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Rita: Summertime and the livin’ is easy. Unless you’re putting a magazine together—and your half-sister is out of her mind. Lolita: Are you referring to me? Rita: You’re the only half-sister I have. Lolita: Well, I am not out of my mind. I just got back from Portland, ME, via Provincetown, MA (Hi Zoe Lewis!) so I could visit my friends in Allston, MA (Hi Wayne!), but then I hit Hadenville, MA (Ray!) to look at an old guitar before I scooted over to my favorite restaurant in Providence, RI (Julians!). So now I’m back in Gloucester, and I’m ready to shuffle (Hi Joe and Memory!). Rita: How do you keep your figure with all that driving? Lolita: I didn’t drive—I ran. Rita: Wooo. While you were running I put together another wonderful issue full of New England musicians. Check out the stories on LENNY LASHLEYTIM CASEY & GLENN WILLIAMS of Low Budget Productions, EIGHT FEET TALL, and DAVID ADDISON SMALL & THE BORDERLINE SAINTS.



Lolita: While I have these handsome fellows in front of me, I’m going to find out where they pick up The Noise—probably just to look at my photo. BILLY CARL MANCINI (Bird Mancini): I usually get The Noise hand-delivered to me by Mr. Curt (MC4).  I’m not sure where he gets it but I love the personal service.  If he happens to be late with my delivery I stop by JP Licks in Jamaica Plain for my copy.  Best ice cream in Boston while reading Rock School.  Nothing better or funnier. *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/ Agachiko): WMBR radio, where I do a weekly show of creative instrumental music called The New Edge, airing Tuesdays at 2pm. *** PLATORUM STU (Platorum): Up until recently I made a quest to find The Noise after the first of every month… clubs, the Record Exchange (Salem), Newbury Comics. Now I just stop by the home of Peter Goutzos and score a freshly squeezed monthly edition. *** JOHN POWHIDA (John Powhida International Airport): I grab my Noise at Cheapo’s Records or the Middle East Corner, Central Square.  Sometimes I see T Max himself dropping off a stack!  Lolita: Well, you don’t think we’d do that heavy-lifting job. It’s good for his back—plus it gets him out of the office so we can look through his draws. Rita: I think she means “drawers,” but maybe not. *** DAVE PINO (Andrew WK/ Waltham/ Stevie TV): Usually when I come home there’s a new issue of The Noise at the tattoo shop Pino Bros Ink. This tattoo shop is one of my favorite places on earth. Every day is filled with laughs and great customers. Something is always going on out on the sidewalk, and it’s always inspiring to see the amazing ideas customers bring in, watching the art go from concept to application. Some of the artists are musicians themselves, so it’s a great place to talk music, too. I learn about a lot of new bands there. *** JOE CARDOZA (Bandit Kings/ Renee & Joe): We read our Noise at the Rhumb Line in Gloucester, MA.  We host open jam every Monday night—come jam with us please.  All are welcome to free their musical souls at the cost of being critiqued with fervor by the regulars.  Worth noting: I am also certain that the mailman gets his Noise at Bull Moose in Portsmouth, NH. *** BRIAN YOUNG (A Crash Course for the Ravers!/  The Thigh Scrapers): I can always count on finding the latest printed copy of The Noise when it comes out in a nice stack in the lobby of Curtis Hall situated at Tufts University. On the first floor, I have no idea what they do. On the second floor, I don’t know what they do. On the third floor is WMFO where the greatest show on earth takes place—A Crash Course for the Ravers!, which I host along with Marie Michelle and Mike Stewart. We bring you deep cuts, lost classics, live tracks, and a boatload of local music. *** KAREN DeBIASSE (Girl on Top): Comes right to my door.  Very inexpensive and a great way to keep on top of things. If The Noise is supporting your band it’s a great idea to support The Noise. *** WILL DAILEY (Will Dailey): Most often I find my copy at Q Division Studios. I also constantly find songs there, friends, and things I did not know. *** EMILY GROGAN (Emily Grogan Band): I usually see The Noise where I teach guitar and piano—Music Go Round in Natick. They have great used and new equipment. Some unusual stuff too. Just saw an old Sears Silvertone with amp case. Rita: I was there and saw two of those guitars with amps in the cases!  *** PETER GOUTZOS (Gyro Lula): I help distribute The Noise in Ipswich, MA, and my favorite place is Richdale Convenience Store. The magazine gets picked up like wildfire. Everyone in Ipswich loves The Noise. They also love AJ’s interviews—and I do too. *** CHUCK ROSINA (WMBR/ WMFO): I often find The Noise delivered to WMBR.  There is a stack in the lounge just about every month.  Sometimes I stumble upon it at In Your Ear Records in Harvard Sq.  And even on occasion in the bins outside of WMFO.  No matter where it is, it’s a joy to read.  Amusing comments from the cool people of the Boston rock scene in this section, and lots of insight to what is happening throughout the community in the pages that follow.  Thank you T Max for your dedicated service. *** BLOWFISH (BostonGroupieNews.com): I’ve been getting The Noise at What Cheer? the antique and record store now on Thayer Street in Providence, RI.  I used to go to Thayer Street in the ’70s when they had about five record stores. It’s a fun place to eat, shop, and walk around. Rita: ROB RENAUD is our Providence distribution guy—thanks for connecting us with Blowfish. Lolita: And if you are in an area where The Noise is hard to find, you can subscribe to it for $22 a year. Send that dough to T Maxwell, PO Box 353, Gloucester MA 01931.


Lolita: Let us know if there’s something you think we should know about that’s happening in New England. The colorful CASEY DESMOND has a new video that you can find on YouTube called “Heartbeat.” *** TOAD celebrated it’s 20th birthday in June! *** Guitarist PETE CASSANI (The Peasants) has been working with tribute bands—STAIRWAY TO ZEPPELIN (with Dave Stefanelli, John Nicholson, and Brittany Grey)—and 5:15 (a tribute to the Who) with Dave Wilson, John Songdahl, John Nicholson, and Tom Sperounis). *** EMILY GROGAN has her band rolling again with LARRY DERSCH (Trinary System) on drums and DAVID HENRIQUEZ (Hourcast/ Anomanes/ Dizzy Buddha) on bass, joining her. She’s getting a musically quirky CD together for a fall release. *** Look for a new film called Musicwood that is about the makers of Gibson, Martin, and Taylor guitars venturing to the Tongass National Forrest on a mission to protect the spruce trees essential for creating their instruments. *** Crash Safely, a multi-night benefit for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, is led by Boston rock writer and videographer AMANDA NICHOLS and Figgs drummer PETE HAYES (both of whom were diagnosed with MS in 2008) of the Maybe Sump’ms bike MS team, with support from NICK BLAKEY, Boston musician and booking agent. The event features some great Boston acts and is at Oberon on Friday, 9/13, Davis Square Theatre Saturday, 9/14, and  the Midway on Friday and Saturday, 9/20 + 9/21. *** The Noise’s May Big Shot, LISA HALEY, has joined THE HOLDOUTS—not the Holdouts from North Carolina or from California. Not even the Holdouts that Carl Hayn leads in Texas. This is the Holdout from Massachusetts. *** In response to last month’s quiz, JULIE DOUGHERTY claims that she does not play Salem, MA, more than any other performer. So if you play Salem a lot, please claim your crown—let us know—include your list of Salem gigs. Julie did admit that she has two CDs in the works—one solo and one with a band. **** Learn to play ukulele at the NH Ukulele Picnic! That’s right—join the picnic on Saturday, 7/24/13, at Greeley Park Bandshell (noon-4pm), 100 Concord Street, Nashua, NH. The Noise‘s MIKE LOCE with THE UKESTRA is one of the performing acts! *** Check out MELODEEGO’s video of “Digging Us a Hole” on YouTube. The song is a protest against the Keystone XL Pipeline. The band sang the song in the TransCanada lobby in Westborough, MA together with 100 activists—25 of them kept singing as they were led out in handcuffs. *** Another great creative video by FRANK PINO’s band USA! USA! USA! is “Marissa”—the band sounds like an extention of WALTHAM. *** DWIGHT & NICOLE headline the Salem Jazz & Soul Festival on Saturday, August 17 at the Salem Willows. *** The documentary film benefit concert for Let’s Go to the Rat! is on Wednesday, 8/28, at Johnny D’s. *** The lovely host of I Love a Parade(WMBR 88.1 fm, 4:00-5:30pm Fridays) LINDSAY ELLISON has invited our publisher T MAX to phone in after the 4:20 concert report (on the second Friday of each month) to add in some of The Noise Live Picks. Lolita: I should be doing that. But I guess it’s better for T Max to have fun with her—’cause I’d just start a cat fight with her. Two years ago I saw her look my man up and down!



Lolita: This title is not about un-explodable firecrackers. It’s clothes  we’re talking about. Rita: Some people, like Lolita and me, love them, and for others, it’s just what covers their back. Tell us about some clothing you bought recently. TONY SAVARINO (The Savtones/ Garvy J./ Black Fortress of Opium/ Dennis Brennan): After seeing Crossfire Hurricane I really got into the Stones’ early hipster/collegiate look. Suffice to say I became obsessed with finding the perfect pair of Chelsea boots and I found an amazing pair of black ones on Amazon for $60! *** DJ MÄTTHEW GRIFFIN (The Noise): My best recent purchase was a ’80s jet-black Unionbay jean jacket for $6 at Savers. It’s the perfect fit: very slimming and it’s cut high above the ass. I can’t decide if I’m going to paint something on the back of the jacket yet. I’ve kind of grown out of that, except on rainy Tuesdays. But my buddy Jeff Soderman of punk group Negligence, does killer silk screening jobs. Shopping with fellow shop-a-holics is the best. And I can’t go shopping anymore without my friend Christeen Friend. *** GREGORY REINAUER (Melodeego): I bought a pair of skinny jeans at Buffalo Exchange in Allston for $6!  I’m gonna pop some tags. *** KERRI POWERS (Kerri Powers): I purchased a very cool suede jacket in Austin, TX, while touring through there years ago. It was made in Portugal and has beautiful lines—very Western wear-bohemian. I thought for sure it was going to be an expensive jacket. Best news of the day was that the price tag read $50. I have loved Austin even more ever since!  *** RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band/ Lonesome Brothers): It was kind of like buying—I sent in six boxtops for a Raisin Bran T-shirt. The one with the smiling sun on it. Probably ended up costing me close to thirty bucks. That’s a lot of money, chewing, and fiber! Plus those cardboard boxes don’t go down so well! *** ANNE BROWN (The Noise): I recently bought a Rampage dress… very cool, long short-sleeved sleek sexy snap front… for $1 at Deja Vu in Beverly… many great buys there and on consignment row in Beverly… six boutiques. *** PETE CASSANI (The Peasants/ Bomb Squad Larry/ Beefy DC/ Stairway to Zeppelin/ 5:15): I think they’re called board shorts? Purple polyester with fluorescent green and violet dots. Believe it or not, they were the only ones I could see wearing without feeling like a buffoon! Sounds loud but they’re pretty cool. Watertown, Arsenal Mall, Marshalls. Maybe $16? Who knew you could get a cool swim suit at Marshalls? Now I just need the season sticker to Walden Pond and am good to go! I think this is the earliest I’ve ever bought a swimsuit. *** LIZ FRAME (Liz Frame & the Kickers) Last year I made a trip to Nashville and within the first hour of my arrival, bought myself an exquisite pair of cowboy boots. They weren’t cheap and I almost didn’t do it, but my boyfriend nudged me along and reminded me that I’d kick myself afterward (no pun intended) if I didn’t buy them. I’m so glad I did! I wear them on stage all the time. Lolita: We saw Liz with her boots… and her brand new band T-shirt! Everyone is probably wearing them by now.




Rita: Like a fashion-conscious person finding a cool piece of clothing, musicians love to find strange instruments—like T MAX’s ukelin. I’m going to ask other musicians what they have in the way of abnormal instruments.  CORIN ASHLEY (Corin Ashley): I get all my weird instruments outside from Norm. Good ol’ Norm. I love my Omnichord! It’s a toy electric autoharp with really cool sounds. Put that through a delay pedal and you’ve got an instant artsy-fartsy arrangement on any tune. It has a good back-story, too. I had to meet a preacher in a suburban mall parking lot to get it. His wife used to use it for choir practice, but she had moved up to a new Casio and hadn’t used it in years. That’s what you want; an Omnichord that’s been church-raised.  All that aside, what I really want is Roger Lavallee’s Marxaphone. You should ask him about that. Lolita: Okay I will… ROGER LAVALLEE (Curtain Society): Oh yeah, the mysterious Marxophone. It’s like an autoharp without the auto. You press a springy lever and it strikes and bounces on the strings. It was probably sold out of the Sears & Roebuck catalog in the early 1900s. I think it came with an instruction booklet called The Marxophone Manifesto. *** JACOB PARDEE (Mamadou): I discovered a Hammond organ with my father at the dump one day. I didn’t understand the instrument but loved to hear it warm up and humorously wind down. Some years later I began listening to organ trios and started to play the instrument more frequently. Turns out it’s a 1965 Hammond A-100. A very good find! *** KEVIN WALL (Walker Brothers Band): Years ago I received a Kalimba, which is an African thumb piano. I recently saw Philip Bailey from Earth, Wind & Fire play one onstage. He had the grand piano version. Mine only has one octave and easily fits in my hand. I plan to record a loop with it and incorporate it into my live acoustic shows. *** TIM MUNGENAST (Timworld):  Many of my instruments are way outside the norm, but for the question of the month I’m choosing The Great Cedar, built by Scott Beckwith of Birdsong Guitars (in the hill country of Texas). It’s made of Western red cedar from an old house beam, and the design that Scott came up with is unique, sort of a painter’s palette ovoid thing. It has one visible pickup plus one hidden pickup stuck in the neck joint to “hear” the neck vibrations. It’s an absolute joy to own, play, feel, and look at. Honorable mention goes to my Teak Wonder, and my mid-’60s Egmond Typhoon, which is covered in red Tolex. *** FRANCIS DiMENNO (Wrong Hero/ The Noise): I own some toy instruments, which are kind of interesting, including a Casio SK-1 sampling keyboard, a vintage toy electronic bongo and harmonica, a mandolin, and a tube of gloom. I also had a child’s violin, but ended up giving it to my musician friend Dave McMahon. *** MICHAEL P. AROIAN (Elsewhere): An instrument that I own that would be considered somewhat outside the norm would be my trusty Roland GR 30 Guitar Synthesizer. One of my heroes, Andy Summers, used to use the early Roland guitar synths a lot and my kick ass producer Dave Minehan calls it my “secret weapon” as it is a nice atmospheric and layering tool for our misunderstood sound. Synths sound different with strings. *** TERRY KITCHEN (Terry Kitchen): I have both an autoharp and a banjitar. I’ve used both on recordings—I love the autotharp’s sound (you can hear one on the Stones’ “You Got the Silver”) but it has something like 100 strings so it’s a bitch to keep in tune. The banjitar—the body of a banjo but with the neck and strings of a guitar—is fun but it’s balanced differently than a guitar and keeps falling off my lap! *** BILL GOFFRIER (Big Dipper/ Bill & Karlee Goffrier): I enjoy writing and performing on my electric baritone uke, a kala. My only complaint is how often I have to replace the G string, but then maybe it’s my own fault for all the shredding. *** JEREMY LYONS (Deltabilly/ Deltasilly/ the Ever Expanding Elastic Waste Band): Two-string slide basses—my first Sandman-inspired instrument. Short scale (26.25”), by “Washtub” Robbie Phillips (Pinewood Instruments). Generic guitar body, nut riser, custom bone saddle; 1/2 Fender PBass pickup. I recently converted a Teisco (Japan) bass, similar set up; 30.5” scale. Four-string electric “Pinewood Diddley Bo,” also by Robbie; one-piece yellow pine body/neck, fretless rosewood finger board, Teisco pickup. Amazing slide sound.Tuning: DAda.  Eight-string electric bouzouki—Robbie built this from a Teisco “Zenon.” IncredibIy shaped pick-guard, Kay bass pickup and Robbie’s beautiful and distinctive paint job. Tuned exactly where it was when he gave it to me: fFcCffcc. *** INGE BERGE (Inge Berg): I own a reed instrument that I bought for $2 at a flea market in Tunisia. It’s made from a goat antler and some sort of bamboo. It makes the sound of a very sickly soprano sax. It’s featured in a track of mine called “Will There Always Be a Stone in My Heart.” Lolita: I hope that’s not like a kidney stone—that would be mighty painful. Rita: And it’s painful to say it, but we won’t see you again ’til September! Lolita: But you can come around to see us in the clubs.


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