Mr. Max’s Message

END WAR NOW UPDATE Ahh, 44 singers showed up to be apart of the choir and lead vocal tracks on April 15th at Hi-n-Dry. We’ve got 59 tracks of music and vocals that sound great, but I’m still looking to improve the song with a surprise in the ending. By the time this song is mixed, we’ll be involved in another Middle East war. Just joking—but the real possibility makes it not funny.  Go to to hear the demo … Read More >>


DENNIS BRENNAN O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN! THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE BRENNAN by Kier Byrnes                   There ain’t nobody in this town like Dennis Brennan.  Hell, if you like good ole’ rock ’n’ roll, if you like your country licks with a little soul, if you like your songs with a health dose of heartfelt loneliness and reckless abandon, there ain’t anyone anywhere like Dennis Brennan.  It took six years and a whole lot of heart to put together his … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message

BACK IN THE (PULP) SADDLE We’re back in print—go ahead, get your hands dirty.  For those who thought we went exclusively online—we’ll be doing an online-only issue every March. And that’s only the month March.  Our new feature, Readers Respo™, is going well. People and bands can now respond immediately to reviews they read online. Thanks for reading both the online Noise and the print issues. END WAR NOW The basics for the community recording of “End War Now” are … Read More >>

April ’07 Radio Chart

1. The Snowleopards – Debut 2. Piebald – Accidental Gentlemen 3. The Winterpills – The Light Divides 4. Bang Camaro – Bang Camaro 5. The Glass Set – Something Unknown 6. The Charms – Strange Magic 7. Kristin Hersh – Learn to Sing like a Star 8. Hooray for Earth – Hooray for Earth 9. Apple Betty – Let’s Play 10. The Blizzard of 78 – Where All Life Hangs 11. The Larkin Brigade – Paddy Keys for Mayor 12. … Read More >>


ROBBY ROADSTEAMER, FLUTTR EFFECT Dodge Street Bar and Grill, Salem, MA    3/10/07       I’m eager to finally see Fluttr Effect. I’ve heard a lot about them but have never heard their music. They appear onstage in this former fish market all wearing either all black or black and white. Kara, the ultra-dynamic lead vocalist, wears a white petticoat over her black jeans. They’re a five-piece but with a cello instead of a bass and a MIDI marimba in place of a … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU April 2007

Lolita: Is everybody ready to rumble?  Rita: Not really. Lolita: What? Rita: My boyfriend and I broke up and I’m not really in the mood to rumble. Lolita: Well, you can sit at home and sulk or you can go out to the clubs…  Rita: And sulk? Sorry I’d rather sulk in private. Just leave me alone.  Lolita: Okay, well, I guess I’ll be writing most of the column by myself this month.  I wonder if I can get T … Read More >>


WILL DAILEY by Glenwood      “The one thing I tried to make sure of while putting my last two records together is that I was being purposeful. I could spend all my time recording songs and jerking around but now that everyone and their rabid dog can put a song on the web for free, I think artists have to pay attention—more than ever now—to the material they are putting out. The saturation epidemic is creating an immunity to “new” … Read More >>