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Rita: This issue is packed with features on New England artists encompassing many musical genres. The electro-pop FREEZEPOP stole our hearts with their latest unique video. We grabbed the charismatic singer songwriter ELLIS PAUL right before he played Me & Thee Coffeehouse. Displaying their metal, hardcore, and hard-rock roots, AGE OF END played one massive festival—and we were there. DESTROY BABYLON delivers the dubby-reggae like the original Jamaicans in the ’70. And… GODDAMN DRACULA? How could we resist some true classic horror flavor for our special creepy Halloween issue?



Lolita: It’s time to start thinking about what you’ll be wearing for Halloween. If you start planning your costume now, instead of the last minute, you’ll have much better results. Rita: Not everyone has your skills in tailoring and can put together a “Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” pair of costumes (see photo), like you did for you and T MAXLolita: I’m not getting that elaborate this year, I may just go as a tooth. Rita: A tooth?! Lolita: Yes, because one of my molars feels like it’s the size of my head. Rita: That doesn’t seem too strange—I’ve always thought of you as a pinhead. Lolita: You #@%&!  Rita: Ahhhh! Stop pulling my hair—or I’ll rip your dress! Lolita: You let go first! T Max: What the heck is going on in here?Rita & Lolita: She started it! T Max: Well, keep it down, they’re recording next door and the walls are paper thin—you’ll ruin their recording. Chief Kooffreh: Excuse me lovely women, sorry to barge in on you… but could you scream a little louder? I want to add it to the song I’m recording called, “My Million of Fans Are Fighting Over Me.” T Max: While the gals are getting unbearably loud, I’ll make up a Question of the Month.



T Max: The first thing off the top of my head is… What have you recently bought from a hardware store? LARRY BANGOR (Human Sexual Response): Only an hour ago, I bought mousetraps from Lowes, and had to decide between neck-snapping, poisoning, or glue-trapping them so they die of thirst.  What a world we live in. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): I recently bought an axe, a shovel, and some lye from Home Depot in Somerville. Mind your own business as to what I’m gonna do with it! *** VALERIE KAHN-DORATO (Time Tunnel):  I just bought a ton of plastic sheeting and a chainsaw at Green’s Ace Hardware in Marblehead. Thankfully, the cashier didn’t ask what I wanted those items for. Lolita: Looks like Kier and Valerie could be working on an interesting project together. *** JOEY AMMO (Spot Mary) I recently stopped into True Value Hardware on Centre St. in West Roxbury to buy a cleaving hatchet with which to kill my bassist. ***MICHAEL J. EPSTEIN (…Memorial Library/ Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling/ Darling Pet Munkee/ Space Balloons): We recently bought green plungers from Ace Hardware in Porter Square to make Tralfamadorian puppets for a Space Balloons video inspired by Kurt Vonnegut characters. *** GLENN WILLIAMS (Low Budget Records): I’ve been doing a ton of sound work this summer. One of the things Roslindale’s Billy Carl Mancini taught me, was to “put your gear away after a gig thinking about setting up your next.” After one spaghetti cable setup, I went to Roslindale Hardware and got 20 velcro cable straps. Breakdowns may take twice as long, but setup is a breeze.  Credit the World According to Bill. *** RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band / Lonesome Brothers): Last winter I bought a very wide snow shovel at Florence Hardware in Florence, MA.  Maybe I’ll finally get to use it this year! Lolita: Hey Ray—you better get use to our New England global warming winters—it doesn’t really snow in New England anymore.



Rita: I guess the price of snow-blowers in New England will be going down. Here’s what else we heard about: Guitar Stop is celebrating 50 years of doing business in Cambridge, MA. They gave away a Fender Strat, a Takamine acoustic guitar, and a Cordoba Uke. *** HAVILAND, an cappella group of Berklee College of Music students, won $2,500 in the La La Luden’s Jingle Contest. *** The Annie, Gloucester’s community arts theatre, has closed its doors due to the high costs of running the place. Director HENRY ALLEN plans to take his North Shore Folklore Theatre Company into the community, making the arts accessible to all. *** FREEZEPOP has brought something new to music videos. They have a nice and a nasty version of “Doppelgänger” (both produced by MIKE GIL), and while you watch it you can edit between the two videos at your heart’s content. Watch it on Freezepop’s website. *** The new TV show, Indiefair Playlist, features New England musicians performing live at Indiefair Studios in Londonderry, NH.  The show, on WBIN-TV, can be seen on Saturdays at 11:30pm. *** On 12/12/12, BANG! BROS. will attempt to break a world record by playing 12 cities in under 24 hours. Their tour spans between New Bedford and Newburyport. *** LISA MANNING THE SINGING POET was banned from the open mic at Absolutely Fabulous in Melrose, MA. Apparently her material is just too controversial. *** ERIK LINDGREN (Birdsongs of the Mesozoic) is arranging a musical piece for the Georgia Symphony Orchestra. *** Paradise Cafe at 565 High Street in Dedham, MA, is now offering live music with RAY BRADY doing the booking. *** The HUMAN SEXUAL RESPONSE reunion has been moved from the Paradise Rock Club to the House of Blues on 11/10 (7:00pm)—it’s an all-ages show. *** DROPKICK MURPHYS forthcoming 2013 album, Signed and Sealed in Blood, is produced by TED HUTT (Gaslight Anthem/ Old Crow Medicine Show), recorded at Q Division, and mixed by JOE CHICCARELLI (the White Stripes). *** THE BEL AIRS were named Best of NH, 2012 by New Hampshire Magazine, and will be back at the Topsfield Fair on 10/3 at 12:30, 1:30, and 2:30. *** PAUL DAVIDSON from Manchester, NH, puts together entertainment called the O.B.E. show. Viewers should be aware that this is not BILL T. MILLER’s O.B.E.  Bill is cool about it—he’ll probably do a show with them. *** JOHNNY CARLEVALE & THE ROLLIN’ PINS have created a tribute show to New England rock ‘n’ roll of the 1950s. *** JULIE DOUGHERTY and WOODY WOODWARD celebrated 22 years of marriage in September. *** Friday, October 26 at CinemaSalem is the 6th annual screening of the locally produced Die You Zombie Bastards!… a Halloween tradition!  This year’s extravaganza features music by 138, Salem’s own Misfits cover band.  Plus ZombieBomb, Super Inga and more surprise guests. *** JIM CHILSON (Ten Foot Polecats) was featured, along with KEITH RICHARDS, this September in an article on Gibson.com that described how each guitarist plays in open G tuning with only five strings. *** QRST’s has added an online designer to its website. Lolita: With absolutely no art ability, I designed a T-shirt for my boyfriend. Rita: She’s lying—she has no boyfriend!


Lolita: Can you believe the stupid Question of the Month T Max came up with? Doesn’t he know this is our Halloween issue? I’m going to ask, in honor of Halloween, our friends to describe the best local band costume(s) you’ve ever seen? MR. CURT [MC3]:  Back in 1994, Izzy and T. Maxwell as the Borg, “cybernetic humanoid drones in pursuit of unemotional mechanical perfection, which can be achieved through assimilation (a process that takes individuals and technology, enhancing and controlling them).” These critters were part of the Star Trek TV series. Izzy and T Max’s exacting robotic outfits were a major hit and led them to form a live performance-art musical duo, release an album, and make TV appearances, which brought their father-son relationship to new heights of communion. Totally memorable! *** MATT J (the Bynars): I once saw a band called Heck House open up for Bane on Halloween ’99. They wore ski masks, glow-in-the-dark T-shirts, and played the most atrocious 25-minute cover of “Roadhouse Blues” I’d ever heard.  It was perhaps the most meaningful and authentic thing I’ve ever seen in my life. *** MICKEY BLISS (Cantab): Some years ago, Mikey Dee (may his soul be sanctified) and I co-produced a Halloween extravaganza. It was a phenomenal happening: All of the artists, and most of the patrons, adorned themselves in very lavish, realistic (for the most part) costumes. Mikey himself, put on a velvet skullcap, a silk garberdine, phylacteries, and a prayer shawl. He styled himself as the radical Rabbi of the New Age. And, as was his won’t, he played his role to the hilt. At the end of the evening, it fell upon Mikey to judge the costume contest. As he stood swaying, raised up on the podium, reading the words from his sacred scroll, encircled by ghouls and goblins, witches and warlocks, pimps and pirates, harlots and whores, he looked for all the world like a righteous zaddick preaching to Satan’s synagogue. And, while Mikey may have been play acting, his words nevertheless burned my consciousness like black flames on a white sky, as they revealed the sublime secret that one’s purpose in life is to study the teachings and to do good deeds. *** PAUL ROBICHEAU (the Improper Bostonian): For pure impact, you can’t beat Human Sexual Response hitting the stage in matching skeleton costumes and face paint for the band’s Halloween 1984 reunion at Spit, especially when the singers crawled up web-like nets to stare down the crowd. Thinking about it only whets my appetite for another reunion at House of Blues on November 10. *** MACH BELL (Bag O’ Nails): I was in for a nightmarish Halloween surprise back in 2005 at the Midway Cafe. All three of my Mach 5 bandmates (Jimmy Birmingham, Jeff Thomas, and Dee Stroy) thought it would be amusing to play our set dressed-up as me, Mach Bell. I’m talking blonde fright-wigs, ridiculous bug-eye specs and rodeo clown clothing. They all looked exactly like me—and it was a truly revolting sight. *** MARK KAYE (Hear Now Live): Love in Stockholm as Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and Michael Bernier & the Uprising as Bob Marley & the Wailers, although it would have been nice to see Oldjack perform as Jenny Lewis. *** DJ MÄTTHEW GRIFFIN (the Noise): It would have to be when I dressed up as my alter-ego Sister Mary F**king Atrocious—a pregnant nun who gave birth to a bloody gourd, at a Halloween party three years ago. There is even video of the birth up on YouTube. Hey, how do you get a nun pregnant?  Guess.*** DAVID DELUCA (Highway Ghosts): I remember being at a Halloween show a couple years back.  The guitar player’s girlfriend showed up in a black dress with a dollar bill on top of her head.  The costume was called, “All you can eat under a buck.” Lolita: I guess the Halloween zombies finished her off pretty quickly.



Rita: Hey, look who’s got something new going on… BILL GOFFRIER (Big Dipper) has joined up with KARLEE DEAN to form KARLEE DEAN & BILL GOFFRIER, a duo that had a contest with listeners on the web with their song “She’s Running Late.” *** Keyboardist ZENOBLA VERITAS has joined LUCRETIA’S DAGGERS. *** A BIT MUCH is no longer too much at all—the band broke up. *** Punk metal crossovers MONGREL have added drummer MIKE HOGAN. Their CD release is at Mad Bob’s in Manchester, NH, on 10/5. *** HUM consists of DEB HARDY, ALYCE UNDERHILL, and KERRY MULLEN. They hum very nicely together and their name just happens to have their last name initials. *** ENDATION is ANTHONY CONLEY and MATT GRABER. Their CD release is at Radio on 10/6. *** MEATHEAD is PAUL ARMSTRONG, DUCKY CARLISLE, MARC HICKOX, and SAL BAGLIOLolita: Is this name a reference to All in the Family or is it a Meatloaf tribute band?  I know it’s neither.



Rita: I’ve been thinking that our country would benefit from a three party system. And in the election you’d vote for them in order of preference, so that one party couldn’t act as a spoiler. Anyone out there want to add their two cents?  LIZ FRAME(Liz Frame & the Kickers): This country would benefit greatly if we had more than two political parties to choose from. More party choices mean better, more nuanced politics, better information, and ultimately more voters making themselves heard. European nations know this. We should follow their lead. Rita: Thank you, Liz. You’re our only friend who felt the urge to talk some politics this month. Now everyone else out there better start paying attention and vote on November 6th for the candidates who will serve you best. Lolita: We’ll see you in a month—with a story on a third party presidential candidate—VERMIN SUPREME! If you’re looking for change—Vermin is your man! Rita: Spare change?

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