Roz & the Rice Cakes


                                                    by Eric Baylies

Roz & The Rice Cakes have been playing and touring for roughly a decade. The Providence based band is a strange hybrid of pop hooks and prog rock. I spoke with lead singer Roz Raskin about the future and past of one of Rhode Island’s brightest lights.

Noise: Who is in the band and how did you all come together?

Roz:  The band is comprised of Roz Raskin, Casey Belisle, and Justin Foster.  We all met in college.

Noise: What are some of the main influences on the band?

Roz: There are  too many influences to write but I can tell you that the concept of our new record involves exploring themes of a human and cosmos connection.

Noise: How many recordings do you have out? Where did you record your latest CD?

Roz:  We believe we have released six things, a few EPs and albums, we have a new album coming out October 13 on Team Love Records called Devotion. We recorded this recent album at Big Nice Studio in Rhode Island.

Noise: Did you record it yourself?

Roz: We co-produced the album with Bradford Krieger.  He and Chaimes Parker from Big Nice Studio were generally a big part of this record.

Noise: I know you are about to tour this fall. Anything crazy you want to share with us?

Roz: Touring is the best.  Honestly the best part about it is having met so many great people all over the world doing rad things. One time we played a show where all the attendees got naked.  We are touring in October and November, very excited to get back on the road with these new songs for sure.

Noise: In the past few months WUMD and WBRU have gone off the air in the Providence area. One of Providence’s best clubs (Aurora) is closing, too. Any thoughts on the well being of the Boston and Providence music scenes?

Roz:  I love the Providence music community and have had great experiences with playing in Boston,there are so many great bands up there. There was a time in this city (Providence) when there were very few venues and now we have a ton and I’m super grateful for that.  As for health of the scene, I think there is always work to be done to make spaces safer, more accessible, and more inclusive and I’m fortunate to know a lot of people that are working hard on those efforts.

Noise: I’ve wondered for a long time if you are related to Joyce Raskin of Scarce.

Roz: I’m not related to Joyce Raskin that I know of but she and I have chatted about how there could be a chance we are related. There are so few Raskin’s in the world.

Noise: I hear you are about to open for Pat Benatar. That”s great! How did that come about?

Roz: The Pat Benatar thing was just a really lovely recommendation from a friend.

Noise: What are some other shenanigan’s you guys get into outside of the band?

Roz: As for other music projects, Casey has two other projects: Map Light and 14 Foot 1. I have a new solo project called Nova One. Justin runs the show bookings at the News Cafe and is generally very much involved in a lot of the love that goes into the Pawtucket music community. As for interests, I love sci-fi, the ocean, chihuahuas, mermaids, and food. Competitive cooking shows are rad.

Here’s more info on the recent music we’re making and playing:

new video/single: “DO YOU

label info:

album announcement: TINY MIX TAPES premiere

album pre-order: TEAM LOVE

band website: ROZ AND THE RICE CAKES

Noise: Thanks so much and good luck with the tour and new album.

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