OUR EYES ON YOU: December 2007

  RITA’S RANT Rita: I’m mad as hell that our political system has been manipulated to serve those who are elected instead of serving the people. That’s complete bullshit. Taxpayers’ money is being funneled into a military machine that disrupts lives with torture and murder. We have to stand up. We’ve got to speak out. We have to be smarter than the assholes that try to trick us at every turn. Lolita: And then we’ve got the presidential candidates with … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS: December 2007

  LYRES Cavestomp Garage Festacular Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY 11/4/07 It’s a blast rockin’ with Lyres at a party of 400-plus international cave stompers. My much better half, Billy Borgioli, says, “Except for The Sonics, all these bands are Lyres-in-training and they’ve got a long way to go!” Moreover it is Lyres, not Britney’s former boy toy, who are bringing sexy back with the horny dynamo “Soapy.” This one is supercharged with the entire Lyres lovin’ crowd singin’ backup with no coercion necessary from the band. … Read More >>


A.K.A.C.O.D. Happiness 12-song CD If ya didn’t know, these folks were friends and fans (and in one case, a member) of Morphine. If you miss hearing new music from them, this’ll fix it. I like both, but you know what they say: one person’s influence is another’s plagiarism. Detractors will call it flat-out robbery or worse, and they have their point. The approach is identical, right down to the moaning baritone sax and two-string slide bass, and the same adjectives … Read More >>

Noise Radio Chart: December 2007

  1. Hallelujah the Hills – Collective Psychosis Begone 2. Cheater Pint – Cheater Pint 3. Polyethylene – What Goes On Inside Houses 4. Tristan Da Cunha – Instanter 5. Various Artists – Boston Underground 1979-1982 6. The Campaign for Real-Time – LA Tracks (1933-1969) 7. Mobius Band – Heaven 8. Paper Thin Stages – CP/Magnum Puce Version 8.0 9. Frank Smith – Heavy Handed Peace and Love 10. Various Artists – The History of Boston Rock Here and Now … Read More >>


MY OWN WORST ENEMY by Nancy Neon My Own Worst Enemy may have appeared to be under the radar with the releases of Treblemaker in 2000 and No Guarantees in 2003, but their current CD Total Action (release party on 11/2 at the Abbey Lounge) has landed them on the map. Pete Weiss has produced almost all the songs on the band’s three CDs and has earned the undying admiration of My Own Worst Enemy. In fact, the band considers … Read More >>