Pet of the Month

Magick-WEB354Pet of the Month has found it’s way onto The Noise website due to its popularity and the excessive submissions we’re receiving. Here’s our first online Pet of the Month…


I am Magick, child of Lucretia X. Machina and Jason Skulls. I was re-adopted on Thanksgiving when my previous owners returned me. Now about 2.75 years old, I spend my days lounging in a ball on daddy’s fuzzy pajamas or on the sunny back porch where I cackle at outdoor creatures, or flopping on the bathroom rug while mommy gives me “chinny chin chin” rubs to which I purr.  I say “PRRT!” a lot. I rarely “rahow” except when I want to eat (though that is always), or when mommy is too rough with me and tries to kiss my little head. Then I strike with my ominous claws!  I like to leap at and bite “flat squirrel on a stick” and paw at crawly fingers on my scratching post. Or just run like crazy up and down the hallway and destroy the corner of my “hotel” box that they say is going to collapse.  They claim I am sweet despite not wanting to stay on their laps unless they have a kitty treat that I cannot resist. Whatever! I’M MAGICK CAT!

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