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Rita: Something about September always feels like the beginning of a year. Lolita: Maybe it’s because The Noise was first published in September, 1981. Rita: Maybe because it’s the beginning of another new school year. Lolita: Maybe it’s because The Beatles started their first recording session in September. Rita: Or maybe because these classic performers were all born in September: Freddie Mercury, Loudon Wainwright, Roger Waters, Buddy Holly, Chrissie Hynde, Patsy Cline, Billy Preston, Otis Redding, Joe Perry, Maria Muldaur, B.B. King, Hank Williams, Mama Cass Elliot, Dee Dee Ramone, Joan Jett, Bruce Springsteen, Brian Ferry, Meat Loaf, Jerry Lee Lewis, Ben E. King, and Brigitte Bardot. Rita: Wait a second. If The Noise started in September this has to be our anniversary. Lolita: Yep. We’ve been publishing for 33 years now. Rita: Wow—in December 2014 we will be celebrating our 33 and one third anniversary. But we’re just saying goodbye to summer now. Lolita, ask them something about summer.


Lolita: When the weather is nice, it’s great to hit your favorite shop and see what catches your eye, or what looks perfect for someone else. I asked some talented musicians to let me know what they bought for themselves or someone else this past summer. Linda—come over here and show me what you have there. LINDA VIENS (Kingdom of Love): A friend of mine who is always doing things to help his native country of Haiti recently hosted a wonderful young artist named Pascal Michel to help him raise money for his family back home by selling his paintings. I bought a beautiful painting of Haiti’s liberator Toussaint L’Ouverture. I was thrilled to be able to support both my friend and this talented young man. *** SHANE KINNEY (Drum Center of Portsmouth): I bought a trip to Europe for my girlfriend and me.  A much needed vacation. *** TIM MUNGENAST (Timworld): While I was at Watertown’s Greek festival,  I bought my daughter a goofy present for her 17th: a bubble-blowing gun. Even though the business end was designed to look like a squirrel’s head, the toy played “The Lonely Goatherd” when you pulled the trigger. Somebody at the toy factory in China must have said “goat, squirrel, close enough!” Don’t worry, I got her some very useful, sensible presents as well. *** MR. CURT (Fun Era Fifty): For the first time in decades, I “bought” an outside producer (Mike Davidson at Plaid Dog Studio) to record a brand new tune. Though still working on my band’s upcoming EP, I decide a fresh approach with a young set of ears may be appropriate. Three whirlwind days and the $e$$ion was done. Not bad for a gent with “My Old Man Mind.” Available someday… *** MACH BELL (Macomber Center): I had fun this summer outfitting the student music rooms at the Macomber Center in Framingham. Got the kids some cool instruments and a nice sound system for cheap on Craiglist. Lolita: What a great gift to a new generation of music makers.


Rita: This isn’t the type of news you hear on TV—instead of scaring you, we will just inform you of the ongoing life of musicians in your backyard.  JC aka JESS COLLINS (Mellow Bravo/Static Dynamic) joined the PETTY MORALS. Her first show with the band was at ArtBeat in Davis Square. *** Bull Moose (the big indie record store in New Hampshire and Maine) relocated their Salem, NH, store directly across the street from Newbury Comics. It kinda looks like a gun slinging is about to start. *** Guitar Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year! *** When BUTTERSCOTT played at Store 54 they made it pretty clear that they were upset that BOB DUBROW hadn’t invited them to play his gigundamungus reunion celebration. *** Oh yeah, the 25th anniversary celebration will reunite 80 excellent local bands between September 12 and October 12 at many Boston area venues. *** TONY SAVARINO is publicly claiming to have played in every Boston band. At first we thought that was impossible, but then we couldn’t name a band he hasn’t played in. If Tony has never played in your band, let us know. Until then we will have to believe Tony’s statement. *** GLENN WILLIAMS has a new co-host on his TV show All About Arts. VALERIE ELIASON joins Glenn in promoting arts in Boston. This hour-long live show, now in its 16th year, can be seen on Comcast Channel 9 and RCN 15 or streamed live on the BNN TV website. *** ROBERT FISHER (Willard Grant Conspiracy) has returned from California and is living in Pawtucket, RI. His group released a new CD in 2013 but it is available in Europe only. *** The filming for short film Kiss the Sky, that JON BUTCHER stars in, is complete. *** There’s a Rat Beach Party on Saturday and Sunday, 9/27 and 9/28 at Nantasket Beach in Hull, MA—lots of bands—two stages. *** DAVID NARCIZO (Throwing Muses) is now drumming with Junior Varsity Arson. *** Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist SETH GLIER has re-signed to a multi-album deal with NYC-based independent label MPress Records. Glier, who signed with management firm Invasion Group just last year, has been out on the road again with American Idol finalist CRYSTAL BOWERSOX. *** FRANK “PACO” STEWART recently signed with MMG Talent Agency in New York City and has released his fourth album, For Always. *** Members of SCARCE and SWIRLIES have combined to produce REINDEER. They are working withROGER LaVALLEY in the studio. *** Johnny D’s in Somerville celebrated its 45th anniversary—the venue opened the same year as Woodstock. *** The New England Music Awards presents The Last Band Standing musical competition with over $8,000 worth of prizes. The event starts on Thursday, September 18 at the Hard Rock Cafe in Boston. *** ALASTAIR MOOCK ate sunblock in August, thinking it was yogurt. Previously he’s eaten cat litter, thinking it was crumbs. We think he’ll be able to find help with a DAC (distracted automatic consumption) support group.


Lolita: While students return to school, I think back on what I did with my education. I asked some New England musicians to tell me about their education.  RICK BERLIN (THE NICKEL & DIME BAND): College. Yale. In many ways a waste of my dad’s money. Drank hard. Procrastinated into oblivion. Did learn (on acid) to play piano. Saw Daffy Duck on first pot high. Got hurled into a wall, head first by a return-from-Nam Green Beret. Hid in the gruesome closet. Was in the Yale mailroom when Kennedy was shot. Like that. Four years. Should have waited ’til I knew what I wanted to do or stayed outa college altogether. *** KENNY CHAMBERS (… & the Electric Ears): I was a lackluster student most of my childhood. I rarely did homework, didn’t care about my grades, and skipped class a lot. I left high school in my junior year, on the condition that I got my GED. I scored pretty well on the test, and somehow, Ipswich High gave me an official diploma. Now I was free to pursue clam shucking, play college rock, and drink and drug like a fool. I went back to school two years ago at 49. Now I make the dean’s list every semester, and plan on going for a master’s degree. I love school, and feel like a lucky guy getting to do it all over again. *** KRISTEN MILLER(Kristen Miller): I had some really wonderful teachers. I was raised in a good public school music program that offered stringed instrument instruction starting in the third grade. From the first lesson, I was hooked, and couldn’t stop playing. It made me want to be both a performer and a teacher. Lolita: Oh, do you teach too?  Kristen:  I do. I teach in a studio in my house, as well as out in Rockport and also at the Waring School. *** KEN FIELD (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/ Revolutionary Snake Ensemble): I went to elementary school in Tinton Falls, NJ, where I learned that honesty is the best policy. *** KAREN DiBIASSE (Girl On Top): I was attending a community college in Pennsylvania when the music teacher there pulled me aside and told me about a great school called Berklee School of Music. He helped fill out the application and next thing I knew was in Boston, MA wondering what the heck I was doing here. I graduated from Berklee with honors and also went to Emerson for acting. The greatest thing was studying voice with mentor Dante Pavone for fifteen years until he died. He passed his method down to me and I’ve been teaching it since 1982. *** RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band/ Lonesome Brothers): I graduated from high school in 1968. Never went to college. Was working cleanup in a bakery in Holyoke, MA for $1.25 an hour when a knock on the door changed things. Went to a bass audition, got the gig, and started playing out six, seven nights a week. The bakery job ended but the musical tour continues! *** CHUCK ROSINA (WMBR/ WMFO): My formal education includes a BA from Hunter College at CUNY (City University of New York), back when it was still free.  But my current involvement with radio began at Brandeis U. where I “attended” four years in “Anarchy at College Radio.”  I sometimes say I got my unofficial master’s degree in radio anarchy there, but Brandeis never knew I was there.  Some core friendships were made then and still carry through to this day, including Linda P. of  What’s Left on WMBR. *** DEB HARDY (Deb Hardy): My favorite band of all time is Yes.  When I was at Mass Art studying Art Education, I gave an oral report entitled “classical music influences in YES music,” and was humbled by the experience.  A guy in the class who knew more on the subject, challenged me and asked me questions I couldn’t answer.  Ouch. *** BLOWFISH (Boston Groupie News): I have a BS in geology from Boston College. The closest thing I do in geology now is listen to rock music. Lolita: You probably have a better understanding of musicians when they are stoned.


Rita: Casually rolling around New England, Lolita and I managed to spot a number of great performances. THE DOUG McDONALD BAND played the Newburyport Homecoming Festival and their audience had the quality of a thunderstorm. We also caughtJEFF ROYDS (Support Local Music Boston) playing solo acoustic on that day. *** BIRD MANCINI, STEVE GILLIGAN, JON WATERMAN and JOEY AMMO were caught at the Roslindale Open Mic.  *** We happened upon the DENNIS BRENNAN BAND setting up to entertain at Crocker Park in Marblehead after taking in the songwriter workshop put on by JULIE DOUGHERTY and T MAX at the Me & Thee Coffeehouse location. *** MACHINE 475 entertained us with their smooth electronic waves outdoors at one of the many Salem summer festivals. *** KENNY CHAMBERS was spotted taking a break from his new band THE ELECTRIC EARS and doing an acoustic show at Giuseppe’s with guitarist BOB METZGER. *** ALAN ESTESplayed with WILL WILDE HUNT at a Gloucester Block Party—DEB HARDY was playing too. *** Ran into fiddle player LARRY YOUNG playing in Rockport (with John Rockwell’s band) and the Beverly Farmers’ Market (sitting in with Julie Dougherty). *** JON BUTCHER rocked the Larcom Theatre with a celebration of JIMI HENDRIX tunes. *** FROGGY & THE FRIENDSHIP and THE DEJAS entertained at The Block in Beverly, MA.  *** THE ROY SLUDGE TRIO proved that inside on a summer’s day can be just as good at The Lizard Lounge. *** TRISH DeCAPRIO (Wild Maple) had a great party at her place in Byfield that was swarming with musicians. *** WILLIE ALEXANDER and PREACHER JACK rocked the Dog Bar (Gloucester) in a fashion only they can do. *** JOE THOMAS runs an amazing piano bar every Saturday night at Giuseppe’s (Gloucester). Come on up and sing whatever song you’d like—Joe can play it.


Rita: They’re pretty smart. I wonder what they think of us. I asked some friends to make believe they were an animal and tell us what they thought about humans. JON MACEY (Fox Pass)  As a wolf I watch you all from the deep woods, hidden from sight and silent as I move swiftly through the brush. I only kill to eat, never for pleasure, revenge or greed as you all do. I never destroy where I live as you all do. I understand the balance of nature and where I am; but you all do not. I am always in the present moment, not trapped in the past or scheming about the future. *** VALERIE KAHN-DORATO (Velvet Mojo): I’m Zuzu. I’m a dog. My humans take me outside to sniff everything and then after I excrete they pick it up very carefully and place it in a big container to save! That must be where they go when they tell me, “We’ll be right back.” They go to smell my poo! They also tell me I’m a “good girl” afterwards and give me something good to eat. My favorite part of the day is laying with my head on the male’s nice smelly lap while they watch the big glowing box. Lolita: I watch my refrigerator too, Zulu. It’s amazing how those GMOs make it glow. Rita: Enjoy the rest of the issue and go see some of these shows that Lolita has listed for you. Maybe you’ll run into us.


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  1. Tony Savarino hasn’t played in Butterscott, Nisi Period, Curious Ritual, The Shods, Red Telephone, Lifestyle, Think Tree, Count Zero, Max, The Cavedogs, Axemunkee, Bang Camaro, Dresden Dolls, The Luxury, The Lights Out, Walter Sickert and The Army Of Broken Toys, New England, Endation, Bent Knee, PowerSlut, Hammer and Snake, The Easy Reasons, The Rationales, Milling Gowns, Four Point Restraints, or Abunai.

    • I’m pretty sure Joel is right about Tony Savarino not being in any of those bands. So how can he claim to be in every Boston band?