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T Max: You’ve gotten yourself this far through another New England winter—so you know what to expect. The walls are ripe for climbing. Might as well hop out your window, because your cabin fever is only going to get worse. There’s live music to be experienced and if you’d like some suggestions, try the Noise Live Picks on www.thenoise-boston.com. We highlight great shows from all over New England. 

Now may I introduce to you the most fabulous pair of gossip queens ever to walk around Jamaica Pond in February wearing nothing but their smile… Rita and Lolita Flange! Rita: Thank you for that dubious introduction, T Max—now get off our computer—I hear that singer/songwriter shuffle calling you. Lolita: Yes, and could you please refer to me as the Cabin Fever Belle. The fever makes me so hot—and it must be obvious because every guy has to remind me how hot I am! Rita: Someone please—ring that Belle. Let’s get to what we do best—our Question of the Month. To compliment our Top Tens (posted on The Noise website www.thenoise-boston.com), we asked our favorite performers and music bizers to give us their top three of anything pertaining to the music in New England in 2013.


Cabin Fever Belle: Everyone! Please form a line behind Chuck—and keep the noise down, I’m trying to record your top three of 2013…  CHUCK ROSINA (WMBR/WMFO): Top three of New England music?  That’s easy… and hard, because I have to limit it to three. 1) Bird Mancini – Bird Mancini Lounge, 2) Bubbles in the Think Tank – Eponymously Entitled (7” record about records), 3) MC3 – A Half Bubble off Plumb. Not to overdue the “bubble” thing, but those are the three local releases I played most.  If I had a fourth, it would be T Max’s Thinkin’ Up a Dream… and a fifth would beA Low Budget Barrel of Monkees. *** WILL DAILEY (Will Dailey): Top three songs out of New England: 1) “Shake” – Lori McKenna.  2) “Best Route” – Bill Janovitz.  3) “You Won’t” – Who Knew. ***RANDALL LEE GIBSON IV (The Real Kids): Top three of ’13: 1) I join the Real Kids. 2) I get to record on the new album. 3) We play a great show at the Middle East with the Nervous Eaters and a great show in New York with Lyres! *** LYNNE TAYLOR (…Band/Liz Frame & the Kickers): Top three “lead guitar faces” (you all know exactly what I’m talking ’bout, don’t deny it!) 1) Scott Solsky, Concord, NH, currently playing with Pat & the Hats, and Lynne Taylor, 2) Patrick Chamberlain, Newburyport, MA, currently with Liz Frame & the Kickers, and the Barn Burners, and 3) Any drummer. *** DIANE YOUNG (The Center for Arts in Natick): Best live show: The Mighty Mighty Bosstones’ 16th Annual Hometown Throwdown at The House of Blues… those guys know how to throw a party! Best guitar player… George McCann kills the blues with James Montgomery Band or George’s own band. Best venue bathroom… The men’s room at the Chicken Bone in Framingham… I’ve never been in it but it’s located right next to the stage. Waiting for a side show one of these days. *** A.J. WACHTEL (Future Gynecologist): The top three reasons why you should invite A.J. Wachtel to your group’s gig:  A.J. is very susceptible, will believe and write everything you tell him to about your band, and  has a brain the size of a cherry tomato.  A.J. only guzzles a six-pack of beer a year and won’t steal all your band’s free drinks at your gig.  A.J. is usually the oldest man in the audience, and there is little chance he will pick up your girlfriend. Rita: That means if your mother comes to your gig, she will probably be offered a ride home. *** SLIMEDOG (Thrash N’ Bang): Top Three Live Shows of  ’13: Wounded Warrior Benefit at O’Briens (Allston, MA) on 11/9/13 with Reason to Fight, Abject, Straphangers, The Enemy Within, and Cry Havoc. Red Line Rebels Farewell Show at Midway Cafe (Jamaica Plain, MA) on 9/22/13 with Red Line Rebels, Pity Whores, Empty Vessels, The Radicals, Red Tape, and Losers Circle. And OC45, Pity Whores, Old Edison, and Bad Movies at Midway Cafe on 2/26/13. Cabin Fever Balls: Thanks Slimedog—hope Mrs. Slimedog and your cat are still joyfully climbing the walls. Now, remember to look elsewhere in this issue for the list of top tens from a bunch of Noisers. Rita picks the top ten photos of the year (one from each issue of The Noise), and I let you know my top ten sex darlings—in pairs.


Rita: I really don’t know if this title is true since my TV has a guitar smashed through the tube. Here now the news… ALASTAIR MOOCK’s Singing Our Way Through: Songs for the World’s Bravest Kids was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Children’s Album! The local all-star, all-women group of pickers DELLA MAE picked up a nomination for Best Bluegrass Album, and Stoughton-nativeLORI McKENNA co-wrote two songs nominated for Best Country Solo and Best Country Duo Performance. *** The New England Music Awards & Artists Conference will be held at UMass Lowell Inn and the Lowell Memorial Auditorium on February 21 and 22. Online voting ends on January 31. *** HEATHER MALONEY and DARLINGSIDE’s video of JONI MITCHELL’s “Woodstock” got written up in the New York Times. Find it on Heather’s site. *** Anyone who has ever listened to online Unregular Radio should know that they changed their name to Dig Radio. *** Our favorite folk opera gal, ANAIS MITCHELL, is touring the UK in February and March with PATTY GRIFFIN in the supporting role. *** ZOE LEWIS was smart enough to tour Florida and Mexico this February—no icicles hanging on her. *** We all know that THE DROPKICK MURPHYS’ “Tessie” was in the movie Fever Pitch—but how many remember that PAULA KELLEY had “Breathless Sigh” and JOE PERNICE had “Moonshot Manny” in that same film? *** PETTY MORALS picked up ALLISON WONDERLAND (aka Allison Sigrist) on synth. You may know her as the bass player for HELENA HANDBASKET, MERCURY CHARM OFFENSIVE, 1977, and GUNPOWDER GELATINE. *** THE RATIONALES have a new member—DAVE LIEB (The Rudds) has joined on keys and background vocals.*** TOKYO TRAMPS’ SUTORU NAKAGAWA won the Boston Blues Challenge in November 2013 and is headed to Memphis for the International Blues Challenge. The Tramps also picked up a new drummer—TIM CARMAN. *** On THE ’MERICANS’ latest release, A Tribute to Providence, the band cover songs by 20 great Providence, RI acts. *** And in Boston, there is Boston Does Boston Vol. 1 & 2, a compilation with 26 Boston bands covering each other (reviewed in this issue). *** TAIWAN TYPHOON played their final show due to guitarist MICHAEL DuCOTT move to the West Coast. *** MUCK & THE MIRES will be touring Italy in April. Check their website for dates so you can plan your flight. *** AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER hopped across the big pond and landed in merry old England, where they played a bunch of gigs and did an acoustic recording session with Daytrotter London. *** In 2013, 26 New England musicians received grants a total of $45,000 from Passim’s Iguana Music Fund.  The grants are awarded annually to musicians in an effort to enhance their careers or aid their community outreach efforts. Rita: This is a truly wonderful thing.



Cabin Fritter Bugs: Lovely that you could all wear your favorite clothes—now, men, please describe to me your favorite shirt, and woman tell me about your favorite dress… KEN FIELD(Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/ Agachiko/ Lookie Lookie): Current fave is my Willie Alexander black T-shirt with the little yellow 45-rpm record adaptor and Willie’s signed initials! *** MARINA EVANS (Marina Evans): At age four, my favorite dress had a white skirt with black polka dots, and an little dog on the front with a pink flappy tongue. The Doggie Dress is still my favorite… even if nowadays, it only fits on my leg. *** MR. CURT (MC3): This was a gift, totally a performance shirt—silk fabric with gold threads, a picture of the Virgin Mary on the back and down both sleeves, rows offleur-de-lils on front, bright gold buttons, and cloth of green, maroon, and gold. Snazzy, indeed! *** CLAY N. FERNO  (LeaguePodcast/Middle East): My favorite shirt is one I just got! New England Comics’ 30th anniversary shirt. It looks very punk rock, and congrats on the 30 years! *** ROGER C. MILLER (Mission of Burma/ Alloy Orchestra/ Trinary System): A green cotton long-sleeve shirt upon which I applied bleach in spirals, all over it in 2006.  Very psychedelic.  But bleach burns through cotton, so by the time Sproton Layer reformed this summer, I had the shirt trimmed to a short-sleeve shirt.  It did its job in fitting in with the 1969/1970-era Sproton Layer.  But that was the end—it got so many holes after our gigs that I threw it out.  Loved it, though.  I like to think the love was mutual. Cabin Freezing Bags: Roger, it’s is Trinary System now, right? Roger: When I played keyboard with Mr. Dersch it was The Binary System. Now I’m on guitar, and have added P. Andrew Willis on bass, so it’s pretty different.  And since three musicians not two, Trinary System is the new moniker.  Actually hoping to play out again some day and do some recording, but other things are taking precedence. Here’s one that is currently taking precedence: My 22-minute composition “Scream, Gilgamesh, Scream” for soprano and baritone voice, piano, two percussionists, string quartet, French horn, bass clarinet, alto saxophone, synth bass, and electric guitar (I’ll be playing the guitar part)—premieres at Jordan Hall at New England Conservatory on February 20, part of the Callithumpian New Music Concert.  It’s a setting of the Epic of Gilgamesh.  It is going to kick pretty hard.  I’m really excited about this.  I am working on a daily basis perfecting each part.  


Rita: Okay, where would you like to play that you haven’t already—and you can pick out two acts to add on the bill with you. RUBY BIRD (BIRD MANCINI):  One of our many dream gigs would be to play Symphony Hall with Tear for Fears and Sal Baglio.   There are scores of others… love to dream! *** SARAH BLACKER (Sarah Blacker): I’d like to perform at Red Rocks in Colorado with Ray LaMontagne, Joni Mitchell, and Paul Simon. Boom! Cabnet Finger Buzz: And I’d like to personally congratulate you for winning Female Performer of the year at the New England Music Awards last year. *** DR. JOHN TAMILLO III (3D): 3D at the Garden with Farrenheit and Laurie Sargent. *** KAREN DeBIASSE (Girl On Top): This is a loaded question.  Sheryl Crow and Courtney Love at the Boston Garden. *** MICHAEL BERNIER (Freevolt): Medicinal Marijuana Farm is the venue. Other acts are Bob Marley & The Wailers and The Doors. *** JAMES RYAN (x-Hoodoo BBQ): Perhaps a spoken-word session atop a mailbox in Kenmore Square (a la Mr. Butch), espousing some of his personal wisdom… as in the time he chastised me for letting a married couple use my (his) truck to avoid the rain, by letting me know, “You can’t mix your bums!” Or when planning his gaming strategy by opting for a salad, and noting, “I play the Lottery, and not that many vegetarians win!”…or displaying a sense of history by screaming, “The Canners are coming!” en route to pick up a load of “promised” redeemables, somewhere along the Paul Revere Highway. *** LIZ FRAME (Liz Frame & the Kickers): I’d love to play the Stone Mountain Arts Center. I hear it’s fantastic. And it would be awesome to share the bill with people like Jim Lauderdale and Marty Stuart. I love those guys! *** AJDA THE TURKISH QUEEN (Black Fortress of Opium/ Ajdio): In Boston, Black Fortress of Opium would play at The Sinclair with Come and Nick Cave.  I’d also have Ajdio play Wacken 2014 with Motorhead and Rainbow on the bill.*** HENRY SANTORO (RadioBDC): The return of legendary radio DJ Oedipus to the airwaves. Hear The Oedipus Project on RadioBDC Saturdays from 10am-noon. Cloak ’n’ Dagger Bung: That answer to a “make something up” question is a little confusing. Henry, does that radio show with Oedipus really exist? Henry: Yes. It’s the real deal. Oedi does Saturdays from 10am-noon on RadioBDC. And he sounds great. He also hosted his Christmas eve special on RadioBDC from 6pm-midnight. Calf ’n’ Flogger Boils: No need to miss Oedipusanymore. Listen in. Rita: Try your hand at our three-minute music quiz on page 12. All answers can be found in the column you just read. In the weeks ahead we’ll be preparing the March issue—which is alway online only. As are the August and January issues. You can always find our most informative, entertaining, and longest running New England music website (with the word “hen” in it’s name) at the popular www.thenoise-boston.com. There are a lot of CD and live reviews on the website that didn’t fit into this print issue. Or you can say hi to Frank D at our Facebook page The Noise Boston—and post your press releases there. Or friend The Noise publisher at facebook.com/tee.max.3—he plays out around New England, so keep an eye out for T Max.

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