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Rita: After more than 37 years, 12,775 days, writing this column with my sweet sister, I can’t think of anything good ever written about us ever.  And as the sun sets, the best thing I can think of her is that she smells like a rat.  Lolita: Likewise, the best  thing I can say about my saccharin sibling is that she stands up when she pees, but it makes me think of a great question to ask some superstars: “What’s the best and/ or worst thing that was ever written about you in the press?” TONY BONGIOVI (Berklee/ NYC): The best thing that was ever written was actually written to me!  It was a letter from Motown Records in Detroit saying, “Welcome to Hitsville, USA.”  The year was 1966, following an exciting long-distance phone call that I placed to the legendary recording studio that Barry Gordy built. I spoke with Motown’s chief engineer (Mike McLean) who was kind enough to answer questions I had about how the Motown producers got certain sounds.  He told the company about the call, and after speaking with Mr. Gordy, I was invited to fly to Detroit and work as an engineer.  That summer, and on off through 1971 I had the extraordinary experience of working with the Supremes, the Jackson Five, and the Temptations.  Everything I learned at Motown shaped my career as a recording engineer and producer. Most importantly, it informed my work when I built the multi-award-winning Power Station Recording Studios in Manhattan.  Power Station became the basis for the worldwide patented technology, DPS (Digital Power Station), and my current sound company, Bongiovi Acoustics. This fall, Power Station Studios was purchased by Berklee College of Music. Berklee is beginning a new chapter for Power Station where the best and brightest future engineers and producers will learn the latest in recording processes. The circle from Motown to NYC to Beantown is now complete. *** SHAWN ” BUSHY” BOUCHER (ShadowLynx): The best comments about our debut CD Devious Intentions was done on Streetclip TV magazine by Michael Haifl. “Between Northern Massachusetts and Southern New Hampshire, a new power metal colossus named ShadowLynx is emerging.…the band cannot be accused of a lack of variety, expressed in their adrenaline distribution of songs like “The Last Straw” almost in thrashing fields, and equips the bouncier ‘Hailfyre’ with a Sabbath-ish introduction. Only a foolish US metal fan, does not devote himself to the sounds of ShadowLynx …” Another good comment is from Power Metal Reviews on YouTube from June 12, 2017. “U.S. power metal for U.S. power metal fans’ and this it’s a very solid album!” The best comment about a ShadowLynx show:…”I will stay until the end to see ShadowLynx as well because only Metallica can keep up with them!!” from Sam Rahiminejad in Tehran, Iran. *** BILL JANOVITZ (Buffalo Tom): Thanks ladies, I’ve got nothing, as Iggy sang. *** BLIND LEMON PLEDGE (Blind Lemon Pledge And The Seeing Eye Dogs): Mickey O’Halloran once wrote about my band in The Beat magazine and said “a rhythm and blues band for people with neither.” *** LEE DANIELE MORETTI (The Furies): Our best press was with Victor Infante from the Telegraph, when he named our EP in the top five of his favorites from 2015: “Omens by The Furies: This all-female band from Boston and Providence offers up an album that’s effectively a study in contrasts. Alternately lush and rough, the album manages to simultaneously maintain it’s pop sensibilities and it’s rock backbone.  Omens is a deeply evocative and emotional album, one that hits the listener on a visceral level. Cello and electric bass echo against one another even as vocal harmonies soar. In the end, the album’s dichotomies all balance, and the result is a thoroughly addictive album.”



Rita: How about some fabulous factoids? Now is the perfect time to spread the word about what’s going on in the New England music scene. PETER WOLF and his band THE MIDNIGHT TRAVELERS are having their NYE party at The Cabot up in Beverly. Bring the new year in right! The band just gigged at The Somerville Theater and they paid tribute to the recently deceased TOM PETTY by doing “Don’t Do Me Like That,” which Petty originally wrote for THE J. GEILS BAND who had just finished  their Love Stinks album so they never got around to recording it. *** New album by RICH GILBERT (Human Sexual Response) out in the beginning of December. Rich was overheard saying he was working on his next album and he was pretty excited about what it was sounding like. Most definitely not like anything else he’s done before going down a new road and firing up all kinds of new ideas. He raps. At the recent HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE reunion show at The House of Blues UNNATURAL AXE opened for them. HSR wore different colored custom designed suits by band member DINI LAMOT. Gilbert wore an orange suit with white stars and matching tie with a dark blue shirt. He played a Peavey JD Omniac what he calls “a crazy great guitar. that is one of the best guitars I’ve ever owned or played.” *** Check out soulful singer CHRISTINE OHLMAN The Beehive Queen and her band REBEL MONTEZ featuring guitarist extraordinaire CLIFF GOODWIN December 28 for her sixth annual Beehive Holiday Blowout at Cafe Nine in New Haven. Catch her at The new Next Stage Arts in Putnam, Vermont on February 10 with a snow date listed for the next night! The venue is a beautiful and historic 1841 former church. A club designed by artists for artists that had a renovation in 2015. You can also catch her fronting the Saturday Night Live Band on t.v. or live in Roosevelt Center every weekend too. *** THE RUNAWAYS, CHERIE CURRIE, FLIGHT OF FIRE, and their manager LIZ BORDEN (Liz Borden And The Axes) and DAVE MINEHAN (The Neighborhoods) all hanging at his studio Woolly Mammoth in Waltham. Minehan is mixing and producing their new song “Bad Ass” with Cherie sharing the lead vocals with DORIAN MAVERICK from FLIGHT OF FIRE. *** JON BUTCHER news: Jon has signed a record contract with UK based Escape Music Group to release his first two Polydor/ JON BUTCHER AXIS records,The Jon Butcher Axis and Stare At The Sun, on January 1 in Europe, The U.K and Japan. Two other Capitol/ JBA records, Along The Axis and Wishes, will also be re- released in the U.S, Europe and Japan by another UK based record company Rock Candy. On the business side, Jon’s production/ artist management company, EPX, Electric Factory X, is releasing two new artist’s albums by the end of the year. Boston’s own MEGAN WOLF and musician/ poet JOSH RICHARD will come out with That Girl and Cities & States respectively. Butcher’s newest release 2 Roads East‘s song “Power Of Soul” will be featured on the new NBC- TV series Reverie.  And finally, TOM GUERRA believes songwriters and artists need to write about what’s happening in our country, so he did. His new single “Blood On The New Rising Sun,” a somber rocking ballad written after the Charlottesville tragedy features Jon Butcher on growling guitar. *** The record release party for the LIVE AT THE RAT VOLUME TWO held at where The Rat once stood in the Hotel Commonwealth had five hours of magnificent music with WILLIE LOCO ALEXANDER backed by THE NERVOUS EATERS, THE DOGMATICS with an eight song set including “Summertime” backing up RICHIE PARSONS (The Unnatural Axe) and EMILY GROGAN. All the proceeds of the show went to The Right Turn Organization for Rehabilitation.  MAYOR MARTY WALSH and GOVERNOR CHARLIE BAKER showed up early in the night to honor Rat owner JIMMY HAROLD who hired a limo to pick Willie up at his house on the North Shore. *** PSYCLE is a rock and roll group from Providence, currently signed to Pipeline Entertainment, and just released a new EP Surfaces. SETH SALOIS on guitar and vocals, MIKE KAZ on bass and vocals, JASON SPYNE pounding and JIM NICOLAZZO playing lead guitar. We dig their newest single “Break” and so will you. *** If you are down near Muldowney’s Pub in downtown Providence on any Saturday night, drop in and do some singing with THE RAM MAN. He also can be seen every Thursday evening at Millworks Tavern in West Warwick. Always a blast wherever he performs.*** Rhode Island Music Hall of Fame and jazz sax greats DAN MORETTI and GREG ABATE had a great gig at Chan’s in Woonsocket with an international cast of great Latin and Brazilian players. This great night is an annual event. *** MARTIN DOYLE now running a bar again in Johnson, RI, near Providence. Martin was overheard saying: “I’m kinda laughing but the food is great!” *** CARLA DELELLIS, former owner of Johnny D’s in Somerville, tells us that the closed club’s cabinet full of marque letters are going to live with LELAND STEIN at his Regent Theatre in Arlington, MA. *** Tribute news: Check out SHAPELY APELY’s Monkee’s tribute with LINDA SHORE (Muck & The Mires), CATHERINE CAPOZZI, MAGEN  TRACEY, MELISSA GIBBS, MICHELLE YVETTE PAULHUS, JEN and BECKA D’ANGORA. And don’t forget Beatles tribute band WE CAN’T WORK IT OUT with MELISSA GIBBS, SCOTT JANOVITZ, BINKY RICE, CHRIS ANZALONE and ALEJANDRO NECOCHEA. *** GREEDY GEEZER’s Garage Night, formerly at the Granite Street Cafe in Quincy is back at the same venue under a new owner for his Christmas Party on December 16 with TOKYO TRAMPS, THE COTTAGE AVE. BAND, THE BAYOU BOY ORCHESTRA, YUKKA FLATTS, and all the regulars. A great gig to eat, drink and be merry. *** Congrats in order for BREEDERS singer/ songwriter/ guitarist and Sofa Burns Records artist KELLEY DEAL who just won the Q Gibson Les Paul Award at the 2017 Q Awards.*** THE EVIL STREAKS, MUCK & THE MIRES, THE DOWNBEAT 5, and THE BLACK CHEERS at O’Brien’s in Allston December 15. *** Former WZLX DJ ANNALISA POP is the new afternoon drive host at 92.5 The River – Boston’s independent radio and she is looking forward to “settling in, getting to know The River listeners and seeing more shows in my old stomping ground.” *** HEATHER RICE- FAHEY (Lizzie Borden & The Axes)’s cute daughter SUMMER FAHEY was just seen in a quarter page ad for Lady Grace stores in a Sunday Boston Globe Magazine. *** Rounder Records just celebrated their forty seventh birthday a few weeks ago when they celebrated the anniversary of getting the invoice for their first pressings. *** Boston’s own GIRLS, GUNS AND GLORY have a great new song “Shake Like Jello” and it rocks! Go see them shake the roof December 28 at the new club City Winery in Boston. *** Singer/ songwriter/ film documentary maker ROBERTO MIGHTY (Roberto & Kathryn) is honored to announce The Favorite Poem Project has commissioned him to direct a new video series. The videos have been regular features onThe PBS News Hour and are a permanent part of the Library Of Congress Archive Of Recorded Poetry And Literature. ROBERT PINSKY, the current thirty- ninth Poet Laureate Of The U.S. says: “We admire Roberto’s skill and imagination. On a grand scale, his videos are distinct examples of creativity and visual sophistication; on an individual scale, he places vocality at the center of each speaker’s personal experience.” *** I Want That Sound. the new CD from KEN FIELDS and his band THE REVOLUTIONARY SNAKE ENSEMBLE is up for a Grammy nomination this year for Best Jazz Instrumental Album. *** TWISTED PINE dubbed the most exciting new roots band around play a holiday show December 24 at City Winery in Boston. Lush harmonies bluegrass and freshgrass music at it’s best. RACHEL SUMMER on guitar and vocals, KATHLEEN PARKS fiddle and vocals, DAN BULL on mandolin and CHRIS SARTORI on bass. *** Last month, former Boston based power pop musician RAY PAUL made his first full band appearance since 1981 with a new revamped line up of RAY PAUL & RPM. The group debuted in 1978, and had a 1980 album Go Time, and a 1981 single “How Do You Know?” that became number one on WBCN’s charts in September 1981. Back and better than ever. *** MATTHEW STUBBS and his band THE ANTIGUAS have a Monday night residency at The Sinclair. They are an instrumental psychedelic rock band. Stubbs has spent the past decade playing guitar with the CHARLIE MUSSELWHITE band and will be releasing his debut solo album in early 2018. Think DUANE EDDY meets LINK WRAY meets BOOKER T with a fuzz psychedelic vibe and doses of garage rock, acid blues, afrobeat and cinematic soundscapes. *** Melrose’s MARK ERELLI to release his eleventh studio album Mixtape on January 26. An album of cover songs from DON HENLEY, ARCADE FIRE, RICHARD THOMPSON, NEKO CASE and even the DEAD’s “Breakdown Palace.” The tunes were taken from thirteen years worth of ERELLI & FRIENDS’ annual December shows at Passim’s in Harvard Square and you can go to his fourteenth annual show on December 14. *** TIM JACKSON tells us his band THE BAND THAT TIME FORGOT has been around thirty two years and he’s played the same blonde Sonor kit for forty two years. Priceless! *** Listen for the new tune “Tidal Wave” from BUBBA LOAF from their upcoming album. MIKE SHEA writes the music, sings, plays guitar and is in charge of the song’s samples, BREGMAN on bass and piano, AL HENDRY behind the kit and BRAD MCCARTHY doing the engineering. *** KATE TAYLOR invited us to a great night of female led music performances at The Ritz on Martha’s Vineyard with LADYFEST 20, SABRINA & THE GROOVERS, THE SPACE INVADERS, ROSE GUERIN, JEMIMA JAMES, NINA VIOLET and AUNTIE EM & THE BEDSPINS but we couldn’t get a ticket for the ferry. *** Two local artists on tour in Europe with different bands got a chance to share a stage in Paris. ANTHONY GERACHI (Sugar Ray And The Bluenotes) and SAX GORDON BEADLE met up at a blues teaching event at a ecole with French student musicians and played for about a half a set together. *** BAY STATE VINTAGE GUITARS, the last vintage guitar shop in Boston that also repairs and restores both guitars and amps must leave it’s current location on Huntington Ave. by December 5. Across the street from the Boston Conservatory and a short walk from Berklee they have been around town for thirty five years. Owner CRAIG JONES is an award winning blues guitarist  and he was overheard saying he looks forward to finding a new home for his business, start planning for retirement, and handing off  all the operations to his son. Stay tuned.



Lolita: Enough gossip! Let’s get back to asking another local legend about what people think in ink. ANDREW PERFETTO (The Citizenz): The best/ worst press a band I was in ever received was actually in The Noise around 1987. The Citizenz released Ends with Z, and the reviewer, who had spent the entire review ripping the thing to shreds wrote “fans of Huey Lewis And The News and Journey should buy this record immediately. As much as I hate to say it, these guys are going to be famous. *** MATT HOUGH (The Garage Dogs): The Garage Dogs were doing a national photo shoot for Gucci. We told everyone how cool we were gonna look. It came out…we were nude and it looked like we just had a sloppy eight page brother gang bang. We still get fun reminders from our friends. Just awful. Oh yeah, they called us The Garage Boys. lol. *** BRUCE MACLAIN (Link Montana): We had just come out with our new CD Redneck Beach. I played it for you ladies out in my van by The Tam one night. It was in The Phoenix and I’d just driven all night back to Cape Cod from playing The Stone Church. The Phoenix was on the table and I got to read about my release, produced by Geoff Patterson with Tom Hambridge on drums. It was a savage take down saying I “belonged playing at The Holiday Inn. I think the writer’s first name was maybe Haley. Rolling Stone gave it a good review a month later. Stopped playing in Boston until three years ago when I played with The Spampinato Brothers at Church. Haley Kaufman? *** JESSE MOORE- HINES (Black Cat Road): In addition to the great mention in Rita & Lolita, good press be like: “Brews. Booze. Blues. Sounds good, right? Ridiculously delicious brisket abounded, drinks flowed freely, and Black Cat Road blew the roof off. Where do you go to a foodie event and see everyone crowded around the band, taking videos?” From Amy Paradyszl on mainetoday.com.  Bad press: We haven’t received a whole lot of that (knock on wood). I would say the most awkward would be being billed as Rockabilly or Zydeco, because we aren’t that. *** BILL T. MILLER (OBE/ Kings of Feedback): The cover of Rolling Stone was never really a quest for me. I always dreamed of the day I would be on the COVER of THE NOISE, only then I would know I was a true ROCK GOD LEGEND. That never actually happened (The Noise cover OR the actual rock stardom.) Although, my OBE band did receive a text mention on the cover once and JOEL SIMCHES wrote a full feature article for The Noise (in late ’90s) about the BTM legend of OBE, Kings Of Feedback, Drum Army, King Of Slack, Orgy Of Noise, Headroom etc. Plus, many times T MAX featured piles of words and photos on my own bands and the bands I engineered/ produced at Headroom Studios and even concert photographs I snapped. THE NOISE magazine that T MAX (and staff) produced is the HISTORY of the BOSTON ROCK SCENE and serves as a time capsule encyclopedia. Somebody needs make a documentary film about T MAX and THE NOISE.  *** LIZ SIMMONS (Low Lily): Wow this is hard! But there is one writer who I have always felt really “gets it”– Michael Witthaus who writes for the Hippo and Seacoast Scene in NH. He really understands our music, and remembers us from one article/ gig to another. Here’s a few of my favorite quotes from his article about us in Seacoast Scene– I love that he touches on our influences, pulls a quote from our original song, and talks about our cover of Nelly, and it’s all very complimentary, which is helpful!  Whitthaus writes: “It’s the originals that stand out in the six- song EP. Cohen sings lead on “All Roads Lead To You,” a ballad infused with traditional Irish elements….the Simmons original “Adventurer” features lush harmonies wrapped around Simmons’ lead vocal. Simmons’ singing recalls Alison Krauss with a touch of Kate Rusby, one of her musical heroes. Schneckenburger’s fiddle runs stitched around “Adventurer” are both subtle and breathtaking in their complexity, with Cohen’s mandolin rising to solo with equal precision. “Fly so high you can’t come down,” Simmons sings, “from the top of the sky you can’t see ground.” The song perfectly encapsulates Low Lily’s sound. There aren’t many folk bands whipping out Nelly songs, but they have a take of the hip- hop singer’s 2004 hit “Nobody Knows.” Coupled with handclaps, harmony and DiMario thumping his bass in jazz- infused rhythm, it’s totally winning.”



Lolita: Back to babbling! We just had a MISSION OF BURMA named alcoholic beverage at Townshend Bar in Quincy. ROGER CLARK MILLER was overheard saying: “I had it at Drink in the Fort Port Channel area. I found it to be quite like the band. At first, you’re pretty sure you don’t like it cause it tastes pretty weird. But after a couple more sips, you start to appreciate it. By the end of the drink it’s sheer strength has convinced the drinker! I’ll have another please.” *** MICHAEL AROIAN tells us his band ELSEWHERE just played a great gig at Ralph’s in Worcester supporting Roger Miller’s other band TRINARY SYSTEM. For the gig they had up and coming pounder ADAM “THE KID” SOUCY from N.H. behind the kit. Other group news is that they are finishing production on their new EP and they have pre- released a secret single via a lyric video on YouTube. The hard rocking “Don’t You Believe Me Baby?” is actually a lost POLICE cover track from 1981 that never got on their The Ghost In The Machine album. *** Check out the brand new movie and record shop in Bridgeport, Connecticut called The Archive. They specialize in rare vinyl. *** There’s a new blues and beyond pro jam residency every Thursday night  at The Pub in Shelton, Connecticut with MARIO INFANTI former guitarist for CHUCK MANGIONE, bassist SCOTT SPRAY and drummer VITO LUIZZI from JOHNNY WINTER‘s band. A great excuse to get out of the house during the week! *** Young blues guitar ace BAXTER HALL opening for Nashville’s SIMO at The Middle East on December 14. This kid is ready for the major leagues! *** The International Pop Overthrow came to Somerville last month and showcased twenty five of the best pop and rock artists in the area. This four day affair was held at PA’s Lounge and included: TRICK WALLACE TRIO, RICHIE PARSONS, THE CHARLES BROTHERS, SUZIE HATTON BAND, FIREKING, KING RADIO, LEISURE MCCORKLE, FIELD DAY, KRIS RODGERS, LITTLE BILLY LOST, MODERN DAY IDOLS, DIDN’T PLANET, CORIN ASHLEYPETER MONTGOMERY, THE ERIC BARAO BAND, CRUNCH TIME, 1.4.5., BIG CITY ROCKERS, DAVE RAVE, ARTHUR NASSON, MICHAEL OLIVER & THE SACRED BAND, HUMMINGBIRD SYNDICATE, RAY PAUL & RPM, POWER HOUSE, THE STANLEYS, and HUXLEY RITTMAND & THE RUSTY HITMEN. *** FRED PINEAU (The Atlantics) has a new original band called LITTLE BILLY LOST & THE COCKS OF THE WALK. He’s also in BIG CITY ROCKERS doing The Atlantics songbook. Great gigs from a great guitarist. *** Connecticut’s cool WEST END BLEND has a new album Attitude that’s about as funky as you can get. Catch them at The Acoustic in Fairfield on December 8, Riverwalk in Nashua, NH, on December 14, The Iron Horse in Northampton, MA, the next night, The Stone Church In Newmarket, NH, on December 22 and the next night at The Middle East downstairs. This is a dance band extraordinaire and there is no reason to sit still because the weather is getting colder! *** Another great Nutmeg stage band THE WYRD BROTHERS just released Live At The Coffeehouse, Middleton, Connecticut last month. The band is PETER WYRD on vocals with brother BRYAN on acoustic and electric guitar. The duo’s latest music was produced and recorded by MICHAEL ARAFEH. They also perform as a band. “Deep State” is the only acoustic song on the EP which contains Peter’s lyrics set against Brian’s 1964 Gibson J- 50 with some very close harmonies. “Void Copy” is BOWIE meets THE CLASH with over the top distortion from his 1959 TV Model Gibson and “Creeps” is a bit LOU REED/ BOWIE homage and a bit PISTOLS/ THUNDERS too. *** Speaking of that state, have you checked out THE RED WHITE AND BLUES BAND yet? Bassist ED WENZEL just turned us on to another red hot blues slide guitarist from his neighborhood ANDY ALEDORT who plays with THE GROOVE KINGS. Andy is considered by many to be the best JIMI HENDRIX expert around and has appeared in the live EXPERIENCE tribute tours for the past decade and is on their live Hendrix DVD available on the Hendrix website. He’s also buds with JOE PERRY and he has a dynamite online teaching tool and gives lessons on his 30 Beginner Slide Blues Licks You Must Know. As for Ed, go see his band December 16 at The Little Pub in Wilton, Connecticut. *** Check out BLACK CAT ROAD peddling their self- titled great new CD at The Cage in Lewiston, ME, December 22 and then Gary’s Old Towne Tavern in Naples, Maine on December 29. A killer band at two great clubs! *** MISTER G celebrates Mundo Verde/ Green World with an album all- ages release party December 2 at The Center For The Arts in Natick. MA. He’s a kid friendly bilingual rock star who uses captivating Latin rhythms and melodies for kids and grown ups alike. *** MEMPHIS ROCKABILLY has a new singer/ keyboardist NELSON CHECKOWAY who joins one of the best guitarists around BILLY COOVER. These cats are incredible. *** New RONNIE EARL album The Luckiest Man is dedicated to his late bassist JIM MOURADIAN. *** Singer/ songwriter JOANNE LURGIO has a residency hosting an open mic every Tuesday at Pub On Park in Cranston, RI. We love her show and you will too! *** Cranston’s Mardi Gras nightclub complex just closed after thirty years with a Latin dance club, a Caribbean themed beach bar, and a country music club all under the same roof. *** Plan ahead on February 13 at the Regatta Bar with THE REVOLUTIONARY SNAKE ENSEMBLE returning to a party that has become a Boston Mardi Gras tradition. And it keeps horn man KEN FIELD out of trouble. This year it will feature sax man CHARLES NEVILLE from THE NEVILLE BROTHERS and New Orleans legendary vocalist HENRI SMITH. *** New project with old friends. DAVID CHAMPAGNE‘s witty and poignant songs played in a trio with RUSS GERSHON (Either Orchestra/ Lookie Lookie) on keyboard bass and VICENTE LEBON on congas. MARK CHENEVERT (Hot Tamale Band) and David also do some duo sets and some mix n’ match is always inevitable. The name of the band is DAVE CHAMPAGNE’S LATIN KICKS and they play gospel gems which in plain English is agnostic gospel music. *** Don’t miss Open Mic Tuesdays at Antonia’s on Revere Beach, MA. BLUESADELIC with PAUL MAURAS on guitar and bass really rock the North Shore. *** DAVE MUNROE tells us his band AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER just released a new music video for their new tune “After Party.” Go to YouTube to see the clip. *** New DIGNEY FIGNUS song “The Emperor Wears No Clothes” is a neat new wave/ pop song with Dig playing acoustic guitar and singing and you can to to YouTube to see it for yourself.  DEBORAH SWISS plays the alt- blonde in the clip and it was recorded last Summer at Brick Hill Studios in Orleans on the Cape, and it was filmed and edited at the Cape Cod Media Center in Dennis. The nine year old in the video is their cute little neighbor FAITH and the ninety year older woman is Dig’s longtime fan PAULINE DOLIBER. The five member band includes Dig, CHRIS LEDBETTER on slide guitar and mandolin, TIM FIEHLER on bass, DAVE DILLON drumming and GARY URGONSKI on spoons. *** SCOTT GAGNON vet of early ’80s Boston scene now in a band RENEWED RESTORED RECLAIMED with KEN WINORUL (Alloy Orchestra) and RICK BARRY (Bim Skala Bim). They just released their second album Restored-The Second Collection. Not your everyday Christian radio or church band. Inspirational music influenced by eighties Boston bands and recorded at Scott’s facility in Winthrop. They are back in the studio recording Reclaimed- The Third Collection and are set to release the new music in 2018. Their music is not for sale and they give it via a CD or online download to anyone who wants it. *** TERRY KITCHEN (Loose Ties) has a new CD The Quiet Places and it debuted at number 22 in October on the National Folk DJ Airplay chart. The lead track “Enjoy It While It Lasts” reached number eight on their Most Played Songs chart. Check out his new video for “Nature’s Way” on YouTube and go see him perform in Somerville at The Armory on December 2. *** MIKAYLA LYDON from Callanan and Klein Communications reminded us that Passim’s getting in the holiday spirits: a fine Winter’s night with MATT and  SHANNON HEATON on December 8 are steeped in County Clare and brewed in the Chicago and Boston music scenes. Irish music celebrating the holidays their flute/ guitar/ bouzouki instrumentals and sweet husband and wife harmonies draw deeply from the Irish tradition. On December 13 ROBINSON & ROHE bring their ten year traditional Christmas concert and singalong back and on December 19 catch a night of Wintery songs with ELEVENTY PART HARMONY a collaboration of Boston based singers and string players who gather once a year to re- invent the sound of the holidays with new arrangements of classics. Run by harmony singers JENNIFER KIMBALL and ROSE POLENZANI. And what better way to celebrate Christmas then going to see JEWMONGOUS on December 24? A cool comedy concert of songs by the golden voiced singer/ songwriter SEAN ALTMAN.



Rita: And now back to back slapping and back stabbing. SAM HORAN (West End Blend): Here’s the best thing written about the band: “When this band from Hartford takes the stage they explode in a joyful expression of celebration.  If you are a fan of the criminally under appreciated Brand New Heavies, like I am, then you sort of have the picture.  Eight pieces on stage, twin funky guitars, a bass groove like no other, a MADMAN on keys, a two piece horn section that has moves like you couldn’t believe and a vocalist in Erica Bryan with a voice that will cause you to stand slack jawed at the power of it.    Erica Bryan is a FORCE, a perpetual motion machine be it dancing or hitting a tambourine, the woman never stops moving, never stops smiling,  but I guess she has to keep up with that horn section of John Mundy and Mike Bafundo  who can shake it with the best of them. At one point everyone on the stage was jumping.” Credit: John Tierney from his long winded- short attention span blog. *** HUGH NORTON (Norton Guitars): Perhaps I’m oblivious but I don’t ever recall anyone saying anything negative in comments – to my face.  Some were embarrassingly positive and I suspect exaggerated.  I don’t play much anymore… but I would like to.  I’m trying to start up my guitar company again.  Unfortunately we started up three or four years before the internet became a strong sales tool.  (2000).  I got my patent in 1998.  We were never adequately funded.  I built most of them myself (after 2002) with the aid of CAD and CNC which I had to learn in six months.  All this was in Montana.  I previously resided in Cambridge, MA, for 35 years (until 1999).  I graduated from Berklee in 1995 with a degree in film scoring. Most of my musician friends are from this area and have been quite gracious and tolerant towards me.  Of course my biggest thrill was playing guitar with T. Bone Walker.  T. Bone had bad arthritis and was playing the Fender Rhodes on tour.  I was effectively filling in for him.  He was an extraordinarily nice man.  (I may have been under-qualified).  I was in “Walker’s Airline” until his death and we continued as “Airline” for a few years after. *** ANNALISA POP (Afternoon Drive host 92.5 The River): The first thing that comes to mind was a headline in the Boston Herald when me and my gang were let go from my ’ZLX morning show that said, I believe: “Annalisa to get the axe at classic rocker” or something to that affect. Good times in my twenties. *** Easthampton’s MARK NOMAD (Mark Nomad Band): I wanted to follow up with an answer to your question. I’ve been very fortunate to receive consistently positive reviews of my work through the years and have a page on my website devoted to press quotes. However, I’m probably most proud of my album Torch Tones being included in Downbeat magazine’s Critics Poll list of best Blues albums in 2012. Ladies, I look forward to shaking hands at some point in the not too distant future. *** JOANNE LURGIO (Joanne Lurgio/ Rhode Island Songwriters Association): I would say the best review I got was for my album released in 2015, Rise From The Storm. The review was by John Apice in No Depression Magazine. He said: “Joanne’s talent lies in it’s strength to survive on it’s own merits, embracing many flavors. Not familiar with Joanne? Allow me to draw a parallel: she’s in that Shawn Colvin, Allison Moorer, Cris Williamson, Mary Chapin- Carpenter, Cindy Bullens, Wendy Waldman, Deborah Holland mold. But, then again, she’s not.” *** RED PETERS (Red Peters): Of the many reviews of my music, I’ve always gotten a chuckle from both the good ones and the bad ones. And to be honest, I can’t tell the difference! Screw Magazine said “You’ll get an ear infection listening to Red Peters’ cornball songs….” Howard Stern referred to me as, “Frank Sinatra on acid.” Allmusic.com says: “Peters is too meek to be a misogynist and too dumb to show malice, which makes him all the more lovable.” And Dr. Demento said, “The combination of elegant performance and presentation with inelegant lyrics…” But the reviews from my fans are the best, most memorable and appreciated. “I put it on in the car on the way home and almost got myself into several accidents because I laughed so hard,” “This is like the Sgt. Pepper of comedy albums,” “I LOVE all your songs and plan on playing ‘Blow Me’ at my wedding.” I could go on buy why? Hahahahaha. These days I’m writing, recording, compiling new songs, and getting to know myself better. And if the stars align just right, and I keep it up, we could see a hot new release coming sometime soon. Thanks a pantload. *** Rita and Lolita: Good-bye. Good luck. Keep rocking and always support local music!

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