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Julie Dougherty (North Shore music Goddess): His love of music is not only evident but infectious… if you’ve seen him live, you’d know that he is only half the show, the audience is the other half. He engages you, tells stories, sings some great old cover tunes with his own interpretations, and asks you to be part of the conversation. An evening spent with T Max is like being with an old friend you haven’t seen in a while… a somewhat crazy old friend with child-like openness that pulls you right in. Great energy, talent and sometimes an almost Beatles style of effects/ arrangements that add a wonderful dimension to the listening pleasure. Go T!

Willie “Loco” Alexander (Boston’s Godfather of Punk):
T Max is a man from another century, like Ben Franklin or Ian Whitcomb, a man of a thousand voices (and hats). His music runs the gamut of standards to scat—creating songs from the lost jukeboxes of time.  He is the voice of reason and rhyme from the pop choirs of history.  Amen.

Randy Black (…& the Heathcroppers): T Max is a songwriter, singer and interpreter whose guitar playing is unique and compelling. In a live setting he will draw you in with a story or two, delivered in a relaxed, neighborly way, which makes sense since he’s been part of the neighborhood for a long time. When he performs a cover song, his mark on it is profound and refreshing. With The Noise, which he’s been publishing for over thirty years, he’s supported local music and helped build a community of musicians of all stripes and genres.”

Lynne Taylor (Lynne Taylor Band/ Liz Frame & the Kickers/ Halo & the Harlots): Although the production and even the genres on Fill ’er Up are varied, the cohesive thing that glues it together is T Max’s whimsical, somewhat distant (observing from another dimension?) take on these slices of life! And it has been a while since an album made me grin and laugh out loud, so kudos for that! Musically I hear Beatles and Pink Floyd influence, and I appreciate the sound effects!

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