In Parting

THANK YOU… THANK YOU VERY MUCH Hi. This is T Max, the founder, editor and publisher of The Noise – the guy who held this ’zine together into its 37th year. And though it’s been a wonderful trip promoting the talented musicians of New England, it’s come time for me to let it go. Lately I’ve been feeling like a second-class angel, waiting to get my wings. And after completing the December 2017, issue #382, I’ll be doing just that.  … Read More >>

Bird Mancini

BIRD MANCINI: HESITATION & EMANCIPATION By Edward Morneau The following is a playful tug of war between a writer, me – who wants to explore big-ass motifs of musical history, influences, defining moments, time and endurance, philosophy and culture; and Bird Mancini – two gifted musicians and songwriters, notoriously private, devoted to each other as partners, writers and performers. The first thing I learned was how hesitant they were to bring forth the larger statements that intrigue me, but make … Read More >>

Forget Forget

FORGET, FORGET “ELECTRO-GLIDE IN HUES” by Harry C. Tuniese Forget, Forget is an indie synth-pop duo from Portland, ME, consisting of Tyler DeVos (guitar/ vocals) and Patia Maule (synths/ vocals/ programming).  Their music is equal parts dance party and introspection, defined by analog warmth, intertwining instrumental parts, vocal harmonies, swirling textures, and reflective lyrics. Their second full-length album, You’re Not Gone, was released last July and is one of my fave albums of 2017. They play frequently in the Northeast U.S. and I have been … Read More >>

CD Reviews

ERIN HARPE & THE DELTA SWINGERS Big Road Vizztone Records 10 tracks Erin Harpe has a great voice that teases, purrs, preaches and snarls; and her finger picking guitar style, more Lightning Hopkins than B.B. King, is creatively consistent and makes her band’s rural country sound unique and very listenable. Five of the songs are cool covers and the other five are band originals with Erin composing three of them. “Kokomo” by Mississippi Fred McDowell, “Frankie” and “Casey Jones” by … Read More >>

Rita & Lolita

RITA AND LOLITA FULL COURT PRESS Rita: After more than 37 years, 12,775 days, writing this column with my sweet sister, I can’t think of anything good ever written about us ever.  And as the sun sets, the best thing I can think of her is that she smells like a rat.  Lolita: Likewise, the best  thing I can say about my saccharin sibling is that she stands up when she pees, but it makes me think of a great question to … Read More >>

Live Reviews

HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE/ UNNATURAL AXE House of Blues, Boston, MA 11/3/17 Shows like these put me in a reflective mood (excuse me – maybe a ROMAN mood) wherein bands that I developed a passion for years ago return from past glories and resurrect the dream that does go on forever – both for themselves and for their fans. I am forever grateful for living in Boston and have experienced so many satisfying musical memories since the mid-’60s onwards. As we … Read More >>

Book Review

The History of Rock and Roll. Volume One 1920-1963. By Ed ward. Flatiron Books. New York. 2016. Hardcover. 402 pages. Review by Francis DiMenno This history, which came out about 12 months ago, will provide a wonderful primer for those who are under the impression that rock ’n’ roll didn’t truly really begin until the advent of the Beatles. Make no mistake: toward the end of the book, Ward does devote nearly 100 pages to the events leading up to … Read More >>