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Neely-txtNeely the Great
Hello everybody. My name is Neely and I’m a strong, handsome dog with  short tan fur, a square snout and a long lean tail. A lot of people think I’m a fighting dog because I’m a Pitt Bull and Pitt Bulls, as you know, get a bad rap. But I love everybody especially my girlfriend, a hot mutt who lives on the block and visits me often. We spend lots of time running and playing in the yard. I’m especially good at jumping and catching sticks and can run fast like “The Flash.”
When my mom comes home from work I make funny squeaky noises because I am so excited. Now it’s even better because she comes home from work at three instead of seven. Sometimes my family gets upset with me because I love to destroy my toys. One of my favorite things to do is go through the trash in the den. I just can’t help myself because I find things that taste so great.
Mickey is my best human friend in the world. I usually mess up his bed but he still lets me sleep with him every night. Nothing could be better than having an awesome family and I’m one lucky dog!

Submitted by: Mickey Connors Harris
Grade four Lilja, Natick, MA


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  1. What a great story about an amazing pet Neely … written by a fourth grader from Natick.. Way to go Mickey!