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Rita&Lolita7R&LWEBdougRita: Welcome to the June online edition of the longest running music magazine in New England. In this issue, as always, we celebrate the best of music created by musicians of New England.  If you’ve been around or are new to the area, we cover as many musicians and genres of music as we can. Lolita: We ask a question of the month in each issue so you can hear the words, and sense the personality, of the people around you who actually make the music you hear. Rita: We’ll start off with a question that might direct everyone to a new pleasure land…


Lolita: New England is known for it’s creamy delicious ice cream. But where should we go for the absolutely best of the best? Here are the opinions of our musical friends. KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble):  Toscanini’s in beautiful downtown Central Square! *** JIM COUNTRYMAN(Erin Harp & the Delta Swingers/ Lovewhip): Fomu in Jamaica Plain is the best vegan ice cream shop on the planet. Over 20 flavors, all based on coconut milk in place of cows’ milk. My fav is the salted caramel, hmmm! *** CHARLIE FARREN (Farrenheit): Ha!  Well, I haven’t eaten ice cream for the past 10 years, but my favorite used to be Sullivan Farms on the North Chelmsford/ Tyngsboro boarder, just by the Tyngsboro Bridge on the Merrimack River. *** RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band / Lonesome Brothers): Less than a mile from my house is Village Green Ice Cream (Rte. 9, Haydenville). Great treats and service. Lately, I like pretending I’m on a health kick by ordering the delicious black raspberry chip yogurt but having it topped with gobs of hot fudge! I feel better just thinking about it! *** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMBR/WMFO): My wife and I have been fans of JP Licks since the first store opened in Jamaica Plain in 1981.  We lived in JP for 18 years, and when we left for life across the river in Medford and Somerville, JP Licks was one of the things we were sure to miss.   But lo and behold, shortly after moving here, JP Licks opened a store in Davis Sq.  Yay! *** LINDA VIENS (Kingdom of Love):  No question—Christina’s Homemade Ice Cream in Inman Square, Cambridge. Best flavor: Burnt Sugar! *** MICHAEL P. AROIAN (Elsewhere): Sounds like someone is trying to look for new places to take that special someone on a hot New England summer date night! The ice cream question is easy… Kimball Farm in Westford, MA has the best ice cream in the history of cream and it’s only 20 minutes from my secret hideout. The lines are long and hot for a reason! They have numerous flavors at Kimball, and their ice cream balances the perfect blend of rich, creamy and sweet. On top of that, the grill is good too (good lobster and fried seafood) and there are plenty of other attractions to occupy your day (bumper boats, mini golf, driving range, arcade, batting cages, etc.). Now if my band could only get a show there! *** GEORGE HALL(Kingsley Flood/ The Elderly): DownRiver Ice Cream on Rte 133 in Essex, MA.  All homemade, too. Actually, more my wife’s favorite, I just dutifully accompany her and order a scoop (or threeThe ). Just being supportive, you understand. *** ANNE BROWN (The Noise): Treadwell’s, 46 Margin Street in Peabody MA. Not only is their small very large but the fat free frozen yogurt (black raspberry chip, cappuccino, coffee, vanilla, chocolate chip, chocolate almond, oreo, etc.) is impossible to beat flavor-wise.  The cult following shows up rain or snow, the line moves fast enough, and their hours accommodate when a late night craving occurs… 10:30 pm. Rita: Ahh, pleasure and it’s fat free?!


Lolita: Okay, here’s the news that you don’t find any place else. After seven years as Executive Director at Passim, DAN HOGAN has announced his retirement, planning to step down from the position effective June 30, 2015.  The board of directors will immediately begin the search for a new Executive Director. *** After 40 years of business, T.T the Bear’s will be closing at the end of July. It was a good run of a great venue. *** BRIAN YOUNG (WMFO/ The Thigh Scrappers) is in the new punksploitation film The Ungovernable Force (Ungovernable Films) that will hit the festive circuit. He plays Steve the spirit guide to the bums. *** SAL BAGLIO (The Stompers/ The Marconis) broke his ankle in February of the nasty woolly winter—but he’s on stage again and kicking! *** The band FRANCE is back together… original members TROY DOUGLAS SUTLER III, JEFF LINSCOTT,  and DANNY ARCHAMBEAULT are working on a new release. *** The rock opera The Devil & Billy Shake (written by GEORGE SIMPSON and BRIAN MAES), starring FOX PROUTY will be performed at the Lynn Auditorium on Friday June 5. *** TIM MUNGENAST (Tim’s World) is moving to Albany, NY at the end of June. *** HAYWIRED is a new country band that consists of RYAN BENOIT (lead vocals/ guitar/ mandolin), RANDY FROST (lead guitar/ vocals), TIM WHITE  (bass/ vocals), STEVE ANDREASSON (drums). *** ACOUSTICANA is anew folk band with ELLEN BREEN, GREG KLYMA, ROB DROSS, and STOKER. They also have a bunch of guests musicians that join them when their schedule permits. *** Local rocker STU KIMBALL is playing guitar with BOB DYLAN. *** AD FRANK has a new, yet unnamed band, withVALERIE FORGIONE (Mistle Thrush). SHAWN KING DEVLIN (Dumptruck), MATT KLAIN (Mistle Thrush), and GREG CAMPAGNE (Unfamiliars). *** RANDI MILLMAN, booker for Atwoods has taken on doing publicity for the Wilbur Theatre. *** AMY FAIRCHILD has new management in KEN LEVY (Carlos Santana/ Barry Manilow/ Usher/ Patti Smith/ Whitney Houston). *** In The Noise correction department, JOHN CLARK bowed the bass part that Francis DiMenno loved in last month’s review of the Chandler Travis and David Greenberger’s new CD. *** FIL PACINO has licensed two tracks (“Sleepless” and “Without Knowing”) to the soundtrack of the movie The House Across the Street. *** JACK BLACK and JIMMY FALLON did a video take-off of EXTREME’s “More Than Words” that aired on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon recently. *** AHHH! RED PETERS won best in comedy/novelty in the International Songwriting Competition. You have to check out his music—but be warned—it can get pretty dirty, but he balances it with being totally hilarious.


Rita: Sticking to dirty subjects, I gathered a bunch of my musical colleagues in a bathroom and asked them each to tell me a story that includes a bathroom. ERIC BAYLIES (Baylies Band): I was on tour in Brussels with Temple Of Bon Matin. The entire band took acid, except for the drummer, and kept it secret from him. It may have been the best show I’ve ever played, not sure because no one filmed it. I wasn’t certain if the acid was hitting me yet. Everyone still smokes indoors there, so the air became heavy with gross. I went outside to catch my breath and got lost walking around. The further I got from the club, the less anyone seemed to speak English. I was lost in a red light district and was scared the prostitutes were going to beat me up. I found some motorcycle cops, but they were not much help. The cops were dressed in tight leather and looked like bondage kings. I made my way back to the club and went to the bathroom to splash cold water on my face. At first it was quiet, then it seemed like the toilet was singing in French to me. I looked in the mirror and saw a reflection of a crazy man. I realized that the opening band Sikhara had started to play and the sound was coming up through the first floor into the watercloset. I realized everything was going to be alright. *** CHANDLER TRAVIS (The Chandler Travis Philharmonic/  The Catbirds): I can’t believe you would ask me that, knowing me as you do, and put your whole magazine in jeopardy. My answer is musical, a former Song of the Weak (search on the web for “A Wedding Prayer” by The Chandler Travis Philharmonic). *** BRIAN YOUNG (WMFO/ The Thigh Scrapers): One time I woke in the middle of the night and went to the bathroom. I was so tired that I had left the door open and went. My dog saw this and said, “Hey hey, I drink out of that thing. Why don’t you piss in my dog bowl and make a shorter trip.” Maybe I was hallucinating this Son of Sam shit. *** KERRI POWERS (Kerri Powers): I lived on the second floor of an old house in Massachusetts for a few years. While home, the best space to try out new songs and practice was in the bathroom. It had high ceilings and great acoustics! *** JON MACEY (Fox Pass/ Hummingbird Syndicate): Dangerous question for an ex-junkie. Too many sordid tales. Marty White is the keeper of secrets. *** MICHAEL J. EPSTEIN (MJE Memorial Library/ Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling/ Darling Pet Munkee/ Space Balloons):  One of my favorite things to do on tour is take a photo of every bathroom I use. My 2010 Neutral Uke Hotel tour bathroom collection, which I titled, “Neutral Loo Hotel” is probably my favorite set. Rita: We can always count on Michael for a creative outlook.


Lolita: As you know Father’s Day is popping up on June 21. I forced all these musicians to tell me something about their dad. ANDY PRATT (Andy Pratt): My father was the headmaster of Browne and Nichols School in Cambridge. A good man, his mother was the first woman in Congress, Ruth Baker Pratt. My uncle was Paul Nitze, Secretary of the Navy. There are stories in my book, Shiver in the Night. *** JULIE DOUGHERTY (Julie Dougherty): My dad: picture-framer, the kind who cut and fashioned his own pieces of wood to fit any picture or painting brought in to his little shop underneath our home. He drifted his own wood for seascapes, painted, and stained for the correct look… he loved to work with his hands, he carved candlesticks and birds out of one large piece of wood, never cutting and pasting to make it fit… he did it seamlessly with one large block of wood that would be transformed into a beautiful work of art.   He loved animals, taking in stray cats or dogs and caring for them in his workshop, so my mom wouldn’t know—but she did!   I learned to love music, art and animals from my dad and miss him to this day. *** RICK BARTON (Continental): My father is the coldest hearted of all cold hearted Englishman on this planet! I made a pilgrimage to Florida this past Xmas with the sole purpose of uttering those three most difficult words, which neither of us had ever expressed to one another. Well, it was a failure. When I was just about to tell him he said: “I’m just as big an asshole as you are!” Now I’m fully aware of the facade. I know lots of us males suffer from a cold, cold heart. But deep down we ALL have kind, beautiful, warm and tender hearts. And so does my father! Anyway, I’ll see him for one day before we leave for tour on May 29. This is an errand that must be done in person. I’m making a public declaration that I will finally choke out those words as an early Father’s Day gift to my dad! *** RICK BERLIN (The Nickel & Dime Band): My sisters fried up a can of Alpo and told dad it was corned beef hash, over easy eggs on top. A morning hangover breakfast surprise. Dad loved it. Ate the whole thing. The best he’d ever had. They never told him. *** NIKI LUPARELLI (Niki Luparelli & the Gold Diggers/ The Steamy Bohemians): My father once told me that if I posed for Playboy it could only help my career. Thanks, Pop. I guess I should finally return their calls. They *love* zaftig girls. Derp. *** FRANCIS DiMENNO (The Wrong Hero/ The Noise): When I went to Atlanta for the first trip to the South, my father gave me an “unofficial sheriff’s deputy badge” in case I ran afoul of the law. *** ASA BREBNER(Modern Lovers/  Robin Lane & the Chartbusters/ Idle Hands/ Family Jewels/ Angeline/ The Dreams): My father, Win, was WW2 combat veteran of the 10th Mountain Division, an expert skier and fisherman, artist, and published novelist and loving father. He was better than me in almost everything, except possibly music. He taught me humor, patience, compassion, kindness, and to not look down on people less fortunate, more fortunate, or less cool than you.  Although I constantly fail in living up to his to his deep influence, it has never let me down. If I have anything to offer other people, I owe most of that to him. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): My father used to work at an ammunition plant but got fired from his job, as he used to carve things like “Love Thy Neighbor” on the shells. Lolita: Sounds like a good way to end a column—remember to love your neighbor… before you drop a bomb on them! Lolita: Go see some local music—it’s healthy in many ways. Rita: See you next month.

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