Me & Joan Collins

ME & JOAN COLLINS: JOANIE LOVES ROCK ’N’ ROLL by Shady Here’s something different: a rock band that is more concerned with the roll than the rock. Out of the ashes of the Collisions, Bo Barringer (guitar and vocals) scrapes together a pop band with soaring melodies and a dual guitar attack that is also less concerned with the attack. Rounding out the line-up is Jen Grygiel (guitar and vocals) and Jason Marchionna (drums). Don’t worry kids, they have a … Read More >>


MOMS, WAR & HEALTH           Rita: Hello comrades. It’s May 2008—Mother’s Day will go on as scheduled—so will a war based on lies—and we’re still supposed to pay attention to our health. Those are the three topics we’ll discus in this column. Lolita: I remember when all we talked about was sex. Rita: Yeah, you still do. How did your Lovefest go? Lolita: Thanks for asking. It was love-squared event. Well, all except that time during the Peace Chorus set … Read More >>

Mr Max’s Message May 2008

MR. MAX’S MESSAGE – May 2008                                               PEACE CHORUS BENEFITS STUDENTS FOR A FREE TIBET Straight from the outrageous Lolita’s Lovefest, Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus takes a long shower, brushes its teeth, and irons its costumes to get ready to help out the Students for a Free Tibet. Come on down to the Middle East Corner on Friday, … Read More >>

OUR EYES ON YOU: April 2008

LOLITA’S SECRET Lolita: We’re back from our online-only issue and anxious to hear all about your spring plans. Rita: Aren’t we the one’s who are supposed to tell the readers what going on? Lolita: Well, you can do what you want. I like to know what the readers do. Rita: Maybe you’re in the wrong business. Lolita: Maybe you should take the stick out of your butt and open up that mind of yours! Wait a second—I’m sorry for saying … Read More >>


    THE ANDWUTZ by Kier Byrnes The Andwutz aren’t your ordinary rock band. Hell, nothing about these girls is what I’d call ordinary. Four devastatingly cute chicks who can rock the hell out of their instruments is something you don’t see every day. Also, this Waltham-based band recently released a new CD called Project 4 am to much critical acclaim and even won a national contest hosted by Curly Grrlz Skateboards in recognition of their music. The band starts … Read More >>

Noise Radio Chart April 2008

1. Neptune – Gong Lake 2. December Sound – The Silver Album 3. Black Fortress of Opium – Black Fortress of Opium 4. Dirt Mall – Got the Goat by the Horns 5. Hallelujah the Hills – Collective Psychosis Begone 6. A.K.A.C.O.D. – Happiness 7. Chris Pearson/Ekranoplan – Soundtracks 8. Mobius Band – Heaven 9. Pants Yell! – Alison Stratton 10. Guillermo Sexo – Guillermo Sexo 11. Ball and Pivot – Heart in the Sky 12. Bobb Trimble – Iron … Read More >>

5/10/15/20 April 2008

  by T Max and Joe Coughlin 20 YEARS AGO April 1988 Issue #72 Cover: Treat Her Right, the Bell People, Steve Barry Bands: Think Tree, Erik Lindgren, Galaxie 500, What Now, Ex-15, Dr. Black’s Combo, T.H. & the Wreckage, 1.4.5., The Zulus, Big Dipper—playing April 26, 2008 at the Middle East! Other Stuff: This is when Bunratty’s turned its reputation around from being a North Shore metal band hangout to booking bands like Moving Targets, Bullet LaVolta, Gigolo Aunts, … Read More >>