7. Eloe Omoe – Marauders 8. The Atlantics – The Atlantics 9. Christians & Lions – More Songs for Dreamsleepers and the Very Awake 10. Duresse – Elate 11. External World – II and III: Random … Read More >>


EMILY GROGAN One Way Productions At Sea 13-song CD       Emily’s second CD, At Sea, has me already scratching notes for the year-end poll. No doubt the year’s most exciting release—I can count nine of the 13 songs as possible radio hits. Emily’s wonderfully expressive vocals turn from sweet to demanding within a measure while dealing with break ups, moving on, and trying to work things out. “End of The Line” rolls in with Emily’s gentle advice then kicks into … Read More >>


Photo: Mike D KILL THE PRECEDENT by Stace Kill the Precedent, a great album with an impossibly clever title, is Kalvin Koolidge's premiere release. It’s a sonic journey: each song builds upon what has come before until the listener ends up a little wiser and somewhere entirely different from where the journey began. The band’s own journey involves Wales and New York City; a band can learn a lot about itself during its first world tour—three friends, one hired driver, … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU March 2007

Rita: Welcome to The Noise’s first online-only issue. Lolita: We’ll be back to stain your hands with ink and provide your birdcages with inexpensive wall-to-wall carpeting in April. But for now, peer into the glowing box and learn a little more about the people who play rock in New England. Rita: Lolita, do you have any ideas for the Question of the Month? Lolita: When people don’t know what to say they usually talk about the weather. Rita: That’s not … Read More >>