Comment on any CD Review in February's Reader's Respo™ Make sure you title your comment so we know which review you're talking about. You can also discuss local music 24/7 at The Noise Board THE DOOM BUGGIES The Doom Buggies 13-song CD Genre-wise, call this psycho-delic: the mutant offspring of "20 Flight Rock," The Purple Gang, and Screamin' Jay Hawkins. Throughout the '60s it may have clawed out our hearts via any number of moronic garage bashers as collected on … Read More >>

Noise Top Ten 2007

Top Tens When The Noise does a poll, the results show the average of everyone’s opinion. That tends to make people complain about their little corner of the scene not getting the attention it deserves. This year I chose to skip the poll and go with individual top tens. This way you get to really see what each individual loves. NOISERS’ TOP TEN FRANCIS DiMENNO Eclectica: Top Ten CDs of 2007 1. Erich Groat's Found Missing Volumes 1 and 2 … Read More >>

Mr. Max’s Message: December 2007

T MAX MUSICAL OUTINGS The rehearsals with the Peace Chorus sound excellent. The Peace Chorus Band consists of Shawn Marquis on minimal drums, Susanna Porte on cello, and me, T Max, on guitar. But this group is really about the voice, and message that the voice delivers. Picture a gospel choir more than a rock band. The chorus members are Michael Bloom, Diana Casado, Mick Maldonado, Ruby Bird, Billy Mancini, John Hess, Mr. Curt, Eleanor Ramsay, Emily Grogan, and new … Read More >>

Chello Chix: Breaking the Mold

CELLO CHIX: BREAKING THE MOLD by Michael Bloom It’s understandable why you wouldn’t often think of rocking out on a cello. Maybe you’d think instead of that scene in Take the Money and Run, where Woody Allen is trying to play one in his high school marching band. But appearances can be deceiving; the cello actually has a surprisingly vibrant niche in rock. Cream’s Jack Bruce played cello on their Wheels of Fire LP, and Jimmy Page scored a cello … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: December 2007

  RITA’S RANT Rita: I’m mad as hell that our political system has been manipulated to serve those who are elected instead of serving the people. That’s complete bullshit. Taxpayers’ money is being funneled into a military machine that disrupts lives with torture and murder. We have to stand up. We’ve got to speak out. We have to be smarter than the assholes that try to trick us at every turn. Lolita: And then we’ve got the presidential candidates with … Read More >>

LIVE REVIEWS: December 2007

  LYRES Cavestomp Garage Festacular Warsaw, Brooklyn, NY 11/4/07 It’s a blast rockin’ with Lyres at a party of 400-plus international cave stompers. My much better half, Billy Borgioli, says, “Except for The Sonics, all these bands are Lyres-in-training and they’ve got a long way to go!” Moreover it is Lyres, not Britney’s former boy toy, who are bringing sexy back with the horny dynamo “Soapy.” This one is supercharged with the entire Lyres lovin’ crowd singin’ backup with no coercion necessary from the band. … Read More >>


A.K.A.C.O.D. Happiness 12-song CD If ya didn’t know, these folks were friends and fans (and in one case, a member) of Morphine. If you miss hearing new music from them, this’ll fix it. I like both, but you know what they say: one person’s influence is another’s plagiarism. Detractors will call it flat-out robbery or worse, and they have their point. The approach is identical, right down to the moaning baritone sax and two-string slide bass, and the same adjectives … Read More >>