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T Max: May is the Month of Music in New Zealand. In the U.K. it’s National Smile Month. In the U.S. it is Drinking Water Month and National Masturbation Month—I kid you not. In The Noise we always celebrate music, so this time we’ll focus on all of these other ideas too. Lolita: I don’t mind actively participating in most of these categories, but do we really have to do them in public? Rita: Yeah, Lolita and I are very private about some things—and I really don’t think you’ll get us to openly drink water in public.


Rita: Let’s try to get our column back on track. I’m totally unfocused with all this smiling and stuff. Lolita, do you have a question of the month? Lolita: Sorry, I’m busy right now—ask me again in five minutes. Rita: Okay, looks like I’m on my own here. I know, I’ll ask everyone to tell me about the nicest thing that someone has done for them lately. Rick—over here—what’s up? Has anyone done anything nice for you lately? RICK BERLIN (…with Nickel & Dime Band): My awesome 19 year old cat, Sofi, killed two mice, much to the relief of my room/band mate, Rob Manochio. Made us proud. The BEST happy story is too personal to relate. *** FRANK ROWE (Classic Ruins): Kathy Chapman put up with my curmudgeonly foibles for one more day. *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/ Agachiko): I was given a chocolate bar by a mysterious and beautiful woman.  *** JIM TRICK (Jim Trick): I recently opened for Susan Werner at the Me & Thee Coffeehouse in Marblehead. (Thanks Kathy Sands-Boehmer.)  Susan, who is huge in the folk world, came into my dressing room, said a bunch of really nice things about my sound check and then invited me to do a song with her during her encore!  We tore up “Message in a Bottle” by The Police and the audience went crazy.  Susan Werner was so generous, humble and gracious.  I was completely blown away. Rita: See the Live Review section of this issue for what happened from the audiences point of view. *** ERIN HARPE(Erin Harpe & the Delta Swingers/ Lovewhip): The nicest thing a person (or persons) have done for me lately is book me my longest and farthest away tour yet! A nice British gent, a Scottish friend, and an American transplant in London have together booked us 19 gigs in the month of April, all around the UK! We will be keeping everybody updated with our adventures at the Delta Swingers Facebook page. See you guys when we get back! *** VANCE GILBERT (Vance Gilbert): After opening for R&B legend Sam Moore at the City Winery NY, a nice lady clasped my hand, and said, “Oh my Gawd!  You were the talk of the ladies room!” Kinda made my evening. *** MICHAEL P. AROIAN (Elsewhere): I actually have two nicest things if I may, 1. My five-year-old daughter singing “Happy Birthday” to me over the phone while I was reluctantly in New York for business on my birthday and, 2. Someone actually paying money for my band’s music. *** KRISTEN MILLER (Kristen Miller): Rita, you are so coy. You know I love those cookies you bake just for me. Rita: Yeah, but who knew I’d have to bake cookies for 15 musicians to get one to show some gratitude. No, no… I meant to say, you were the only person I made those cookies for because you are my bestest friend in the whole world 4-ever. *** RYAN LEE CROSBY (Ryan Lee Crosby/ Faces on Film): Ben Kuris of Kuris Music Technology/ Zyrah’s Orange had to clear some space out of his music studio/repair shop and so I suddenly found myself the new owner of a restored 1950s Ampex 351 Fulltrack tape machine. Pretty nice, I’d say! *** SARAH BLACKER (Sarah Blacker): We have had two back-to-back host homes on the current tour I’m on, with reggae artist, Mishka. They fed us, clothed us and even gave us cool gifts. It’s amazing the kindness people express to traveling artists! *** AD BOC (AfterFab): My 10-year-old niece. without being asked, kindly showed me how to work the soft-serve-frozen-yogurt machine at Old Country Buffet in Watertown—where, I kid you not, on a Sunday afternoon back in 2008, I witnessed none other than Little Richard stroll in, surrounded by an imposing entourage of sharp-dressed men.  Turned out he was on a campaigning tour (for then-candidate Obama), had just spoken at a nearby church, and dropped in with his posse for some cheap eats.  Quite the eye-popping excitement did he stir among the unsuspecting diners! *** MICHAEL J. EPSTEIN (MJE Memorial Library/ Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling/ Darling Pet Munkee/ Space Balloons): My mother said I was her favorite son! Rita: Michael, I have to ask a follow up question.  Do you have any brothers? Michael: I don’t! But I could have still lost to myself. 


Lolita: As always the TV talking heads always seem to miss including this information in their version of the news.  Grammy nominated singer-songwriter, SETH GLIER performed for House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and Senator Mark Warner at ChildFund International’s 75th Anniversary dinner on at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. *** JOHN POWHIDA became a dad when Ray Anne Powhida breathed her first breath on April 2, 2014. *** TONY and SAMANTHA GODDESS now lead a group called CRIPPLE COVE QUINTET. *** QUIGGS  is a new ’77 style punk rock band featuring IAN CLARK (Razors in the Night/ Pure Impact/ Dead Pedestrians), SWID (Acrobrats/ Razors in the Night/ Black Cheers), MIKE DOMINGUEZ(Taxi Driver/ Vapid Dissent), and ANDREW GREELEY (Stars Above). *** GEMINI WIRED has an anti-bullying pop/rap video of  “What Now” that displays high school kids bullying a girl because she gets good grades and attention from a guy. Gemini Wired message is to encourage everyone to go for whatever you believe in no matter how many times others may put you down or try to get in your way. *** On Saturday May 10, Joe Fest II (the 2nd Annual Joe Coughlin Memorial) is rockin’ at the Midway in Jamaica Plain. Joe was one of the best writers The Noise ever had, and was also one hell of a bartender at the Midway. *** MARC PINANSKY (Township) and ANREA GILLIS (Andrea Gillis Band) tied the knot on Sunday, April 6, 2014. *** CASEY DESMOND is featured in the Pop Culture Expo in May. *** JON BUTCHER will be starring in his first Broadway stage production/musical this summer. Watch for Kiss the Sky, about a musician down on his luck, maybe even famous at one time, and all he has left is his Stratocaster. Lolita: Excuse me, while I kiss this guy!


Rita: Crummy things always happen to people, that’s why it’s important to recognize the nice things people do for you. Jon, what the nicest thing someone has done for you lately?  JON MACEY (Fox Pass) My songwriting and producing partner in The Hummingbird Syndicate, Lynn Shipley, bought more headphones for our studio! *** ERIN AMAR (Rockerzine.com): All of them have been food related unexpected moments of generosity. Toni (Ritual Arts) made me a lovely egg salad sandwich for lunch, the guy at Azama Grill gave me some of their fantastic garlic mayonnaise and fries while I waited for my sandwich, and Nabil (Middle East) gave me some baklava to take home after one of the public meetings about their proposed expansion. Not one of these items was asked for, but all of them speak to how kind and awesome local business owners are in this town, and how much they appreciate our patronage. Get off the Internet and go buy something in your hood now. *** ROB CUSHING(Rocketscience/ Pure Fiction): Someone out of the blue at Boston Police Department who knew I had an interest in genealogy sent me a copy of my grandfather’s service record. This was when he was a patrolman from the 1920s-1940’s, found out a lot of cool things about him my family never knew. *** KAREN DeBIASSE (Girl on Top): I guess I should answer this question by taking a moment to mention a wonderful friend who just passed away.  Jessica Garabedian from the band Temptress.  She was one who did something very nice for me lately.  Came to me for lessons 20 years ago and we became fast friends.  Hadn’t seen her for a long time and last month, out of the blue, she called and asked me to do a gig at T.T. the Bear’s.  It was great to see her again and the gig was a lot of fun.  After the show she took twenty of us to dinner and footed the bill.  Dave and I took her out to dinner at Vinny’s in Somerville and four days later she died of a heart attack.  She was just getting started again.  It’s so sad and a real shock.  RIP Jessica Garabedean. *** JOHN POWHIDA (…International Airport): My wife’s parents came all the way from Taiwan to help with our daughter Ray born April 2 at Cambridge Hospital. 8lbs 3oz. *** IAN CLARK(Quiggs/ Razors in the Night): I work outside doing demolition, moving, and clean outs. This past week we had to clean out two huge garages that were filled to the brim with old tools, dirty old mattresses, and every nasty thing you could think of.  I had a shit day cause I was stuck outside for 10 hours loading the truck while it was hailing and raining. I was covered in mud and soaked. After work my boss didn’t have any money to give me and I had no smokes or food. A couple hours later I was in a full-on nic fit and starving, and he showed up with a buffalo chicken calzone and a pack of smokes. Made my shitty day just a little bit better. He’s still an asshole though—haha! *** LARRY BANGOR (Human Sexual Response/ The Zulus): Rita and Lolita got me thinking about all the other nice things people have done for me. *** TIM MUNGENAST (Timworld/ Righteous Compression): I don’t want to leave anyone out! I could mention wonderful Anderson Mar, who kept booking us long after others decided not to (RIP, Anders! We love you!), or how Michael Bloom gave me a place to live when nobody in Boston could or would (Bless you, Michael!), but for more-recent acts of kindness, I must mention my ex, who gave up her weekend plans last summer so she could nurse me back to health when I was clobbered by a mystery virus. (Thanks, Ginny. Thank you, siblings.) Honorable mention goes to John deGregorio for helping with the one-ton sofa. *** KENNY CHAMBERS (…& the Electric Ears) ): Two wonderful friends gave money towards recording the new band. Totally unprompted, without hearing a note of music. It completely blows my mind, and now Kenny Chambers & the Electric Ears will be gearing up to record some songs at Tony Goddess’s Bang-A-Song studios. *** RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band/ Lonesome Brothers): Out of the blue a friend called to see if I would have lunch with them. Spontaneous. Not planned. As you get older its those simple things that mean the most. *** GEORGE HALL (Kingsley Flood/ The Elderly): Ellen and Jeff at the bar, and co-hosts Joe and Dennis at the bass and drums made the Monday night jam at the Rhumb Line in Gloucester a totally awesome thing to do.  Again.  Which was nice of them. *** PERRY PERSOFF (WUMB/ voiceover artist): Recently a friend’s cat he’d had for 17 years was dying.  He was taking the cat for monthly medical treatments.  He doesn’t have much money and the cost was building.  I grew up with dogs throughout my childhood—I understand that pets are like part of the family.  So I sent him a little money to help keep the cat alive another couple of months.  But it was too late.  However, he was grateful for my gesture (and the money helped pay for burial). Afterwards, he built me a computer loaded with preferred software. Rita: One of Perry’s voiceover creations (a new form of spoken word) is reviewed in the CD section of this issue. Lolita: I’ve been listening to Perry every weekday morning.


Lolita: I had travel though the space/time portal to experience what happened 30 years ago… Here’s what I found… On the national scene, DEEP PURPLE reforms with all five original members, IAN GILLAN, RITCHIE BLACKMORE, JON LORD, ROGER GLOVER, and IAN PAICE.  *** PHIL COLLINS’ “Against All Odds” is on the top of the singles chart, and the soundtrack to Footloose tops the album chart in Billboard. *** TINA TURNER continues her comeback teaming up with LIONEL RITCHIE on a U.S. tour. *** Locally one of Boston’s coolest danceable bands ever, ZERO ZERO, graces the cover of The Noise. *** ‘TIL TUESDAY signs to Epic Records. *** TONY BERADINI becomes a vice president of Infinity Broadcasting (WBCN). *** Jumpin’ Jack Flash installs a $10,000 lighting system. *** REEVES GABRELS replaces ROGER GREENAWALT in THE DARK. *** THE DOGMATICS’ “Gimme the Shakes” b/w 20 “Flight Rock” is the lead vinyl review where it claims that producer FRANK ROWE is hopelessly out of tune with his harmonica solo. *** Live reviews in The Noise include ANGRY YOUNG BEES at the Rat; CHRISTMAS, SORRY, and BUSTED STATUES at Chet’s Last Call; BEAT SURRENDER, THE BRISTOLS, and THE REFLECTORS at The Rat; KK PROFITT at Inn Square Men’s Bar; and GIRLS’ NIGHT OUT and COOL RAYS at Jumpin’ Jack Flash. *** Rita: And the thing I noticed most about 30 years ago was that not one person was staring down at their cellphone every five minutes. They were engaged with the people immediately around them. Technology has brought us together in some ways and separated us in others.

RIP: ANDERSON MAR (Dark Sky Productions/ Sans Nomenclature) died from fire- related injuries on 3/28/14. A big promoter of the Boston music scene and a performer herself. She also work at School of Rock in Watertown, MA. Her presence will be missed.

RIP: LITTLE JOE COOK died at 89. He was a mainstay at the Cantab and famous for his 1957 doo wop hit “Peanuts” that stayed on the Billboard charts for 15 weeks. He died on 4/15/14.

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