Rita: Welcome to my favorite issue of the year—the dark Halloween issue. This issue is so dark it will leave black on your hands. Lolita: The black organic soy ink is delicious and serves well with blood. I’ve made a habit of dicing up a Halloween issue and sprinkling it on my black rice. And this issue is especially delicious since I managed to bring back some of Paris for the cover. Those skulls and bones are from the catacombs … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message: October 2007

BLEU’S CHOIR I recently sang in Bleu’s choir at the Bank America Pavilion. Pictured above are four of the handsome male members of the choir. It was a WFNX Distorientation event and Bleu made the most of it with 50 people on the stage at one point (all decked out in tuxes and evening dresses). Besides the vocal choir, he had a 15-piece guitar choir! Most people know that Bleu has moved out to L.A.—he still gets coverage from The … Read More >>


MY OWN WORST ENEMY Pristine Indigo Records Total Action 12 song-CD This is a very ambitious and extremely busy production replete with arrangements slopping over with cowbells, tambourines, glockenspiel, and Sue and Steve’s inimitable vocalizing; it almost sounds like the band barricaded itself inside of a 32-track studio, held Pete Weiss at gunpoint, and ordered him to go apeshit. Ahem. Anyway, this collection puts me in mind of all those great, underrated all-American garage-punk bands of the 1960s like The … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS October 2007

BLEU, HOORAY FOR EARTH WFNX Disorientation 2007 Bank of America Pavilion, South Boston, MA THE NEIGHBORHOODS Late Risers’ Club 30th Anniversary The Basement, Boston, MA 9/13/07 This is more of a diary of a day than a live review. After Saturday Morning Softball I rush home to shower then make it over to the northern harbor side of South Boston to meet up with a bunch of guys and gals I’ve been rehearsing with for the past week to sing … Read More >>

Noise Radio Chart: September 2007

1. Hallelujah the Hills      – Collective Psychosis Begone 2. Buffalo Tom – Three Easy Pieces 3. Frank Black – The Best of Best 4. Polyethylene      – What Goes On Inside Houses 5. Reports – Mosquito Nets 6. The Big Disappointments      – The Big Disappointments 7. Willard Grant Conspiracy      – Let it Roll 8. The Atlantics – Live 9. The Luxury – This is Why We      Can’t Have Nice Things 10. Everyday Visuals      – Things … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message: September 2007

  PARIS Ahhh—a real vacation. I spent 10 days in August exploring Paris and, wow, was it beautiful. I kept a journal and took a lot of photos. Anyone interested in Paris should come over and check out the little slide show I’ve put together.  Besides the regular highlights, the Catacombs were a place that I won’t forget. My photos of the thousand of artfully placed skulls and bones came out quite good because I had a little battery-powered blue … Read More >>


THE ATLANTICS Something Hot Communications Live 13-song CD Nostalgia is what gets in the way. I don’t care that the band recorded this on March 25, 1979 on the eve of the national tour that was to make their reputation, nor need I mention that ABC Records dropped the ball forthwith. But The Atlantics were most likely never destined to be anything like The Cars, churning out their patented brand of deracinated New Wave kitsch; The Atlantics, bless their souls, … Read More >>