Noise Radio Chart: December 2007

  1. Hallelujah the Hills – Collective Psychosis Begone 2. Cheater Pint – Cheater Pint 3. Polyethylene – What Goes On Inside Houses 4. Tristan Da Cunha – Instanter 5. Various Artists – Boston Underground 1979-1982 6. The Campaign for Real-Time – LA Tracks (1933-1969) 7. Mobius Band – Heaven 8. Paper Thin Stages – CP/Magnum Puce Version 8.0 9. Frank Smith – Heavy Handed Peace and Love 10. Various Artists – The History of Boston Rock Here and Now … Read More >>


MY OWN WORST ENEMY by Nancy Neon My Own Worst Enemy may have appeared to be under the radar with the releases of Treblemaker in 2000 and No Guarantees in 2003, but their current CD Total Action (release party on 11/2 at the Abbey Lounge) has landed them on the map. Pete Weiss has produced almost all the songs on the band’s three CDs and has earned the undying admiration of My Own Worst Enemy. In fact, the band considers … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: Novemer 2007

Rita: Ahhh, November is here—time to kick back, throw on a coat you love, and get involved with your favorite cause. Lolita: So, you’re gonna get political on us? Rita: I like being involved with real people. It beats the hell out of sitting behind my computer all day talking with my fingers. Plus I like the touch of a human. Lolita: Sometimes after too many hours of work, I just want to kick back, relax, and do something illegal. … Read More >>

Noise Radio Chart: November 2007

1. Jason Anderson – Jason Anderson 2. Hallelujah the Hills – Collective Psychosis Begone 3. Black Francis – Blue Finger 4. Cheater Pint – Cheater Pint 5. Drug Rug – Drug Rug 6. Polyethylene – What Goes On Inside Houses 7. Miskatonic – Let Us Entertain Us 8. Mobius Band – Heaven 9. Bird Mancini – Funny Day 10. Campaign for Real-Time – L.A. Tracks (1933-1969) 11. Freezepop – Future Future Future Perfect 12. The Gulf – Chinatown 13. Frank … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message: November 2007

  NOVEMBER 30 Girl On Top invited me to play a couple of songs from Why Do We Go To War? during their set at the Cantab on Friday, November 30.  I wrote a medley of three songs from the show, but maybe it will be better to play one of the gospel numbers, or the military hymn that mixes rap with Monty Python antics.  What ever we decide to play, I hope to see you there. DECEMBER 8 “END … Read More >>