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Lolita: June is a month that is rich with history… PAUL McCARTNEY (The Beatles), BRIAN WILSON (The Beach Boys), and RAY DAVIES (The Kinks) were all born in the same week.  Senator ROBERT F. KENNEDY was fatally shot while celebrating his victory in the California primary for President of the United States in 1968. THE ROLLING STONES first toured the U.S. in June, 1964. On June 26 CHER divorced SONNY BONO and married GREG ALLMAN (Allman Brothers) four days later, only to divorce Greg nine days after that. June also celebrates the first day of summer and Father’s Day. So I have a question about fathers, but first, Rita will shake out the current New England music news like no one else can shake it. 


Rita: ELLIOT EASTON (The Cars) has found himself in a new supergroup of sorts—together with CLEM BURKE (Blondie), WALLY PALMAR (The Romantics), and ANDY BABIUK (Chesterfield Kings), they go by THE EMPTY HEARTS. *** DON WHITE has been signed by the Tamulevich Artist Management Agency. His hilarious show (is he a comedian or a musician?) with CHRISTINE LEVIN will now be seen in more venues all over the country. *** CHELSEA BERRY is on two tracks of LIVINGSTON TAYLOR’s new album Blue Sky. *** Hubba Hubba moved. It’s now at 2 Ellery St. around the corner from 1001 Mass Ave., Cambridge, MA. *** Radio host CHUCK U (WMFO/WMBR) has had Facebook events following his live radio shows so his audience can give immediate feedback. *** Bider Music in Lawrence, MA, celebrated its 36th anniversary in May. *** Drum Center of Portsmouth is celebrating its 5th anniversary on June 7, from 10am-5pm, with food, fun, tons of free giveaways, and a big sale to follow. *** The first ever Associate Editor of The Noise, STEVE WARD, was just promoted to Associate Professor at Mercy College in New York. *** While touring Spain, JIM COUNTRYMAN and ERIN HARPE reunited with LOVEWHIP’s old saxophone player SISTER NANCY LOADY who lives there. *** ENTRAIN is touring Germany and the Netherlands in June. *** THE WEISSTRONAUTS toured the East Coast in May with a unique rotating bass player aspect to ensure a consistently morphing goodness on the low end. *** The Cheap Seats radio host CAT WILSON has been named promotional manager with Cape Cod Broadcasting and moved her show to Ocean 104.7, Hyannis, MA, on Sunday nights at 8pm. *** ROB POTYLO has a new band called SONIC THE DRUG HOG…  the band is about video games, drugs, and hope. Check out their new single “Mexico Danger Zone” online. *** The winners from the International Songwriters Contest have been announced, and those from New England include JESSE TERRY (Stonington, CT), TOM McBRIDE (Boston, MA), and ALEXUX BABIN/ ADAM TRESSLER 1st, 2nd, and honorable mention in Americana; JASON ANICK (Boston, MA) 3rd place in Jazz; FORREST BURNHAM (Arlington, VT) 2nd place in Teen; ALASTAIR MOOCK (Medford, MA) honorable mention in Children’s Music; AD FRANK honorable mention in Lyrics Only. Congratulations to all.  See the rest of the winners on the International Songwriters Contest website. Rita: Now back to the woman who is very familiar with fathers…


Lolita: I’m not really sure what Rita is implying there, but as usual, it probably isn’t very nice. I’ve gathered my best friends here to tell me something about their dad when he was younger… JOHN POWHIDA (…International Airport):  My dad held the shot put record at Hudson Falls High School in New York State for 30 years. PS: JPx CD release party at the Lizard Lounge June 21 with Schooltree and Mike Gent opening.  *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): My dad used to fix up old sports cars but he gave it up. When he retires, I hope he’ll do it again, and invite me and my son to help him. *** LINDA VIENS (Kingdom of Love): My dad was a wild and risk taking man. At age 8 he was working on “chemistry experiments” in the basement of his Brooklyn apartment and accidentally blew off half of his finger. He calmly walked upstairs to tell his Mom, not shedding a tear. He went on to learn almost every skill and activity known to mankind. Quite a guy. *** NIKI LUPARELLI (Niki Luparelli & the Gold Diggers/ The Steamy Bohemians): One time my dad decided that he was going to kill, cook, and eat his own turkey. So they went to a farm and killed a turkey and pretty much just threw it in the oven. Yeah, you have to take the guts and intestines out first. So, after a few hours when the entire house started reeking of turkey shit, they had to throw it out and get McDonalds. Poor turkey. He died in vain. My dad also once told me if I really wanted to make it I should pose for Playboy. Thanks, Dad. I’m sure Hugh is just sitting by the phone waiting for my call. *** CHUCK U. ROSINA (WMBR/ WMFO): When I was growing up, my dad was a record salesman.  He worked for the RCA label.  In my early teens, he brought home the Jefferson Airplane’s Surrealistic Pillow album.  He said, “This is selling well.  The kids seem to like it.”  He had no idea of the psychedelic drug infused and protest attitudes of the band.   The album blew my mind and helped radicalize me as I aged (and continued to follow that band).  So I can say my father, a conservative World War II vet, turned me on to the Jefferson Airplane.  *** JON MACEY (Fox Pass): My dad grew up in Binghamton, NY when the Yankees had their Triple A farm team there. He met Mickey Mantle and Whitey Ford. I absorbed the lore as a child and it is in my blood. So, even as a Sox fan, I cannot ever hate the Yankees. *** LYNNE TAYLOR (…Band/Liz Frame & the Kickers/Halo & the Harlots): My dad was a folksinger in the ’60’s (so was my mom, that’s how they met.) He was in a Kingston Trio-style band called The Highlanders. They opened for artists such as Phil Ochs and Bob Gibson, and even appeared on the Mike Douglas show! They had some major-label interest, but my dad decided to leave the band and get a “real” job when my mom got pregnant with me. Years later, my dad and I formed a family bluegrass band together, along with my younger sibs, called Fishcreek, and released several CDs. That’s how I learned to play upright bass!  ***VANESSA WHEELER (Leo*Leo): My father was a roadie for Fleetwood Mac. He saw a lot of drug use and fighting, as rumored. I finally heard “Gold Dust Woman” in high school, and subsequently delved into their catalog; they are still one of my favorite groups and have been a major influence in my own writing. *** BRIAN YOUNG (WMFO): My dad ate lightbulbs for money in bars. *** KERRI POWERS (Kerri Powers): My dad is a big baseball fan and when he was about 10 years old, he went with a group of boys to meet Ted Williams in person. He saved the newspaper clipping from that memorable day and had it framed for my son, Nolan. *** SCOTT MATALON (Matalon): Just after the Vietnam war was over my dad enlisted in the Air Force… I don’t know who he pissed off in boot camp but he got his ass posted to a torture base in Labrador—north of Newfoundland; and since he was an officer we got to go with him… 89 below zero, 24 feet of snow and dark for six months.  Yay. *** LARRY BANGOR (Human Sexual Response/ The Zulus):  Dad used to say that when he was young he would catch his farts in a jar and sell sniffs.  It was the Depression. Lolita: Wow—I can do that! I’ll go set up next to the buskers in Harvard Square and I bet I’ll make more money than them.


Rita: See which bands and news you relate to in this retrospective of Noise history.


Issue #85, June 1989

Noise Cover: Anastasia Screamed, Slapshot

Some bands reviewed: Bullet LaVolta, Lemonheads, Birdsongs of the Mesozoic, Galaxie 500, Tribe, Roger Miller, Mr. Butch

Gossip & Stuff: Rita and Lolita start their column with a complete analysis of the Rumble that includes their predictions. Rita picks Slapshot, a hard-ass hardcore band, to win, and Lolita picks The Bags. Lolita was right. I guess Lolita had more influence on the judges. Hey! Summertime birthdays! Johnny Angel (Blackjacks) 6/24, Cam Ackland (Prime Movers) 6/28, Evan Shore (Voodoo Dolls) 7/9, Rick Harte (Ace of Hearts) 7/18, Kenny Chambers (Bullet LaVolta) 7/21. *** GG Allin is one of the featured artists in the centerfold of Famous Tattooed Men & Women. Dick Tate (the Slaves) is in there, too. *** Brett Milano says he wants “Gabba Gabba Hey” written on his tombstone, and WBCN’s  Juanita (lovely legged cousin of Rita and Lolita) predicts that she will die in 2014!  That is too weird—at the time of us discovering this information from the past, we contacted Juanita and her response was… “Ha.  Oh, the drama of youth.  Good lord, I hope I don’t die this year, but if I do I’ve had the best life I could have hoped for! 


Issue #140, June/July 1994

Noise Cover: Dirt Merchants (Rumble winner)

Some bands reviewed: Doc Hopper, Flying Nuns, Delta Clutch, Fuzzy, the Elevator Drops, Slughog, the Wrong Hero, Bulkhead, Red Tomato

Gossip & Stuff: The gossip column starts off with a big photo from a car accident that landed T Max in the hospital with broken ribs and a collapsed lung. *** Mikey Dee admits to hopping the fence at Great Woods to raise his lighter for the Bee Gees. *** The Wrong Hero gets banned from Club Bohemia for singing “I Steal Weapons to Commit Further Crimes.” *** Linda Viens (Crown Electric Company) thinks Neil Diamond is strong and sexy in a fatherly kind of way. *** David Minehan (the Neighborhoods) sits in for Brad Whitford of Aerosmith during their Japanese tour. *** Boston Rock Opera is advertising their first (and only) original rock opera: Crackpot Notion by Tim Robert. *** And last but not least: New Kids on the Block break up, but we now know that the break-up didn’t last if you skip down to five years ago. 


Issue #192, June 1999

Noise Cover: The Sheila Divine (Rumble winner)

Some bands reviewed: Crackpipe Wisconsin, Joe Rockhead, Bleu, the In Out, Psychotic Larry, Lightning Bolt, Reflecting Skin, Ross Phasor, Honeyglazed, 27, Cracktorch

Gossip & Stuff: Tao Jones sends a disturbing, nasty letter whining about a bad review of his band’s DIY CD, with the stance that because it was DIY it deserves a good review. The band was Yanni DiFranco. *** Another good letter comes from Bug Syphlloid about censorship, prompted by a Noise advertiser pulling their ad because of nudity in the Syphlloids’ ad. *** This is the first year the Rumble adds a wild card band to the finals. Half Cocked is that wild card and they come in second place. *** The True or False column is all about specific instruments that are played. It reminds me that Jack Drag used two Hagstrom basses (one red, one blue). *** In Scene Hell, Francis DiMenno quotes Richard Smoley who predicts that young people will stop listening to rock ’n’ roll by 2005. New generations always take a different look at entertainment, not always to the liking of the previous generation.


Issue #242,  June 2004

Noise Cover: Jake Brennan & the Confidence Men, American Pulverizer, the Cringe

Some bands reviewed: Kenne Highland, Read Yellow, Seekonk, the In Out, John Felice & the Lowdowns, the Gobshites, Lars Vegas, Classic Ruins, Doom Buggies, Ad Frank & the Fast Easy Women, the Dresden Dolls, the Information, Scamper, the Marvels, the Charms, the Brett Rosenberg Problem

Gossip & Stuff:  Chandler Travis changes his name to Habooga Kapalopackey. *** Roger (Runner & the Thermodynamics) tore some ligaments and tendons in his head when he totaled a car in front of him that stopped short. *** Noise copy editor, Meghan McFarland, writes a scathing letter to our own writer, Sleazegrinder, with ill will wishes for his upcoming book that is filled with words like “haveta.” *** Accomplishments: Robby Roadsteamer wins a Bass Ale Comedy Contest; the Dresden Dolls are on the Lollapalooza tour; Bleu’s song “Trust Me” is featured on an episode of Joan of Arcadia; Apollo Sunshine appear on Carson Daley; [munk]’s “Knucklebones” is featured on The Sopranos; Muck & the Mires win the Little Steven Garage Rock Battle of the Bands; Cynthia von Buhler is featured on Chronicle; Joseph & Nabil Sater (The Middle East) buy the National Guard Armory in Somerville. 

Issue #292,  June 2009

Noise Cover: Ian Adams, Johnny Angel, Evan Greer, Tom Hauck

Some bands reviewed: The Commandos, Me & Joan Collins, Leo Blais, Ampm, Before the Fall, Jonee Earthquake Band, Volcano Suns, Kirsten Manville & Dave Simmons, Rick Berlin & the Old Stag String Quartet, Brett Rosenberg, Fox Pass, Joe Turner & the Seven Levels, The Konks, Red Invasion, Ghouls Night Out, The Cello Chicks, The Jessica Pouty Band, Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents, 

Gossip & Stuff:  Intelligent Records president Shilo McDonald’s house is hit by lightning, forcing him to live homeless until the massive damage is repaired. *** Greg Hawks (the Cars) sits in with the New Collisions on their recordings and at their CD release party. *** Will Dailey is featured on the CBS Morning Show. *** Willie Alexander plays honky tonk piano on Joe Perry’s latest CD. *** TVs at gas pumps are the latest popular trend. *** Cat brings back The Cheap Seats on Cool 102—this is the same news in 2014, just a different station. *** Casey Desmond wins $5000 in studio gear in the Broadjam Song of the Month Contest. *** We receive three painted cardboard, 3-D font creations from Leo Blais that spell out The Noise, Rita & Lolita, and T Max. The T Max sign is still being used at his gigs. *** And to undo their break-up of 20 years ago, New Kids on the Block perform on the Today Show. 


Lolita: Now for my second group of best friends to tell me a little something about the guy who fathered them… STEVE GILLIGAN (The Stompers/ Fox Pass/ Kenny Selcer Band/ Jane Fallon/ Chris Nauman/ Public Interest): My dad was born in 1913 and was raised on Long Island, NY where he grew up sailing. They would camp out on the boats during the summer, where ever they decided to lay anchor. He said they had a crank Victrola record player on board and if they didn’t like the record they were listening to they would take it off the record player and skim it across the surface of the water. He said they also ate their corn flakes with bourbon instead of milk, since there was no ice box on board (so he said). *** LIZ FRAME (Liz Frame & the Kickers): When my father, now almost 83, was a mere 27 years old, he hopped into his beat-up VW Beetle and drove the roughly 3,300 miles along the Pan-American Highway to San Jose, Costa Rica, where he reunited with my mother to marry her there on June 12, 1959. She was in Costa Rica with the rest of her family, who had lived there for decades. My dad met my mother in the U.S., when both were in college. That trip was just a precursor of things to come: while I was a child, we moved constantly and all over the world. I saw a lot of crap, and only because my parents were fearless. *** RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band/ Lonesome Brothers): My dad used to be a boxer, truck driver, and played the harmonica. But not at the same time! *** ANDREW MORSE (Await Rescue): Big Joe used to drive straight through to Florida in under 24 hours.  In order to accomplish this feat and to prevent stopping, he would recline the driver’s seat all the way back and hop into the back seat while his buddy hopped over into the driver’s seat from the front passenger seat while driving on the highway.  Rad. *** KRISTEN MILLER (Kristen Miller): As a kid, my dad kept a pet duck and a pet squirrel. His dad did not like this. But as the youngest of eight, he was the favorite, I think, and so his folks indulged it. *** VALERIE KAHN-DORATO (Time Tunnel): When my mom was in the hospital giving birth to my older brother, my dad was fortunately invited to a marathon poker game where he wound up turning a hundred bucks into enough money to pay the hospital and the doctor in cash! If he hadn’t won that money I think they would’ve been trapped there till my brother turned two! *** DIANE YOUNG (Center for Arts in Natick): My dad grew up in a tough section of Brockton, as one of nine kids in his family. Everyday he’d drive himself to high school, though he didn’t have a license. He also regularly gave his neighbor a lift to work. When my father turned 16, he went to the registry to get his driver’s license. Who was more surprised—my dad when he realized his neighbor worked at the registry, or the neighbor who figured out he was illegally getting a ride to work every day?! *** PATRICK NELSON (Strakus & Nelson): When my father was younger, he played bass in both blues bands and some cover bands in the ’70s and ’80s. I was fortunate to grow up with one band or another of his practicing in the basement most weekends, and even got to sit in on the bass a few times as a very young kid. My father’s bass playing and bandmates were definitely the major catalyst that inspired me to develop a passion for music and performance. *** SARAH HOPE (Leo*Leo): My dad looked just like Clark Kent, pumped gas in Cape Cod, and spoke like a Kennedy.  However, he supports me with every music endeavor.  In fact, he and my mother still come to our shows. Lolita: Yes, I think I’ve seen that guy in a Superman uniform at some gigs. It’s cool when he flies across the room to catch a mic stand before it pounces on the floor of the stage.

Rita: Thanks for reading our column! Enjoy reading the rest of The Noise and we’ll see you at your favorite venue for live music.  For tips of what’s happening in New England, click on Noise Live Picks.

If you have news that belongs in Rita and Lolita’s column, send it to tmax@thenoise-boston.com.


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