ANGELINE Hi-n-Dry Powered Pearls 12-song CD       Emily Grogan and Linda Viens share the songwriting duties and sing lovely harmonies in Angeline. Passion is the key to this vibrant band with a country twinge. The lyrics are easy to follow—and are consistently delivered straight from the heart. Cheryl Etu adds a wonderful glow to “The Clearing” and a child-like feel in “And it’s Hard” where her vibraphone plays a dominant roll in the mix. “Happy Again” contains a lovely violin … Read More >>


AD FRANK & THE FAST EASY WOMEN Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, MA 4/6/07       Descending into the Lizard Lounge, I leave two of my unfortunate friends behind because Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women have filled the place to capacity! Ad Frank (Noise poll winner: stage presence/ Phoenix nominee: vocalist) is looking debonair in a suit and Ned Gallagher (drums) wears a white T-shirt with “AD” scrawled across the front like a myspace stalker.  They start off the night with … Read More >>


MAY 2007 Rita: It’s May, and while T MAX (The Noise) fights a war against a war, we’re left to hold the fort down. Lolita: So we don’t have to promote hisdreamers wanted myspace page anymore. Rita: Yep, no need to mention “End War Now.” By the way, you look great in your camo fatigues. Lolita: Thanks, but I think the camouflage design adds ten pounds. Rita: I don’t think it’s the uniform. It’s more likely the ten Pabst Blue … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message

END WAR NOW UPDATE Ahh, 44 singers showed up to be apart of the choir and lead vocal tracks on April 15th at Hi-n-Dry. We’ve got 59 tracks of music and vocals that sound great, but I’m still looking to improve the song with a surprise in the ending. By the time this song is mixed, we’ll be involved in another Middle East war. Just joking—but the real possibility makes it not funny.  Go to to hear the demo … Read More >>


DENNIS BRENNAN O CAPTAIN! MY CAPTAIN! THE MAN, THE MYTH, THE BRENNAN by Kier Byrnes                   There ain’t nobody in this town like Dennis Brennan.  Hell, if you like good ole’ rock ’n’ roll, if you like your country licks with a little soul, if you like your songs with a health dose of heartfelt loneliness and reckless abandon, there ain’t anyone anywhere like Dennis Brennan.  It took six years and a whole lot of heart to put together his … Read More >>