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DavidCarrsdine imageDAVID CARRADINE

            by Eric Baylies

David Carradine are a Providence, Rhode Island, punk band that have terrorizing and entertaining audiences throughout the United States for about a decade. They are easily one of the best have bands in New England, both live and in the studio. I was fortunate enough to speak with lead singer Josh Marsie about all things David Carradine.

Noise: How did you guys come up with the band name?

Josh:  I wasn’t in the band when they named it that, but I know David Carradine was the original name and it was an abbreviation for multiple band names. I think we ended up going with the name because of our collective love of B movies.

Noise: I know you guys have been around a long time. Was (the actor) David Carradine still alive when the band started? Was that ever a problem?

Josh:  No. We were called that for over two years before he died. He coincidentally died on our drummers birthday, which I scold him for every year.

Noise: I’m sure it’s not his fault. (Keep telling yourself that, buddy.) So, who is in the band these days?

Josh: I’m a lot older than most of the band, they started in high school back in 2006. The only new guy is Cris Fabrizi, on guitar. We also have Josh Connel on bass, Kyle Demarco on drums, Andrew Carney on vocals and Josh Marsie on vocals.

Noise: What are some of the main influences on the band?

Josh: Eh, that’s a tough one to answer. All of us listen to about 10+ different music genres. Not really any specific influence besides old school powerviolence like Spazz, Charles Bronson, Daybreak, etc. I honestly mainly listen to underground hip hop right now. A  lot of our newer stuff is closer to hardcore/punk.

Noise: Take me behind the scenes of making the magic of David Carradine happen. How do you come up with the songs?

Josh: Most of our newer lyrical material is by me and is usually just themed around things that irk me about my life, the punk scene, society, blah blah etc. We still have some jokey material too i.e. songs about weed/ shitting your pants/ other adult stuff. Cris or Connell usually show up with a full song written and then we flesh it out.

Noise: All right, try to keep that in your pants next time. Anyhoo, what else do you guys do musically besides David Carradine?

Josh:  I also play bass in Worst Days and drums in Cross-Armed Calculator, Cris plays bass in Implosion Crusade, and Andrew plays oscillator in Carnival.

Noise: What do David Carradine do for business and pleasure?

Josh: Eh, my main hobby is honestly smoking weed and going to shows. I have the equivalent of a crack addiction to buying vinyl. I also run Riotous Outburst Records, which I started when I was 15 as a bootleg tape/ patch distro. I’m not as active with that these days, I used to do about 12 releases yearly. We all have jobs and stuff too, I’d say music and work encompass most of our lives.

Noise: Okay, that sounds great. Tell me the best and worst things you guys have experienced as a band.

Josh: Best thing – tons of shows with great touring bands in a relatively small accessible area. Worst thing – bar townie brigade dressed as “punks” who you will see at zero shows.

Noise: How many releases does the band have?

Josh:  Hmmm releases, I know at least 12? That doesn’t count compilations, etc. Mostly split EPs

Noise: I know you guys are road warriors (like touring a lot, not actual post apocalyptic warriors of the future dystopia, although, come to think of it…). Where are some of the the places you have played and where are you going next?

Josh:  Well we’ve done the East Coast A LOT so don’t expect that for awhile. We’ve played in the Midwest once (loooong time ago) and just did a full tour of the West Coast and South West. Next deal will probably be a short tour this fall in the Midwest (I’m hoping with XABRUPTX from Chicago ’cause they are the shit). We’ve been trying to figure out financially how to do Southeast Asia and Japan and Australia, we’ll see if that ever happens. Also next year we’re planning on hitting SXSW for the entire week and playing multiple Austin shows.

Noise: Thanks Josh, and also thanks to David Carradine for 10 years of great music and hopefully many more to come.

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