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In 2017 T Max was inducted into the Music Museum New England.  Oedipus (WBCN) wrote these words about him…

T Max, who in the local Boston rock scene doesn’t he know?  A local renaissance man, T Max is a writer, publisher, musician, songwriter, producer, storyteller and visual artist.

Beginning in 1981 T Max stapled together the first issue of The Noise, a fanzine that focused on the burgeoning local underground music scene, concentrating on bands in need of exposure beyond their immediate group of friends.  Most of the bands that emerged out of the clubs that we read about here in the Music Museum of New England had their first coverage in The Noise.  T Max’s art school background, musicianship and clever wit have made The Noise the longest running fanzine in Boston, growing from its first run of 5 pages to a 56-page monthly.  After 35 years The Noise moved exclusively online www.thenoise-boston.com.

Somehow between writing, editing, hiring other writers, soliciting ads and distributing The Noise, not to mention spending innumerable hours in clubs reviewing live performances, T Max graced the stage in various bands of his own creation including Art Yard, The Machines, The Borg and Max.  He also founded the Boston Rock Opera, produced and acted in Jesus Christ Superstar, wrote two folk-rock operas, released 10 solo albums, produced Boston Rock ’n’ Roll Trading Cards, was the music director for Project Eno (a tribute to Brian Eno) and formed Sgt. Maxwell’s Peace Chorus, a musical project to end war.   He has lectured on marketing music media at Emerson College, is a fine artist in wood, a photographer, a graphic artist, and a championing chess player.

T Max is a Boston treasure.       


I was born in Brooklyn, NY, was raised on Long Island (til 1973), lived in Hollywood for a year, then five years on Martha’s Vineyard before settling for 28 years in Jamaica Plain in 1980.


artist – medium – year   –    recording

The Machines  CD (1981) vinyl 45  “Disposable Music” / “Analog”

Max (band) – CD  (1998)  Ride the Dove

Dreamers Wanted  CD single (2007 ) “End War Now”

T Max  CD (2010) Why Do We Go to War?

T Max CD (2011) – Shake: An Earth Tale

T Max CD (2012)  On British TV

T Max CD (2017) Hole in My Shoe


The project “End War Now” was recorded at Mark Sandman’s studio (Hi & Dry) in front of the media with 44 local vocalist (including John Powhida, Kelly Knapp, Corin Ashley, Andrea Gillis and Mr. Curt) sharing the lead vocal (in a “We Are the World” kind of way) and a mighty 13-piece band (including Roger Miller, Rick Berlin, Dana Colley and Valerie Thompson).  Anti-war artists (Asa Brebner/ Dave Tree/ Ed Colley) were also showing their work on the walls of the studio. T Max was the musical director and author of the song that flat out called for an end to war. This project directly lead to the touring group Sgt Maxwell’s Peace Chorus which was a drum/ guitar/ cello band with an eight-piece chorus. T Max was the lead singer/ songwriter for this anti-war group that played peace festivals on Boston Common, the legendary  Peace Abbey Memorial Park (Sherburn, MA), and many New England venues between 2007 and 2010.

Members of the band: T Max (guitar/ lead vocal), Shawn Marquis (drums), Suzanna Porte (cello)

Members of the chorus: Mick Mondo, Linda Viens, Mr. Curt, Chris Mascara, Ruby Bird, Eleanor Ramsay, Moon Mullins, Michael Bloom

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