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Willie-web351Rita: Welcome to the May 2015 issue of The Noise—New England’s longest running music ’zine. Spring music festivals are in full swing, and there are mini-festivals every night in all the music venues. Check out the shows in our Noise Live Picks on page 8 of the print issue and an online click on the left hand side of our home page.  Lolita: Excuse me—they are MY live picks. You never do any research to find out what’s going on. Rita: Lolita is correct. Since she went into hibernation and married her iPhone, I’m the only one who’s been attending shows. For those who don’t know it—I write my reviews using my pen name—T Max. But let us not forget what is important right now—Mother’s Day is coming up.


Lolita: Mother’s Day is May 10th, so I gathered some friendly musicians and asked them to tell me something about someone else’s mother. MATTHEW NATTI (Tree House Charlatans): Happy Mother’s Day, to ALL the moms out there.  I have had the pleasure of being a full time, stay at home dad for the past 18 months and although I would never give up the experience, parenting is HARD WORK!  Moms, on top of dealing with the ups and downs of parenting, also deal with plus or minus nine months of being pregnant.  Morning sickness?  Cramps?  Mega-belly… all to be rewarded with no sleep, diaper duty and more opinions about EVERYTHING than you thought were possible.  So, to all the moms out there—high five.  You rock.  To everyone else, in addition to YOUR mom, be sure to make May 10 a little special for ALL the moms you know! *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/ HONK! Festival/ Agachiko): Ruth Aqua is the best, sweetest, and wisest mother-in-law a guy could ever hope for. *** ASA BREBNER (Modern Lovers/ Robin Lane & the Chartbusters/ Family Jewels/ Angeline/ The Dreams): There are a gaggle of other kids’ mothers at my twin’s  preschool that are like, totally “hot.” I’m like, 61 now and I’m a balding geezer and I don’t even play out much because I have carpel tunnel so I barely can solicit their fandom… except for Saturdays afternoons in April at the Tavern at the End of the World. They are MILOs (moms I like to ogle). They mostly and charitably ignore the clumsy half flirtations of an elderly gnome and his astonishing offspring. Mothers of people my age are mostly under the sod now so they are not totally like “hot,” unless you like withered cadavers. Oops!  Mah bad. Just sayin.’ Happy Mother’s Day! ***  PATRICK NELSON (Strakus & Nelson): My guitar brother in arms/ bandmate Michael Strakus’s mother Sue is the nicest most caring person I’ve ever met. The warmth of their family dynamic is a perpetual example of a healthy definition of love. Sue has always been a great support to both Michael, her own son, and myself the wandering bum who has often needed a place to stay. *** COSY SHERIDAN (Cosy Sheridan): I always write to my sister on Mother’s Day because she is a great mother, and she gave me the wonderful gift of raising a terrific daughter who is the only grandchild in our family (all of our DNA in one fabulous tall crew-rowing package). I on the other hand, have parented cats—which is another matter entirely. I have great respect for mothers. I have written many songs about mothers—including one that has been covered by a few bands on the west coast called “The Land of 10,000 Mothers.” *** JAY DIBIASIO (Three Day Threshold/ Spacecramp): Melanie’s Mom was a cellist. I wish I had the chance to hear her play it, but I can imagine that it was like everything else she did. Even, graceful, beautiful, and quiet but her presence well known. Marilyn was one of the nicest people I have met, and I can imagine her smiling the entire time her bow was strung across the cello. I can imagine that she didn’t screw up many notes, but if she did she played on through shaking her head with a quick chuckle. I know her heart was fully in her music. I can imagine her family would be most proud to hear her play and we will be ever grateful for Marilyn this Mother’s Day.***  TERRY BRENNER (In A Pig’s Eye): I never say nuthin’ ’bout anyone else’s mother, good or bad. Rita: Well, that’s very nice of you Terry, and I hear you had a little scare recently…


Lolita: That’s right Rita, North Shore booker/ character TERRY BRENNER suffered a heart attack—but looks like he fought it off well in this happy post-heart attack photo. *** Bassist JIM HAGGERTY recently took a terrible fall and shattered his shoulder; he’ll be out of commission for some time. Friends have set up a GoFundMe fund to help him through a very difficult time. ***AMANDA PALMER is pregnant with NEIL GAIMAN’s lovechild. *** BILL BRACKEN and DEREK DIEDRICKSEN (DEEK) have a new hardcore/ metal/ hip hop band INVERTER with a nine-track album and a video on YouTube of “Suckers.” *** JON MACEY & THE ACOUSTICLES include JON MACEY, LYNN SHIPLEY, TOME HOSTAGE, LENNY SHEA, and CHRIS MacLAUGHLIN. *** THE MARCONIS feature SAL BAGLIO (The Stompers/ solo) and JEFF KEITHLINE (Men & Volts). They are included on the 7 Inches of Heaven seven-inch vinyl EP produced by WMFO’s Bubbles in the Think Tank. *** SETH GLIER’s If I Could Change One Thing debuted in the top 50 of iTunes Singer Songwriter Album Chart. Billboard premiered his video of the same name. *** CATHY RICHARSON (lead singer of Jefferson Starship) popped into GREG DANN’s Rockpile Recording (Rockport, MA) to record a McDonalds’ commercial that needed a new voice—since the male vocal singing “Try A Little Tenderness” sounded too much like OTIS REDDING. The Redding family was concerned and approached McDonalds to do something about it. McDonalds didn’t turn their back.


Lolita: I’m always interested in where old sayings come from, so I had some friends squeeze into a recreation of the Mayflower for a shower. Then I asked them how many times they took a shower in April and to name one detail that the people who came over on the Mayflower had to deal with that we don’t have to deal with today? I figured this was a good way to understand that old saying, April showers bring May flowers. MR. CURT (Fun Era Fifty): Oh, I see how this goes… As per the power of showers, in April, so far, maybe two for about a half hour, though I wasn’t sour or dour that the water wasn’t high-powered, not that the Pilgrims ever thought showers would be invented by some fellow in a tower (no! not Schopenhauer or even Eisenhower) who made it rain and pour enough water even Noah was devoured by such willpower. Phew! *** MARK KAYE (HearNowLive): I barely shower in the month of April because it is the month of my birth and I like to keep as organic as possible so when the showers come I take most of my clothes off and cleanse from the natural rainfall outside. Colonists from the Mayflower died from malnutrition, disease, and exposure to the harsh New England weather. which is something we can actual handle in this day and age but back then without the help of the native people none of them would have survived. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): This has got to be officially one of the weirdest questions you have ever asked me, Rita. Rita: What can I say? This spring was long in coming that I just had to let my freak out. Kier: By that, I hope you don’t mean Lolita. Rita: Yeah–I let her out once a day so she can empty her bladder.


Rita: Since Lolita baffled us with a confusing and awkward question, I figured I better ask a straight-forward one… What were you doing 15 years ago that you’re not doing now?  ED “MOOSE” SAVAGE (..& His Littany of Complaints): 15 years ago I was hangin’ out, and talking with my Dad on the phone, and 15 years ago, I was talking with my brother Barry on the phone.  Barry died in 2001, and my Dad died in 2009. *** ROGER C. MILLER (Misson of Burma/ Alloy Orchestra/ Trinary System): 1.  Living in Quincy, not Somerville.  2.  Playing in The Binary System but not Mission of Burma (or The Trinary System).  3.  Not yet discovering frottage drawing as a mode of expression.  4.  Hanging out with my son as a child, not yet as equals. *** JOE WILKINS (Poppa Cigar/ Live Dead): 15 years ago I was trying to mimmick other people musically as much as I could — nowadays I’m trying to be as much myself as possible. *** MICHAEL J. EPSTEIN (MJE Memorial Library/ Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling/ Darling Pet Munkee/ Space Balloons): Using dial-up Internet! 56kbps! I do miss the handshake noises. *** LINDA VIENS (Kingdom of Love): Fifteen years ago, I was running after my 17 month old adorable chubby precious little toddler Ruby. Now she’s on her way to getting her driving learner’s permit!  They were all right when they said it happens in the blink of an eye. *** MICKEY BLISS (Cantab): Two things completely unrelated: eating animal flesh and playing the Hammond organ at the Kirkland Cafe every Friday night. *** JON BUTCHER (Jon Butcher Axis): Sleeping through the night. *** LIZ FRAME (Liz Frame & the Kickers): Fifteen years ago, I was busy raising my beautiful and talented daughter and teaching her how to play the guitar. Today, she is thirty years old and living in Brooklyn, making her living as a multi-instrumentalist, Berklee graduate musician. I am so proud of her and happy for her that she gets to do what she was born to do –make music! *** TOM HAUCK (Telamor): On May 27, 2000 I took my daughter to the WBCN River Rave at Gillette Stadium. We saw Cypress Hill, Godsmack, Everclear, The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, STP, and many more great bands. Alternative rock was at its peak, musically and commercially. Those days are long gone! *** JON MACEY (Fox Pass/ Hummingbird Syndicate): Fifteen years ago, I must have been seeking some sort of happiness outside of myself. Still. A life long error that I have repeated over and over in many manifestations. Always leading to unhappiness. In fact, as Plato said: “The things that enchant will also deceive.” And I have been deceived, mostly by grasping at happiness. Somewhere in the last 15 years I have internalized that contentment, joy, and fulfillment are really an inside job. *** KRISTEN MILLER (Kristen Miller): Worrying. I have learned not to have that habit anymore and I am really happy for that! Lolita: Aren’t you worried that people will now know that you don’t worry about things anymore? Kristen: I hope they will also stop worrying! *** PETER RINNIG (QRSTs): Painting. I went to school for painting. When I bought QRST’s, I basically stopped painting because I did not have enough free time. *** LYNNE TAYLOR (Lynne Taylor/ Liz Frame & the Kickers/ Halo & the Harlots): Fifteen years ago, I was knee deep in raising my daughters who were nine and 10 at that time. Now they’re 24 and 25! Empty nest, my ass… now it’s time to RAWK the F++k OUT! *** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMBR/WMFO): Fifteen years ago, I had two outlets of creative energy.   One was a popular anarchistic radio show called No Censorship Radio on WMBR, and the other was a strange noise-art band, Urban Ambience.   Neither of these exist today.   Granted, I am still doing radio at WMBR (and since, back at WMFO too), but I don’t perform in public anymore. Urban Ambience was a trio, with occasional guest musicians sitting in.   The band released three full length recordings (two on CD, one on cassette), and we appeared on numerous compilations.   Our problem was that we were too weird for the club scene.   We had no commercial potential, hence WZBC’s late night shows were about the only place to give us consistent airplay.   Towards the end of our career, we did find a niche in the art gallery scene, even winding up with a residency at the old Zeitgeist gallery in 1999.  The other two members of the band, Michael Bloom and Bob McCloskey, are still active in the local scene.   Michael does improve and also plays sea chanteys in a pirate troop, and Bob plays in a couple of jazz ensembles, one that plays originals, and the other that does Charles Mingus and Roland Kirk material.  Nowadays, I just play on the radio. Rita: And we are listening to In the Margin on WMBR (88.1 FM or wmbr.org) on Wednesdays at 4:00.


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