T MAX’S EARLY DAYS IN BOSTON (1980 – before The Noise)

When T Max first got to Boston in 1980 he lived for a short time in Brookline with his wife and a friend of hers from the Vineyard.

T Max worked at Erewhon, located on Newbury Street, as a morning produce clerk. The health food store stood across the street from Syncro Sound, The Cars recording studio. He was also playing in Art Yard. He would be out to 4:00am after a show and have to get up at 6:00am to catch the green line from Jamaica Plain and punch in at 7:00am. Then he would work ’til noon. While working in the produce department the store asked its employees if anyone knew how to make signs for the front window. T Max had a degree in Advertising Art. It was easy after he let them know he needed a good set of magic markers and a big roll of paper, three feet wide. He talked the store manager into letting him put a small 6″ square sign in the front window that read, “signs by T Max, inquire within.” Soon he was making more money designing signs for small businesses in the Back Bay. After he moved to Jamaica Plain, he started playing in The Machines and the Noise got started. His schedule got even more hectic. One time after a late night gig and an early morning produce shift he had to interview Billie Best, the editor of Boston Rock. He fell asleep during interviewing. After that experience, he thought it was better to let other writers do the stories.

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    • Yep – the Black Dog – as my band Mr TCD used to sing…”If the food mood ain’t right/ don’t cook home tonight/ whether steak or bread/ we’ll keep you fed at the Black Dog” (written by Charlie Esposito).

    • Kier,
      That would seem to make sense, but “Chop Chop Chop” was in my head at least a year or two before that… when I was working at the Black Dog on Martha’s Vineyard I had to chop up vegetables for the salad bar each night. Chopping for an hour and a half got a little rhythm and melody in my head that didn’t come out to the public for another 20 years when I first started doing solo singer songwriter gigs.