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Rita: During the month of November, the man who runs this country for the next four years will be chosen. We all know that President Obama and Mitt Romney are busy pointing out each other’s flaws, but how many people know about a candidate from right here in New England? In the print issue we introduce to you VERMIN SUPREME. But life gets boring when it’s all politics—that’s why we’ve featured the soulfully feisty SHEA ROSE. And if you want to dig back into the ’80s and bring it into today—we have Human Sexual Response to entertain you. And to show that we care about your learning experience, there is the Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library (in the print issue only).


Lolita: November is also the time when families come together for a feast revolved around giving thanks for what we have. Step right up and tell us what Thanksgiving means to you. ASA BREBNER (Asa Brebner/ Family Jewels): Most of what we have been taught about the “hallmark card” Thanksgiving is a recent historical fiction. There was a real first Thanksgiving.  In 1657 Governor John Winthrop of the Massachusetts Bay Colony proclaimed it in a speech:  To celebrate the safe return of a band of heavily armed Colonial volunteers from what is now Mystic, where they massacred 700 Pequot Indians—men, women, and children. Nice!  I’m not that big a fan of the whole turkey dinner thing, although it’s good to see people who you are fond of and don’t see often. I prefer the leftover turkey sandwich complete with stuffing, cranberry sauce, and mayonnaise. ***  JOEY AMMO (Spot Mary): What Thanksgiving means to me is a tasty dinner at my sister’s house, and a silent escape 30 minutes later to watch football at home, after I’ve been sure to chat for a moment with everyone there. *** MAX BOWEN (Citywide Blackout): A time when we look at our lives and everything in it, and rather than see the glass half empty and complain about it, we show some gratitude to the people and circumstances that make our lives worth living. *** CARLENE BAROUS (Eric Barao Band/ Din, Temper/ Carlene Barous Band/ Paula Kelley): Thanksgiving lends itself to excess which is why (well, primarily why) I affiliated for the Noise with so many bands. Thanksgiving means eating a great meal at my Aunt Carmen’s, catching up with my family, especially the littler ones, remembering family members past, and noting that I am a lucky person. *** MACH BELL (Bag O’ Nails): Thanksgiving means I get to cook for a gang of people. I love to cook and I’m pretty good at it. Between singing gigs, I worked in a bunch of good kitchens. I worked garde manger at the Polo Lounge at Beverly Hills Hotel for two years and then I ran the bar-kitchen of the Boston Harbor Hotel for six. *** CARL BIANCUCCI (Classic Ruins): This year it means dinner gratis in Chicago, at the world’s greatest steakhouse (Gibson’s), having won my bet from two years ago that Obama gets re-elected. Either that, or paying for dinner, having lost my bet that Obama, etc. To paraphrase the Upper Crust, let them eat steak! *** RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band/ Lonesome Brothers): Heavy doses of tryptophan resulting in nodding out on chairs and sofas alongside members of the family whom you don’t get to see very often. *** ALBERT O (WUMB): Family, first and foremost, as well as being as far away from an airport as possible. *** “TRICKY” NIKI LUPARELLI (the Steamy Bohemians/ Niki Luparelli & the Gold Diggers/ Quiet Desperation): Thanksgiving is one of the many passive-aggressive holidays where I don’t call my father. Who’da thunk this bottle-blonde had daddy issues? Instead I send him a card that plays “Cat’s in the Cradle.” *** DJ MATTHEW GRIFFIN (the Noise): Thanksgiving past meant a packed car ride up through “the world’s largest parking lot”—93 North, to the Medford/ Salem Street exit and a turn down Farragut Avenue. There we would rush up the stairs and feel the familiar magical warmth of my grandparents’ house. My grandmother would call out “hello!” from another room, then come out to greet our faces with kisses, while the house smelled of that one special familiar fragrance and Nana June’s cooking. Then we’d stuff our faces; aunts and uncles napped out on the sofa; a game on the TV; a card game in the dining room; we’d sneak ice cream and whipped cream from the fridge and us kids would retreat to play in the “tropical room” (a sitting room). Then the long drive home where I’d think of the next visit for Christmas. Thanksgiving nowadays is an Indian buffet with my mother for two slightly bearable hours, then I rush back to my own home. *** PETER GOUTZOS aka LITTLE HAWKE (El Seven): The basic conquest myth facilitates that America was virgin land, all wilderness, inhabited by non-people called savages, sometimes described as demons or beasts in the shape of men. When the Europeans came here they didn’t have the skills to survive, so they went to us—the native people for help. Squanto was one of us. He taught them how to plant corn, squash, and pumpkins. Governor William Bradford called Squanto a gift from God. We lived among and worked for the settlers as slaves and indentured servants. After all of us helped them to survive, they gave us blankets loaded with small pox. They killed so many of us that it made the black plague look like a cold. So speaking for myself, I don’t celebrate Thanksgiving. It’s a day to mourn for all of us. Rita: Peter, thank you for reminding us of something that a lot of us easily forget.

“Tricky” Niki Luparelli


Lolita: And here now the news—that is the news that you don’t get from any other news source. Notice that our news doesn’t lead the latest terrible accident, the fire that displaced four families, or the hit-and-run by a popular elected official. We give you the news on music.  On the Town with Mikey Dee is being rebroadcast on UNRegular Radio on the “Boston Proper” channel..  Every Thursday from 10am-1pm. *** The Milky Way celebrates its 19th anniversary on Friday, 11/30, with a super hero costume party. *** AIMEE MANN’s video of “Labrador” (from her new CD Charmer) is a hilarious remake of “Voices Carry.” We were happy to see  ‘Til Tuesday’s original drummer MICHAEL HAUSMANN plays drums in the video. *** HIRSH GARDNER will be managing the new Boston Guitar Center that all stand in the old location on Mass. Ave. across from Berklee School of Music. The store is cleverly sub-titled Fenway Gate B (it’s their second store in the area). ***NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK: Five Brothers and a Million Sisters (Touchstone Hardcover; Simon & Schuster) is the first completely authorized biography of the band told by rock author Nikki Van Noy. *** The poor economy is not stopping Guitar Center. They opened a new store in Portsmouth New Hampshire (1600 Woodbury Ave.) and plan to occupy the space that was once Daddy’s Junky Music on Mass. Ave. in Boston (across from Berklee School of Music). *** ALL ASIA (Cambridge, MA) is looking for photos of bands playing at All Asia. Send to their Facebook page—All Asia Boston. *** After five years, JEFF ROYDS’ popular NEGB1 online local music site has come to an end. The local music community will miss his support. *** Our little brother publication Boston Counter Cultural Compass is the fastest growing ’zine in Boston. *** ERIN HARPE and RICHARD “ROSY” ROSENBLATT participated in the 2012 Boston Blues Challenge Solo/Duo Competition and won! They’re off to represent Boston at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis, TN, early next year. *** Knitting Factory Presents has taken over booking two venues in Providence, RI—Fete and Firehouse 13. *** The Longwood Players perform TOM STOPPARD’s Rock ‘n’ Roll play at the Cambridge YMCA 11/9-11/17. *** BIG DIPPER has recorded 12 new songs with guests appearances by Apollo 8 Mission Commander Frank Borman and Commander Module Pilot Jim Lovell. The new release, out on Nov. 27, is called Big Dipper Crashes on the Platinum PlanetRita: I guess soaring with Big Dipper is just as impressive as flying around the moon.


Lolita: With gift-giving right around the corner we wanted to let our music community members remind you that they have something to sell. Are you selling something? PETER RINNIG (QRST’s): QRST’s is your local screen printing/ digital printing and embroidery shop for all your band’s custom apparel. We have been printing local band shirts for over 20 years! You can print as little as 1 piece and we have special band rates. We are the actual printer. Why go somewhere where “they” just send it out and do not oversee what is printed? Also—in our online store at qrsts.com we have old school Boston band shirts for sale. We have officially licensed shirts from Morphine, Del Fuegos, the Neighborhoods, Tribe, Atlantics, V66, and the Rat club and much more! *** RICK BERLIN (with the Nickel & Dime Band): CDs. At all times. Backpack, CD Baby, iTunes, Bandcamp. I ask: “Did you download that beer for free?” More to the point from all of us—we sell the deep power of music to reach and heal the heart. *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/Musaner/Agachiko/Birdsongs of the Mesozoic):  Since you asked, I have a new solo CD being released in mid-November that features my music for a) animated films by my late wife Karen Aqua, and b) dance by NY-based Guggenheim winners Bridgman/Packer Dance. *** LARRY BANGOR (Human Sexual Response): I’m selling UNBA UNBA: Human Sexual Response Live 1982.  It’s the only audio/visual record of a complete HSR set–unless our Christmas or Mother’s Day shows are ever unearthed from the BFVF archives–ingeniously edited by Jan Crocker.  The music is good, but hearing the band yack over the set on the bonus commentary track is my favorite way to watch it.  The best place to snag a copy of the DVD is at the Humans show at House of Blues on November 10. *** PREACHER JACK (Preacher Jack): By the grace of almighty God the indie record label Cow Island Music and it’s wonderful founder Bill Hunt came into my life. In 2007 I was 27 years removed from my last label, Rounder Records, but divine intervention struck and with the help of my manager Peter “The Good Colonel” Levine I was once again a “recording artist”! We released a CD in ’07 titled “Pictures from Life’s Other Side,” which included previously recorded material. If you feel inclined, please log onto the Cow Island web-site and buy as many of my CDs as possible, they make wonderful Christmas AND Hanukkah gifts! God bless you all and “Kiss a Belly Button for Jesus!” *** MICHAEL P. AROIAN (Elsewhere): Is this a trick question? Sometimes in this day and age I almost feel embarrassed to say that we’re selling something… but indeed, whether we like it or not we all are selling ourselves everyday, and everything has a price. Elsewhere is a progressive-leaning alt /power-pop/ punk/ new wave trio that thrives on writing challenging yet accessible original rock songs. Our EP, 1981, while being somewhat ignored in the United States has received favorable press in Europe. We plan to go back in the studio soon with Dave Minehan to cut a new single/b-side. Please visit us on Facebook (elsewhereband) or  elsewhere-band.com—we’ll update that website soon-—promise!



Lolita: Here’s some extra tidbits that you might be interested in. The Skeleton Beats include AMY VON EERIE (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), JOE ANDERSON (bass), KEVIN RYAN (lead guitar), and MIKE REINHALTER (drums). *** Members of CAVE IN have formed ZOZOBRA. *** KIER & MANDY BYRNES are about to become parents any moment now. *** Rita: Since this issue comes out right around Halloween,  our friend Michael will describe his favorite horror monster without telling us the monster’s name.  MICHAEL J. EPSTEIN (…Memorial Library/ Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling/ Darling Pet Munkee/ Space Balloons): Bright green skin and a flat-top head. He’s too big to fit under your bed. Scarred-up chin and a neck with pegs. If it weren’t for the lightning, he’d be dead. Lolita: Ooo ooo—I know who you mean—his wife has a wonderful hairdo, and people often refer to him as the name of his creator. Rita: And with that we’ll leave you ’til next month. Enjoy your life while you’re alive. And support our wonderful advertisers!

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