Rita & Lolita


Rita: Here are a few of my favorite things as the summer comes to a close. Lolita: The holidays are coming and there are only 147 shopping days left until Christmas, you cabbage-headed consumer? Rita: No, you witless wonder. The only thing you find favorable is the Dead Sox are now in first place and have plenty of time to blow everything by Labor Day. Lolita: Tsk. Tsk. Tee Max is already making book on them winning the pennant. How about we ask our favorite artists who their favorite non-musician in the music industry is? TIM ARCHIBALD (Barry Goudreau’s Engine Room): I have to say the person I admire the most is Carter Allen because he listens to the music. I know that sounds so obvious but a lot of folks wait to be told what music is great because listening is a skill that is missing in a lot of the music industry. Positronic Dave Caputo is also one of the chosen few. He is one of these guys that has been able to make something out of a single song… When I  tour Europe they say, “Americans listen to new music… with their eyes.” *** JOEL SIMCHES (Butterscott/ Count Zero/ What About Naomi/ On The Town with Mikey Dee/ Watch City Studios): Chris Porter! We met in college at ULowell.  He had just started booking bands back then.  Every venue he booked was cooler because of the great shows he booked.  So glad he’s back booking over at ONCE! He’s one of the good ones. *** EMILY GROGAN (Music Go Round/ Emily Grogan Band): John Doherty is someone I admire. There is barely a music industry for those without more than 5k FB likes, but there are those, like John, who contribute so much time and resources to so many. He’s better than a record label. He even promotes bands for free. Thank you John!  And thanks to all non-musicians who support and assist us.  There are many more who do! *** NED KEMBLE (Ned Kemble/ Ex-cop and Cowsill family cousin): I would have to say Brian Epstein. He passed away at the age of 32 from a drug overdose. Brian was ashamed of his homosexuality and at times was overwhelmed by it. Sad. Brian Epstein, founder of The Beatles. *** STORYTIME BOB EDWARDS (Internet radio station PPRN’s Uncle Bob): I admire any sound tech that listens to the performer and gives them the sound they are looking for. In my experience, few sound guys focus on getting the sound the way the artist wants it. They think that they know better.


Rita: How about some fabulous factoids? Now is the perfect time to spread the word about what’s going on in the New England music scene. Lolita: I hate when you make sense. Funnyman JAY LENO grew up in Andover and is returning home for a gig at The Hanover Theatre in Worcester on October 12. Plan ahead and let’s see if we can hold him over for another show the next night. *** NEW ENGLAND coming back to the East coast for two gigs in October at The Bull Run and Spire on two successive nights  October 12 and 13. They are playing on the West coast the week before to support their latest release New England Live At The Regent Theater. *** JAMIE SHALER and WOODY CARPINELLA are presenting The Bellflower Concerts in Billerica. Outdoor shows in an ongoing series in Jamie’s back yard. So far  CAROLYN WATERS, P.J. ROGUE and STEVE GILLIGAN (The Stompers) have performed. Is Jamie Shaler On Vacation? *** TIM CASEY (Low Budget Records) produced Loving The Aliens – a tribute to David Bowie with URBAN AMBIENCE, HUMMINGBIRD SYNDICATE, BIRD MANCINI, PAUL MCDONOUGH & SEAN YADISERNIA, GLENN WILLIAMS, THE CHUNKS, ELECTRIC STANDARD, DOCTOR X, MR. CURT & GEOFF PANGO, ED MORNEAU & KEIRA FLYNN-CARSON and others. *** KATE TAYLOR plays the Aquinnah Town Hall on Martha’s Vineyard August 14 and 15 with her nephew ISAAC TAYLOR also on the bill. *** Blues piano wizard ANTHONY GERACI tracking his new record with DENNIS BRENNAN, MONSTER MIKE WELCH, MUDCAT WARD and  MARTY RICHARD (J. Geils Band) in the studio one day and RONNIE EARL, SUGAR RAY NORCIA, MICHELLE WILLSON and NEIL GOUVIN in the next. Stay tuned! *** Have you heard of THE CARLA RYDER TRIO with CARLY RYDER, TODD MARSTON and ANDY SANTO SPAGO yet? They are in the studio working on new songs for their next release with producer DAVID GOODRICH and engineer MARK THAYER along with THE BLUE RIBBONS backing her up at Signature Sounds in Connecticut. We caught them playing the middle set during DENNIS BRENNAN’s Wednesday night residency at The Lizard Lounge. *** Special thanks to JONATHAN WOLFSON and DILLON BARBOSA from Wolfson Entertainment for the great TD Garden seats for the killer HALL & OATES/ TEARS FOR FEARS show. *** PANAMA DAN ZIMMERMAN is the cat behind The Reggae Takeova  in Cambridge a few nights a monthOriginally from Panama, he came here in 1993 and became a national skateboarding star working for many companies including Toy Machine, Emerica and Nation Skateboards. Skateboarding culture goes hand in hand with music and arts. Essentially, skateboard videos are music videos for skateboards. Check him out August 19 with DUB APOCALYPSE and SLEEPY WONDER at Naco Taco in Central Square. He has gigs all over the place and shares bills with NAYA ROCKERS, THE GHETTO PEOPLE, TOUSSAINT THE LIBERATOR, SARAH BRINDELL, JONATHAN GRAMLING, JASON DICK, VAN MARTIN and JAH RIFFE. *** DAVE B. & THE HOT SHOTS features saxman/ vocalist DAVE BIRKIN, MARK SHELFORD on guitar and vocals, JIM HEFFERNAN playing piano and RICHARD MALCOLM pounding and  TOM CURATOLO on upright bass. At their recent Ryles Jazz Club appearance blues man PROFESSOR HARP showed up and shook the roof. Ryles has such a great grand piano too! *** BRUCE MARSHALL is doing solo shows at Lenny’s in Westbrook, Maine. This listening room is a local treasure and owner BILL UMBEL continues to book the best local and national acoustic based acts every week. The space also pays tribute to LENNY BREAU, the jazz guitar legend who grew up in Maine and recorded in the building. The food is great, and no cover. Bruce tells us: “This room is like an Americana/ bluegrass version of the old Acton Jazz Cafe. Good eatery and very musical. No TVs or keno!” At a recent gig there, Bruce covered a chunk of his original catalog, pre-war blues on his dobro and he even revisited his seventh grade band set list! *** ADAM EZRA and his band are at The Center For The Arts in Natick August 4. He’ll be doing songs from his new release Hurricane Wind including “Life of a Thief” and “Let Your Hair Down.” JOHN OATES from HALL & OATES co-writes and plays on the new CD too. *** Lead guitarist JULIAN CURE tells us his band FIRE FOR CAVEMAN has moved from Allston to Charlestown. It looks like lead singer/ guitarist FRANK CAPPABIANCA, bassist DAN MACIARIELLO and drummer MATT NICHOLAS have all jumped out of the pot and into the fire! *** Congrats to sax blower MARTY PHILLIPS on the first anniversary with his new heart! *** Vineyard drummer TOM MAJOR from ENTRAIN can be found behind the kit of his own band TOM MAJOR & THE REJUVENATORS. They play the best New Orleans funk featuring Mardi Gras tunes with JOHN TEMPLE ZARVIS, PETER PRIMAMORE and FRAN TOKARZ providing the talent. They just had a great gig at Firefly in Lenox, MA. *** Musician/ photographer RON RUDY was seen at the Quincy Porchfest in Wollaston, Squantum and Merrymount. A ton of talent participated: COREY HALES, JAKE BELL, T. MCGINNIS BAND, THE ALL OUT, NINE MONTHS IN KATIE, FESTING LENTE, SATCH ROMANO, ANOTHER MUSICIAN, MARTIN-MORELL, CAIN & ABLE, SILVERBACKS, JOE HEROSY,  AFRICAN MARIMBA ENSEMBLE, RICHIE PARSONS BAND, BUCKLEY & PEARSON, SAMANTHA FARRELL, ANTHONY ANDRONICOKELSEY CRISOSTOMO, NATALIE FLANAGAN, ANNA RAE, ALI MCQUIRK, SAND MACHINE, MATT BYRNES, PSYTERA VERIDAN, THE ACES, CORIN ASHLEY, SOPHIE MARICQ, RAMSHACKLE and CYNDI CRESSWELL COOK. *** Comedian RED PETERS has a brand new video “Let’s All Tweet” that he put together with MIKE CHVENY, ROB KIRWAN and EDDIE GRENGA. *** The coolest live music night on the Cape during the week is at The Wequasett Resort Wednesday night series in Harwich. JAMES MONTGOMERY just had a perfect performance there and plan ahead for AYLA BROWN on August 15 and saxist GRACE KELLY on August 22. *** CHARLES ROSENAY and Rosenay Productions in Connecticut have pretty much cornered the market on Beatles expertise and tours. Go to his website for info on August’s Beatles England Magical Mystery Tour and February’s Beatles Vegas Weekend. Make plans to go on next August’s MM Tour visit to Liverpool too. *** Former ROOMFUL OF BLUES trumpet player AL BASILE is done recording his next release Quiet Money. It should be out any day now. *** A couple of long lost live LIVINGSTON TAYLOR concerts recorded on reel to reel tapes were recently found in Liv’s closet. We really dig the new old song “Sit On Back” from a 1973 show. They will be part of the big box set celebrating his 50th anniversary as a performer due out in the fall. *** Check out JOHN VANDEN HEUVEL‘s Fingering Archetypes For The Progressing Guitarist. It’s a 200 page two CD ROM set full of a unique approach to learning scales and arpeggios/ chords while inventing one’s own guitar/ bass licks and riffs. From ripping shreds to elegant jazz it’s all there. Go to his FB page to check it out. He’s from Connecticut but is a Berklee alumni. *** If you really want to get into the surf this summer go see TSUNAMI OF SOUND on August 13 at The Beachcomber in Newburyport and at the Sumner Village Festival in Sumner, Maine on August 27. *** MARK CUTLER from THE SCHEMERS is the man behind The Same Thing Project, a free open-to-the-public songwriting workshop. Mark: “We write songs about anything and everything.” Every Tuesday 10 a.m to noon at 82 Rolfe Square in Cranston, Rhode Island. *** THE EVENFALL QUARTET has a Tuesday night jazz residency at The Fairmount Grille in Hyde Park. Upright bassist BRAD HALLEN (Duke Robillard), JOE BARBATO on piano, MARK EARLEY blowing sax and JERZY GLOD on drums are as smooth as silk. *** Great ’80s grrrl band GIRLS NIGHT OUT had a remarkable reunion at the best Northshore Wednesday night open mic hosted by JULIE DOUGHERTY at the Salem VFW. *** Fun Fact: ELLIS PAUL‘s great great grandfather WESLEY PAUL was shot and wounded fighting for the North at Gettysburg. *** Guitarist ANDY STONE from Providence, Rhode Island, was in the Boston music scene in the ’80s and ’90s and published a novel All Flowers Die that included real clubs and real bands alongside his fictional characters. We saw him last year open up for Irish pop band PUGWASH at The Lizard Lounge. His stuff is a mix of ’80s and ’90s music sorta like The Beatles meets XTC meets THE CARS. A lot of hooks and harmonies. He just released his fourth album Blender and the first single “Catherine’s Acting” is the hit. *** KEN FIELD (BIRDSONGS OF THE MESOZOIC) is back from Poznan, Poland, for The Animator Festival’s 10th Anniversary event. They featured a wonderful tribute program of the animated films of his collaborator and late wife KAREN AQUA and he was asked to perform live soundtracks for a selection of her works. He had to rearrange the music for a mostly Polish ensemble of four alto saxes and drums. *** RICK BERLIN and CARTER ALAN had a joint book reading for their new books The Paragraphs and The Decibel Diaries at Porter Square Books. How cool is that?


Lolita: Enough gossip! Let’s get back to asking another local legend who they think is a particularly proficient person. PETER RINNIG (QRST’s): Don Law. Never met the man but totally admire how he has run Boston area concerts and some venues forever. Always seems like a top class person. I would love to meet him and show him my business and hear what he thinks about QRST’s. ***  RICH SULLIVAN (Rich Sullivan/ The Menotomy): Okay, this is tough. I’d have to first narrow it down to producers. Spector. Martin, Meek, Dowd. And to make it even simpler, I’ll go with British ‘cause I loved the ’60s invasion period. This still leaves my heroes Joe Meek, George Miller, Jimmy Miller etc. Okay, now I boil it down to that great hard-edges fuzz tone sound of the garage hits. Shel Talmy rises to the top! Kinks baby! The Who! But then we have to consider the range of artists under Mickie Most. The Animals, Herman’s Hermits, The Nashville Teens, Donovan, Lulu, Suzi Quatro, Hot Chocolate, Aarows, Racey and the Jeff Beck Group! There ya have it. *** TOM HAUCK (Telamor/ x-Atlantics): There are so many non-musicians who are vital to the industry, but top of the list are Boston radio personalities including Carter Alan, Carmelita, Oedipus, Julie Kramer, Joanie Lindstrom, and so many more. Without them, so much great music would never have been heard! ***  GRETCHEN SHAE (The Knock Ups/  Berklee/ Cambridge College): Two people who I admire most are local music supporters: Andrew Wilson and John Doherty. Andrew Wilson (of WMFO) supports local musicians by not only playing their music, but by attending shows. I have often looked out mid- set and seen him in the audience. His support is unwavering. Plus, he is a mighty sharp dresser! John Doherty too supports local musicians by attending multiple shows a week — sometimes seven days straight! He promotes music he likes on multiple pages as well as purchases and funds projects. I call him The Mayor of Local Music!


Lolita: Back to babbling! This may be the show of the summer. The 2017 Hope Music Festival August 23 at The Melody Tent down on the Cape in Hyannis. RICK DERRINGER, JEFF HOWELL (Foghat), MARK FARNER (Grand Funk Railroad) and THE UPTOWN HORNS (The Rolling Stones, J. Geils Band) join local legends PAUL NELSON (Johnny Winter Band) from Connecticut,  ELLIOT EASTON (THE EMPTY HEARTS/ THE CARS), JAMES MONTGOMERY, AYLA BROWN, MARTY RICHARDS (J. Geils Band), BARRY GOUDREAU’S ENGINE ROOM and young South Shore guitar prodigy AARON NORCROSS for a great night of rock ’n’ roll. Don’t miss this show! *** DANIMAL HARTWELL about to publish a book called Saint John Lennon – It’s About Time. *** Check out the Wednesday night BEARLY DEAD residency at Thunder Road in Somerville. *** TOM HAUCK (x-Atlantics) of TELAMOR has just released a new CD Playlist. *** THE KNOCKUPS were formed in 2012 and are a female fronted, glam punk band bringing back the energy and sound of the ’90s alt/ punk rock scene. They opened for U2 at the TD Garden in 2015 and performed in last year’s WZLX Rock and Roll Rumble and were named one of WZLX’s Best Local Songs of the Year for their “Dionysius.” *** Catch MARYLOU FERRANTE and her acoustic sound August 12 at Anthony’s in York, Maine, October 5 at Rapscallion Brewery in Sturbridge, MA and October 11 at The Red Lion in The Lion’s Den in Stockbridge, MA. *** D.K Ace on bass for the J. GEILS BAND and D.K’s FULL HOUSE was overheard saying: “It doesn’t take a genius to tell the difference between chicken shit and chicken salad.” *** Since many of you musicians are also artists this should especially interest you: MAYOR MARTY WALSH and the Mayor’s Office of Arts and Culture just announced a series of new artwork now on display at Boston City Hall, including four new art exhibitions and three new murals. This effort is part of Mayor Walsh’s commitment to creating a City Hall that is a vibrant public space and is welcoming for all. “City Hall Galleries have been an incredible success, showcasing the work of local artists both to city employees and to everyone who comes to City Hall to conduct business,” says Mayor Walsh. “It’s a great example of how we continue to incorporate the arts into everything we do as a city, elevate and value the contributions of individual artists, and also provide opportunities for artists to showcase their work to a wider audience.” Contact the Mayor’s office to see how to get your art shown in City Hall. *** BROOKS YOUNG has teamed up with MARQUES GUITARS as a signature artist and there will be a Brooks Young Custom model guitar coming soon. Brooks tells us: “Yes, it comes in black!” *** ROCKIN’ GEORGE LEH is back and just seen leading SATCH ROMANO‘s Blues Jam at Pete’s Grill in Quincy. A great night. Nobody sings like George. Can he still sing a song in five octaves? Track him down and hear for yourself. *** Ex HAPPY CAMPER MASON VINCENT is in a new steampunk band TIME SHIP EVER MORE and you can catch them at Buttstock in Leicester, MA, with a lot of other bands on August 12 and also The Starlight Bar on the Connecticut line in Southbridge, October 21. His other reggae band WICKED MEN is morphing into THE CENTRAL SOULS named after their Central MA location. *** Providence band ARC IRIS re-imagined  JONI MITCHELL‘s album Blue and recently performed their cool new interpretation at Club Passim. There is artistic and historical beauty in these young musicians’ new sound of old and familiar tracks. The band has previously released two original studio albums and have toured extensively during the past few years. Whereas, acoustic guitars and minimal arrangements are the hallmarks of Joni’s sound, this band is bold and modern. The group mixes the sounds of symphonic analogue synths, heavy drum beats and sampling. Lead singer JOCIE ADAMS, keyboardist ZACK TENORIO- MILLER and drummer RAY BELLI form this cool Rhode Island band. Check them out. *** STEVE FARRO tells us that BEST NOT BROKEN doing some New England shows with THE GIN BLOSSOMS. Catch these super shows August 8 at The Whiskey Barrel, in Laconia, New Hampshire, and August 9 at Aura in Portland, Maine. *** DIGNEY FIGNUS has a new single “The Emperor Wears No Clothes.” Go listen to it! *** No release date for the next heavy metal band MASS album but lead singer LOUIS ST. AUGUST tells us “we are hard at work on it.”  Go see MASS and FLESH October 14 at Mixx 360, in Malden for a healthy headbanger’s night out. *** Ex-BLOCKYARD guitarist SAL DIFUSCO is a professor at Berklee and also has a new band THE HENJOSAL TRIO. They play jazz rock, funk and fusion. No vocals. Just Sal on guitar, HENRIQUE DE ALMEIDA on drums and JOE SANTERRE on bass. *** BOB COLBY’s 65 Birthday bash at ONCE in Somerville is on August 13 with THALIA ZEDEK, VIVA GINA, DYR FASER, THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT, KINGDOM OF LOVE, COLD EXPECTATIONS, CARISSA JOHNSON, THE VERY, and THE WRONG SHAPES. *** Pop Gallery and the Museum of Pop Culture will be presenting an exhibition of DUKE ROBILLARD’s paintings, collages, and photography November 25. The band will play following the opening with special guest SUNNY CROWNOVER, and clarinet and alto sax virtuoso BILLY NOVICK. *** THE FLUTIE BROTHERS BAND are at Plainridge Park Casino in Plainville, MA, September 17. *** Check out Providence’s DETROIT REBELLION – a great blues and garage rock duo. Songwriter/ guitarist/ and vocalist JEFF TOSTE and drummer MICAIAH CASTOR just released their digital-only debut album The Man and we really dig the double A side seven inch single “Fork In The Road” b/ w “The Man’ from Bodan Kuma Recordings. They recently played a great gig at The Plough & Stars. *** EMILY GROGAN is in RED CHORD and they have a residency every third Friday of the month at The Plough & Stars. Go see the band August 18. *** Acoustic Sundays at Euro Lounge in Bridgeport, Connecticut, feature STORYTIME BOB EDWARDS. A great way to end the weekend. *** Connecticut band CHRISTINE OHLMAN & REBEL MONTEZ are at The Iron Horse August 5 in Northampton, MA. The Beehive Queen is also the Saturday Night Live band’s lead vocalist but is only at Rockefeller Center in NYC to film the show one night a week. The rest of her time she spends gigging with her killer band including growling guitarist CLIFF GOODWIN. *** CARMEN DIMARCA ex-bassist for THE SOULS has a new band called ONELIFE and they are putting out a CD soon. *** Blues harpist CHERYL ARENA just blew the roof off The Beehive in The South End with former band mate DAVE HALEY who played on the Boston scene for 30 years with his band TWO BONES & A PICK along with Cheryl’s group before leaving the state a few years ago. Cheryl also performed at The Menotomy with Dave on guitar, JESSE WILLIAMS on bass, TOM WEST on keys and MARK TEIXEIRA pounding. *** Appalachian Blues fiddler ILANA KATZ KATZ is celebrating her ninth year playing in the Boston subway system and sharing her music. Check her out at Park Street Station on the Red Line. *** DUB APOCALYPSE is JOHNNY TRAMA and JEFF LOCKHART on guitars, TIMO SHANKO on bass,  ANDREW FOGLIANO on sax, TOMMY BENEDETTI on drums. Have a Red Stripe and enjoy the band. *** Guitarist JOHN SURETTE from BOY’S LIFE and THE DENIROS is having health problems but is on the mend. Go to his FB page and check in with him now.


Rita: And now for the last of the scene’s super supporters. ZEUS FIASCONARO (Production Ace): My answer to what non-musician I most admire would have to be Mike Manning. When I became a guitar tech with The Stompers in 1981, I was 19, and Mike was “the man,” the premier guitar tech on the local scene. Recently I told him he was who I wanted to be when I grew up. Nowadays I am only working with The Stompers and Barry Goudreau’s Engine Room. *** MARYLOU FERRANTE (Marylou Ferrante): The person I most admire that is not a musician but who you could consider was in the music industry was Harry E. Smith. Harry Smith was a visual artist as well as a collector of many things along with race records and hillbilly records of the ’20s and ’30s on 78s. Harry compiled his music for Folkways Records and it became an anthology of folk music published in 1952. This music influenced folk and blues revivalists from the ’50s and ’60s. As well as influencing recording artists who went on to record some of the songs such as The New Lost City Ramblers, Bob Dylan and Joan Baez. *** JOHN VANDEN HUEVEL (John Vanden Huevel): I admire Frank Fillipetti because he won a Grammy for his production/ mix work for James Taylor using non-boutique “store-bought Yamaha (I think) recording gear.” Plus he is my Bristol, Connecticut, hometown hero. *** MARTY PHILLIPS (Marty Phillips/ The Blushing Brides): Which non-musician in the music industry do I admire the most? Frankly, I admire the patrons! The people who listen to us are the most important people because if we had nobody to play for, there would be no reason to play! We, as musicians, are very fortunate to have a reactive and live audience. These people cheer for us, clap to our beats, dance to our rhythms, sing out our lyrics and most importantly purchase tickets or buy drinks to allow the venues to have live music. These wonderful fans know our names, call out requests of their favorite songs in our repertoires, ask for autographs, buy our T-shirts and smile when they see us. They give us sweaty hugs at the end of a night of dancing and give us high fives when we play their favorite songs. Most importantly, as a stage performer I receive an amazing amount of energy from the eyes of the fans watching me. I can feel them channeling their thoughts and dreams towards me and I play them through my saxophone! I love whenever I’m playing a song like “Brown Sugar” or “Live With Me” or “Sweet Virginia” when the time for my solo comes and all eyes on me and I play the exact Bobby Keys solo from the album, I see everybody watching my fingers and my mouth and getting excited because it’s something they can relate to. As soon as I hit the first few notes of the solo in “Brown Sugar” I’ll hear a few people scream “Yeah!” and everyone will dance or bop with their mouths open for the entire solo then they all cheer when they hear that classic ending. When I get off the stage after the set many of those people will come up to me and say “Man, that was awesome!” It’s those kinds of reactions that make me want to play well for THEM, because they are my most admired non-musicians in the music industry! *** ADAM EZRA (The Adam Ezra Band): My favorite non-musician in the music industry is the volunteer.  Those who devote their time and effort to supporting local theaters, arts centers, clubs and festivals. The volunteers that I meet nightly not only possess a deep love for music, but also recognize the role music can play in strengthening the community. I  believe that when local communities come together, they have the power to shape our world and culture. And it couldn’t happen without our volunteers. If you are reading this and you are a volunteer, thank you for all you do!!  If not, get out to your local music venue and get involved!  It’s that easy! Rita: Great answers! Sounds like a good time to end the column. Lolita: Enjoy August and see you next month!

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