Rita & Lolita

Rita: Wow—what a great summer we had. Lolita: We? Maybe you had a great summer, but I was dumped by my boyfriend (who will remain nameless), and I threw out my back moving my records out of his house. Rita: I thought you already sold your vinyl collection. Lolita: I did. I was talking about my dental records. Rita: Let’s get out of your mouth and tell the readers what’s in this issue. Lolita: You mean this 31st anniversary issue? Rita: That’s exactly what I mean. We have JAMES MONTGOMERY, RICHARD MARR (Galaxy Park Studios), and TONY JONES & THE CRETIN 3; and the Noise has been around longer than half our readers. And luckily we were only five years old when we first were asked to contribute to a simple 8.5- by 11-inch, stapled fanzine that covered the Boston music scene. Rita: Before we bore the readers with our reminiscing, let’s find out what kind of fun the musicians we know had over the summer.


Lolita: Hey Corin! What was your non-musical highlight of your summer? CORIN ASHLEY (…& his Electric Bulldog Sun Machine): Every year, we try to spend at least a few days in Ocean City, NJ, where I have been going since I was a little boy. I work a lot in the summer—every weekend and  a lot of nights—so it’s my dedicated few days to try to redeem myself as a daddy when we are there. Harrison and wife and I had a great time just riding our bikes and splashing around. *** VALERIE KAHN-DORATO (Time Tunnel): The highlight of my summer was having Woody Allen rent my house to film his first horror movie! His location scout had discovered that our home has a bizarre and horrific history during the time it was a Kosher slaughterhouse! We were paid five thousand for the use of our house (we had to leave for a week) and we get to meet Woody at the premiere next year! Look for  Crimes and Mister Wieners at a theatre near you next summer! *** EDRIE (Walter Sickert & the Army of Broken Toys): My favorite moment of summer thus far was swimming in the ocean on a secret beach at sunset with Walter Sickert, who is really a Squid King—I snapped a picture for proof. FRANK “PACO” STEWART (Bristol Recording Studios): My non-musical summer highlight did come about as a result of my July CD/video release party in Boston… in that I have not been allowed contact (a long soap opera) with my two grandsons (ages 3 and 8) in Atlanta for about three years. But with the party as the fulcrum, there we were at Logan Airport with them bounding across the terminal floor into our waiting arms; with the 3-year-old screaming “I’m so excited, I’m so excited”! The party was ultimately fantastic, but having them there was the true “miracle” of the summer! In life’s great scheme of what is really important, family bonds of love, support, and understanding trump all else! Lolita: Where have you been all my life?



Rita: The summer of 2012 may always be remembered for the season when WFNX held its own funeral.  JULIE KRAMER and HENRY SANTORO (along with four other FNXers) were hired by the Boston Globe/Boston.com to build a streaming radio station—Radio BDC. They launched with alternative music, news, interviews, etc. *** MELODEEGO is shooting a video with RON SPERLING (director/ producer of Season of the Haunted 2003). *** Drum Center of Portsmouth recognized as one of the TOP 100 Independent Music Retailers in the USA by NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants)! We’re still sending drummers up there to check out their amazing snare drum collection. *** For those who like things a little strange, check out ROB POTYLO’s “911 Was an Inside Job” presented by Nickelodeon Kids Music on YouTube, or “Coin Operated War” (yes, it to the tune of “Coin Operated Boy” by the Dresden Dolls), or Rob’s own version of Woody Guthrie’s “Jesus Christ” with the altered title, “Bill Hicks.” *** CASEY DESMOND’s video of “Deja Vu” can now be found on YouTube. *** TODD RUNDGREN was the keynote speaker at the Boston Section of the Audio Engineering Society annual banquet where TONY SHULTZ (Big T Productions) was re-elected to a third term as Section Chair. *** A new TV show, Indiefair Playlist, features New England musicians filmed performing live at Indiefair Studios in Londonderry, NH. The show starts on Saturday, 9/1 at 11:00 PM on WBIN (channel 18 Boston; check you local listings).  *** MATT FARLEY (Moes Haven) co-wrote, produced and stars in the new movie Don’t Let The Riverbeast Get You! (Motern Media). This is the third collaboration between Matt and writer director CHARLES ROXBURGH and premieres on Sunday, 9/2 (6:00), at the West Newton Cinema. *** LENNY LASHLEY (Darkbuster) and SHAMUS MOYNIHAN are now booking the Midway. *** RANDI MILLMAN  (x-T.T. the Bear’s) is booking Johnny D’s. *** JOHN SURRETTE (Boys Life/ DeNiros/ Ex-Girlfriends/ Boston Rock Opera) and DAVID MINEHAN (the Neighborhoods/ Woolly Mammoth Sound) are working together on Tomorrow the World, a punk rock opera. Lolita: Mama mia—that sounds like it will be fun.


Rita: You do know that famous people are really just regular folks who excelled in their area of expertise—so much so, that another person or persons felt like they could make a lot of money off their talent. So who was the most famous person (or talented regular folk) you’ve ever personally interacted with? LINDA VIENS (adam&eve): I had a delicious moment with Steven Tyler many moons ago; we were hanging out at Aerosmith’s club MamaKin after a Boston Rock Opera show of Jesus Christ Superstar and the band was in the house. I spotted Steven across the room and approached him, sticking out my hand and saying, “I just want to say hello and to thank you for showing us all how it’s done/ you have rocked so gloriously and for so long/ you are an inspiration!!”  Our hands never let go, and he pulled me in for a warm, long, lingering, kiss on the lips, saying “Thank you so much, it means a lot to hear that,” and smiled into my eyes. *** PETER RINNIG (QRST’s): Many many years ago (1988?—not sure!!) I saw Jane’s Addiction at the Metro. They were really really bad—drunk or high or both. I said to the person standing next to me how horrible they were and he said he had personally seen worse. Then I realized that the person next to me was Tom Hamilton from Aerosmith. *** JOEY AMMO (Spot Mary): The most famous person I ever met was probably Perry Farrell at a Landsdowne Street club. I had just seen Porno for Pyros in Tijuana, so I approached him and talked to him about what an awesome time it was. He seemed really out of it. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): We have been fortunate to meet a lot of famous people along our travels; however, my favorite was when Fred Noe (great-grandson and master distiller of Jim Beam) flew us down to perform a one-off show at a party he was throwing at his estate. Later, he gave us a private tour of the distillery and he uncorked some of his favorite stock and we all drank straight out of the barrel. *** SARAH RABDAU (Sarah RabDAU & Self-Employed Assassins/ Foolish Ida): I worked as a PA on a documentary that Glenn Close was serving as the voiceover for. The director Bob Billheimer and Glenn were both so gracious and wonderful, and it was such a pleasure to be around them and work for them for the day. I was intimidated to meet Glenn based on characters she’s played, but she could not have been more lovely. And as someone who listens to voiceovers all the time, her reads were so skillful and powerful that I got teary at one point. That never happens.  They were both classy, smart, and elegant. You could not ask for a better day of work with someone that you’ve admired since you were a kid. *** DAVE WESTNER (Woolly Mammoth Sound): Of the many famous, or infamous people I’ve met, John Entwistle was the coolest.  I was a sound guy at the old House of Blues in Cambridge, and he walked in one night when Zak Starkey was playing with some band or another, and the Ox came into the sound booth and said hello.  I said something back to him (can’t remember what, and it is unimportant to the story), and he said, “Sorry, say that again.”  And I responded with, “Jeez man, too bad you guys had to play so goddamned loud all those years, or you woulda heard what I just said to you.”  He laughed and said, “It wasn’t the gigs, it was the damned studio engineers. they made the headphones so fuckin’ LOUD!”  We had a good laugh. *** MELVERN TAYLOR (Melvern Taylor & his Fabulous Meltones): In the ’90s I worked at a place in Chestnut Hill that sold American arts and crafts. One day around Christmas Joe Perry comes in with his  wife (maybe girlfriend?) and they buy this really “cute” ceramic tea pot/ tea cup set. When they get to the counter to pay for it Joe says to his wife “Oh, I think they will really enjoy that!” Since the age of 12, I had dreamed of the day I would get to meet Joe Perry. I had several different scenarios that would play in my head. None of them involved an adorable ceramic tea set. Life hates me. *** JAY ALLEN (… & the Archcriminals): I’ve met the Ramones a few times, but the best was backstage in 1983 at Boston’s University’s Sargent Gym.  The backstage was the locker room.  Johnny was reading a wrestling magazine with a bloody Andre the Giant on the cover.  Dee Dee noticed it and said, “I think Andre the Giant is Jewish.” Johnny dismissively retorted, “He’s from France.”  Dee Dee replied, “He must be from the Jewish part of France.” True story, heard it with my own ears.  It’s an even better story in person because I can do a mean Dee Dee impression. *** FRANK STROM (Noise): Back during the long-ago  when I was an actual paid professional in the biz instead of an unemployed has-been, I was fortunate enough to work with a short list of big names. The best was writing a couple of Power Rangers comic scripts for Steve (The Amazing Spider-Man) Ditko, who has a quirky reputation but turned in an absolutely beautiful art job. The most sad and happy instance was writing a story for the bizarre Marvel Valentine’s Day Special. The original plan was that I’d get to work with my great hero and buddy Jaime (Love and Rockets) Hernandez. Due to another commitment, Jaime had to beg off… but my editor ended up snagging Dan (Betty & Veronica) DeCarlo for the job! DeCarlo has always been my lifelong idol, so this was like a dream. DeCarlo couldn’t understand some of the (screwy) script, but that was entirely my fault. *** MATT J (the Bynars): I recently met Brent Spiner (Commander Data) at a Star Trek Convention in Philadelphia.  I waited in line for an autograph and when it was finally my turn, I went on a good minute-long rant telling him that I was a huge fan of the show, that I was in a band named The Bynars (named after the TNG characters), that I’d made the journey from Massachusetts, and I was there to get his autograph for my band mate who wasn’t able to attend.  He replied “Did I really have to know that whole story?”  I also once saw Jack Williams from Channel 4 at Shaws. ***  TONY JONES (Tony Jones & The Cretin 3/ the Tony Jones Show): I had the privilege of meeting semi-retired pro-wrestling announcer “Mean” Gene Okerlund. Growing up, he was one of my favorite wrestling characters. Sorry kids, “Mean” Gene is a pretty nice guy. *** ASA BREBNER (Asa Brebner/ Family Jewels): Recently I went to an after-party for the PEN awards at a fancy home near Beacon Hill.  Floating about the 60-person soiree were Paul Simon (limpest handshake award), Leonard Cohen, Elvis Costello, Peter Guralnick, Peter Wolf, Salman Rushdie. My good friend Bill Flanagan had organized the event. I was mostly interested in meeting God: Chuck Berry, who sat quietly on a couch a room or two away from the main fanfare. He was soft-spoken and projected humility. I managed to to state with some modicum of sincerity that his music had influenced my life. (Who cares?, I’m almost a nobody, not there’s anything wrong with that.) He accepted my nearly stuttering worship with grace, but was much more interested in Andrea Gillis who sat on the other side of him on the couch. He held hands with her and said, “Girl you got cold hands, let me warm them up.” All in all an uplifting experience, but a little eerie—almost like you were attending a funeral at which the person being lauded and eulogized was still present. And hey—they were. *** MR. CURT  (MC3):  Fame may be fleeting, but meeting Mr. Brian Eno twice registers pretty highly. First time: he was doing press interviews for his debut solo LP, Here Comes the Warm Jets, and I was invited with a small group of writers (he still was a bit unknown, despite Roxy Music fame). Cordial and calm, we sat around chatting for almost an hour after interview. Whoa!  Second: another press junket, this time for Nerve Net, which was held at MFA School to general public. A short hello amidst a large gathering because now he was much more well-known and a bit less open. *** NIKI LUPARELLI (Niki Luparelli & the Gold Diggers/ the Steamy Bohemians): When I met Davy Jones backstage during the last tour before he died, he said, “Wow, you smell really good.” I was too starstruck to tell him that it was my special mix of weed and Chanel. *** MARK BRYANT (Plimro Records): Hanging out with Carroll O’Connor at a house party in New York and having dinner and drinks with him afterward was very cool. He even picked up the tab! He was one very cool guy and funny as hell. *** CAL CALI (Cal Cali’s New Experience/ Jetset): New Orleans, late ’80s , Fats Domino. Guess I was pretty toasted. Security guy took $10 to bring me into an empty dressing room. One by one, the Nevilles came in and finally Fats! I kinda stuck out  if you know what I mean! Fat’s was gracious and even gave me a plate of shrimp cocktail and jambalaya! What a great guy!  At the show I started screaming “Ain’t That a Shame.”  He stood up, looked over, sat down, started to play it, laughed, pointing at me, and went right  into “Blue Monday.”   It was awesome! *** TONY deBRITO (NE Music City): When I was 17, I became friends with the Robert Goulet entourage. They invited me to the New York rehearsals at the Ed Sullivan Theatre. While there I met Mr. Ed Sullivan himself as he came in the elevator and asked me if I had a light for his cigarette. Next, I was in the aisle seat waiting for the rehearsal, when down the aisle came Diana Ross carrying a little dog. She asked me to hold her dog. She was so cool and wonderful. I told her I had a lot of Supremes records. *** SUSAN SCOTTI (Last Call Agency/ Berklee School of Music): At a late-night party at Steve Morses’, Eddie Vedder came along after an impromptu Toad appearance. Because I was going into some very serious surgery a couple of days later, a lot of people were wishing me luck. Eddie asked about it and then proceeded to comfort me in an otherworldly way. He was like a guru, saying things to me that honestly made me feel like everything was going to be okay. It was intense. At about 5am when he was leaving he hugged me and said “Susan, will you please remember all of the things I told you?” I said, “I’m pretty sure I will, Eddie Vedder.”  I hope someday I can thank him. Lolita: So, I guess your serious surgery went well. Susan: It did! I had a benign brain tumor that had been affecting my health for years… I’ve never felt better!



Rita: Now that everyone is in a wonderful mood, we can celebrate with all these musicians who have found each other. CHELSEA BERRY BAND includes CHELSEA BERRY lead vocals and rhythm guitar), MICHAEL THOMAS DOYLE (lead guitar), PETE IANNITTO (bass), MIKE MOSCHETTO (drums), and RENEE DOPUIS and ANNMARIE SHIMANOSKI on backup vocals. *** MELISSA KAPLAN (x-Splashdown/ Universal Hall Pass) has teamed up with KASSON CROOKER (Symbion Project) to create a frenetic electro-pop cover of Astrud Gilberto’s “The Crickets Sing For AnaMaria.” *** The 30-member ANIMAL HOSPITAL ENSEMBLE includes musicians from the bands Battlehouse, Gem Club, Geoglyphs, Hallelujah to the Hills, Helms, Ho-Ag, Marconi, Neptune, the Operators, Tristan da Cunha, Your Reflection, and more. *** I HAVE EARS have changed their name to THE BATSKULLS. *** TIME TUNNEL is just getting its feet wet with VALERIE KAHN-DORATO (vocals), SPIRO PAPANASTASIOU (bass), TERRY ANGELLI (guitar/ vocals), PAUL MAFFA (lead guitar), and AL McGURL (drums). *** CAL CALI’S NEW EXPERIENCE includes CAL CALI (vocals/ drums), MATT BRODEUR (vocals/ guitar), SCHMEL HERBIE HIND (rhythm guitar), and STEVEN MOORE (bass). *** SHELTERBELT is a new Boston band that includes WINSTON BRAMAN (Fuzzy/ Thalia Zedek/ Consonant/ Come/ Count-me-outs), TOM NOVOTNY (Mittens), BRETT SAIIA (Juliana Hatfield/ Frank Smith) and JONATHAN ULMAN  (Common Thrill/ Muy Cansado). *** The band WINCHESTER has changed their name to THE DRUNKEN NUNS. Lolita: I can almost hear the conversation between band members… Guitarist: I don’t know, Winchester isn’t doing it for me. It doesn’t have enough edge. Bassist: People think of the town, not the gun. Drummer: We need something that represents us more realistically. Lead Vocalist: Gimme that friggin’ bottle! Ahhhh—you’re spilling the tequila all over my habit. Ooops, I need to pray to the porceline god—watch out… grrrrrupphh. That was nasty. Can we skip the rest of rehearsal?



Rita: This may not be a great question, but it’s been bothering me lately. Before World War II, what was World War I called? Lolita: Terrible question. You should have gotten the drunken nuns to answer it. Rita: Actually we only had one taker offer his opinion. A.J. WACHTEL (the Noise): According to my grandfather, who was in the U.S. Navy in Pauliac, France, in 1918, WWI was called “that f***ing war.” He didn’t talk much about his experiences, but in the early ’80s I had a girlfriend with the French last name Beauvais, and he told me to never go out with a French woman. I believe Pauliac is near Bourdeaux so I assume wine had something to do with all of this negativity. Lolita: Blame WWI on wine. Rita: Enjoy the rest of the issue and we’ll see you back here in October.

RIP: Carl Rasmussen, aka Spike Viper. A regular at X-IT 13 club in Worcester, vocalist/guitarist in Dead-Wrong, and a roadie for the Commandos. Carl was hit by a car while on his bike on July 23. He was 48.

RIP: Mark “Marky Mayhem” Hussey died on July 2 after a three-year battle with cancer. Mark worked as musician and audio engineer for four decades around Boston and Portland, ME.

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