Pet of the Month

PetOMonthSept15Mary Higgins  – Pet of the Month
Slim’s Story

My name is Slim, the amazing wood frog. I live with my cousins, Derek and Krista, American Toads. You might have heard that frogs live in water; not on land but I’m more evolved than other frogs. We live on the North Shore in a terrarium with colorful patio blocks surrounding a huge wading pool and soft yellow moss to snuggle into.

My skin is smooth and streamlined; the small compact model. Like a racing car, I have a stripe along each side. My cousins on the other hand, have warty skin, protruding bellies and a rounded appearance. We all have webbed feet and four fingers on each hand. I am like a chameleon, changing my color to match the environment: brown, yellow, black – whatever suits me.

It’s a special treat to attend the buffet in the compost pile with its incredible selection of delicacies, to choose from. Otherwise, it’s crickets and wax worms which are not supposed to be a part of my diet; I steal them from Derek who lacks my keen eyesight. Oh, it comes in handy having one eye on each side of my head as one of them is bound to see movement from any direction.

Swimming, eating, posing for the camera and leaping into the air are my favorite activities but the one topping the list is jumping. With my long legs, I fly into the air landing two feet away. I’m aiming for the 2016 Olympics!

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