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Rita: We like to croon a tune in June. Lolita: And it always seems like this time of year June pops up again. Rita: In this issue we’ve got the legendary ARLO GUTHRIE who is in the mist of a big 100th birthday celebration for his dad, Woody. Also on the web we have CD and live reviews, the Big Shot (read: centerfold), T MAX’s Don’t Give Up the Ship column, and the most informative gossip column ever written (you’re reading it now). If you pick up the print issue (distributed all over New England) you can also read about THE WHISKEY BOYS, STEVE MORSE, SIGNAL2NOISE, Eric Clemenzi’s Guitar Boot Camp, and the Pet of the Month. But if you continue reading right now, you get to read actual words from local musicians on topics you might not expect (in response to our Question of the Month). So read on…


Lolita: And may I introduce to you the question: What musical instrument, hand tool, or book have you been thinking about purchasing lately? While sitting in traffic I managed to get these responses… HENRY SANTORO (WFNX): I just picked up a second copy of the recently published, Wicked Good Barbecue by Andy Husbands (Tremont 647) and Chris Hart. Why a second copy? Because you can never had too many copies of a book that teaches you how to make a $100 meatloaf, or smoke a whole pig’s head. *** SHAUN WOLF WORTIS (Legendary Vudu Krewe): To be honest I need a good block plane. You know, one of those big wooden rectangular ones, (although a nice heavy steel Jack Plane would be cool too). It’s not that I have a lot to plane in my life; it’s just I think I’d be happier with a big wooden block plane. I’m sure I’d find things to smooth out. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): One of my favorite new music related purchases was local singer-songwriter, Audrey Ryan’s book entitled The Need to be Heard. It’s a great series of real-life stories and interviews documenting the local and national music industry pitfalls and so-called successes. *** SARAH RABDAU (Foolish Ida, Sarah RabDAU & Self-Employed Assassins): I just bought an omnichord. I bought it under the guise that it will solve all my problems. It hasn’t yet, but I’m sure it will once I convert my songs to bossa nova beats. *** JOEY AMMO (Spot Mary): The instrument I’ve been thinking about lately is a mandolin. My mom is kind of fading away with dementia these days, and being that she is full-blooded Italian, I thought I could soothe her with some mandolin music. The only thing that stopped me from buying it was that I couldn’t find any Italian music for the mandolin at the store I was going to buy it from. *** LISA McCOLGAN (Bikini Whale):  I successfully “bartered” for a Martin Backpacker several weeks ago.  I’ve wanted one since they arrived on the market (’92?).  Sounds a little anemic, but mostly it reminds me of something you’d hear on some cool old 78.  I also feel like I should be wearing a serving wench outfit when I carry it around.  It’s very strange. *** MACH BELL (Bag O’ Nails) I’m saving up ($30) to buy a book. “From the Ballet to the Batcave and Beyond” by Yvonne Craig. *** JOHN DAMROTH (Planet Records): I recently bought a stud finder…it only seems to work on certain kinds of studs. *** JON MACEY (adam&eve/ Fox Pass): I had been thinking about buying an autoharp for years. I was in an antiques place in Florida a couple months ago and found a 1979 Oscar Schmidt still in the original box! I shipped it back up to Boston. Now I have to figure out how to tune it (and play it). Then I can commune with Sara Carter sometimes. *** RAY MASON (Ray Mason Band/ Lonesome Brothers): I am now the owner of a little red plastic applause machine (also includes laughter). Comes in handy at gigs! This is not a toy! Lolita: Well, let’s hear some applause for all those wonderful answers.



Rita: This is the news for local music afficanados—so if you’re reading this, consider yourself one.   CARL BIANCUCCI (Classic Ruins) will join his UK bandmates THE SHOTGLASS KILLERS for a gig at London’s legendary 100 Club, opening for the Damned’s Brian James and Rat Scabies on June 6. *** MUCK & THE MIRES are recording on the West Coast with legendary Runaways producer KIM FOWLEY. *** MEMBERS OF MORPHINE & JEREMY LYONS played the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival on 4/28—and have been playing on other continents also. *** Looney Tunes record store has moved to Allston and is now sharing space with WAYNE VALDEZ’s Store 54 at 16 Harvard Ave. *** THE BANDIT KINGS won the Michael Bernieair Battle of the Bands at the Grog in Newburyport. *** New England honorable mention winners in the 2011 International Songwriting Competition are Joe Kowan (Melrose, MA) in the comedy/novelty category, Dave Bastien (Londonderry, NH) in the country category, Eden MacAdam-Somer (Boston, MA) and Tony Lechner (South Hadley, MA) in the instrumental category, Jon Markson, Will Brown, Will Kowall, Danny Joseph – Time Crisis (Boston, MA) and Tamara Rodriguez (Boston, MA) in the video category. *** In late January, Mission of Burma severed their ties with independent label Matador and have now signed to Fire Records with their fifth LP, Unsound, due on July 10. *** HEATHER MALONY and band toured 21 shows in 15 states and met interesting people like Jerry, whose dog saved his life by eating his big toe. *** BIG D & THE KIDS TABLE have returned from DAVID McWANE’s treatment for throat cancer. *** Last issue T Max decided that LISA MANNING’s first name was spelled Lissa. T is determined to get a gig for this singing poet to make up for his mistake. *** MICHAEL J. EPSTEIN MEMORIAL LIBRARY have their debut video online… I’m sure you can find “Amylee.”  *** ANAIS MITCHELL has been on tour supporting her latest release Young Man in America throughout Europe and the UK since May 15, and will continue ’til June 12. *** THEA HOPKINS entered the American Songwriter magazine songwriter’s contest and her song “Chickasaw” won her a Gibson guitar. JOHN KEHE from Jamaica Plain took third place in the same category. *** STEPHEN MINDICH, publisher and chief executive of Phoenix Media/ Communications Group, is selling WFNX to Clear Channel Communications Inc. Lolita: Bye bye WFNX.



Rita: No, we’re not talking about the Beach Boys—we’ve gotten a lot of response about our newly added Pet of the Month, so I decided to extend the idea and ask, why do you think your pet deserves to be Pet of the Month? CHRIS BRAT (the Acro-brats/ By the Throat/ the Black Cheers): My dog eats birds, sneakers, socks, and he’s the best even though he’s racist and a jerk.  He pees on the livingroom wall. *** ASA BREBNER (Family Jewels/ the Bramblejam): My cat Butter (short for Butterscotch Puddy) deserves pet of the month status. At our yard sale last summer she decided to pick a fight with a passing, innocent, on-the-leash pit bull. The pit bull did not take kindly to her territorial display. Hitherto, Mr pit bull had no idea that aggressive cats might infect his universe. He simply acted according to the dictates of his nature. At Angel Memorial, in the waiting room no amends were made. The owner of the dog steadfastly maintained that Butter was the author of the problem. Butter, now has only three legs. It cost $3,000 for the amputation. She spends most of her free time plotting revenge. Often on tranquil Sundays in our neighborhood, people who are on the way to church stop to praise her and stroke her, having no idea that she is actually the devil incarnate. This is one illustration of why I find religion to be largely a product of wishful thinking. Long live Butter! *** NICOLE TAMMARO (Nicole Tammaro Photography): My cat, Courtney, should be pet of the month because a few months ago she wanted to go outside; it was raining so I would not let her out.  She was so pissed she took a swipe at me, caught me in the eye, left me with a scratch on the face and a black eye. *** LIZ BORDEN (Liz Borden Band): I just lost my 15-year-old peek-a-poo Greta. She was my little sidekick. She leaves behind her 14- or 15-year-old dog brother Bud. I think Bud should be pet of the month or not, because he is a true survivor, friend and a dog through and through. Greta, didn’t think she was a dog. She didn’t understand why I would even include her in dog events. Bud is all dog! Bud is always in trouble. Into everything! He was abused by his first owner; his second owner would leave him for 16 hours a day and then was going to put him down. I rescued Bud at approximately age 2 and have had him for 13  years. As I sit here and watch Bud, I am realizing his life is coming to an end also. I can not express how much love, friendship, and happiness this trouble maker has given me.



Lolita: This is not where we walk around chairs and fight for a place to sit when the music stops. In this musical chairs we mention new bands and new additions to old bands. If you have a new band, let us know. MACH BELL (Joe Perry Project) is now fronting BAG O’ NAILS with DAVE ZOLLA (Last Man Standing) on guitar, BEN RIELEY on bass, and drummer, MIKE BENDINELLI (Lovelace). *** JOEY AMMO (x-Birdbrain) is back in the spotlight, leading the band SPOT MARY. The name comes from his mom telling him when he was young that he should try to watch for Mary Magdalene  because she is keeping an eye on him. *** MISS JUDY’S FARM, a tribute to Rod Stewart and the Faces, consists of STEVE CARAWAY, JIM BUHRENDORF, JAY DELLISOLA, BILL D’EON,  JOE LAITE, and MIK MERSHA. *** THE JESSICA PROUTY BAND has taken in AARON SHUMAN, a Berklee College of Music student from Los Angeles, as the band’s lead guitarist and backup vocalist. *** DAN BRENNER will have WILL LEE, TOMMY BENEDETTI, DANA COLLEY, KEVIN BARRY, BEN ZECKER, ALANA ALEXANDER and MICHAEL LIVERPOOL playing with him for his release of Little Dark Angel at Redstar Union in Kendall Square, Cambridge. *** PETER LINDBERG has a new bluegrass outfit, using the moniker the PETER LINDBERG BAND for now. The group consists of JOE CARDOZA, JACK TOMEIOLLO, and CARLOS MENENSEZ. ***  13 BILLION YEARS is DAVE DUNBAR, MIKE DAVIS (both x-Black Thai and Luca Brasi), JOHN OVERSTREET (Throttle), and DANIEL COUGHLIN (Throttle/ Come). *** THE BLACK CHEERS are DAN O’HALLORAN (Darkbuster/ 007 Hundred Club/ the Marvels), SWID (Razors in the Night/ the Acro-brats/ With a Bullet), CHRIS BRAT (the Acro-brats/ the Throwaways/ By the Throat), and SCOTTI CAPPELLINI (Plan 17). *** THE REACTIVE include FRED VICTOR and DAN McCARTHY (both the Varmints), RON MARNICK (Pastiche), and background vocalist JULIE SWEENEY. *** ABBIE BARRETT (background vocals) and PAT DiCENSO (guitar) have joined JENNY DEE & THE DEELINQUENTS. Lolita: You may connect this information with last month’s news that TONY and SAMANTHA GODDESS (x-JD & the Deelinquents) are expecting a minor Goddess.



Rita: I’ve noticed that not all people get excited about the same thing. So I asked my friends to put these three subjects in order of importance…  sports, music, politics. MELVERN TAYLOR (…& His Fabulous Meltones): 1. Music: making it is fun. Listening to it is fun. 2. Sports: only matters to me now that the boy has hockey practice on Saturdays. 3. Politics: meaningless because we are all doomed. *** JEREMY LYONS (…with Members of Morphine): I would put politics (which I read as “current world affairs”) first, music second, and sports last. Obviously as a musician, music is very important to me, and I think it is an important and wonderful (sometimes) part of our culture. But I don’t take it seriously in the sense that ultimately, it doesn’t really matter. If you play a wrong note, or write a bad song, no one dies. If a world leader makes a bad call, thousands may die. And I don’t really care about sports. Which probably means I’m living in the wrong town. *** BOW THAYER (Bow Thayer & Perfect Trainwreck): #1—music, because besides sex it is our universal language. #2—sports, because it keep folks in shape and if you don’t want to be in shape you can sit around, drink beer, and watch. #3—politics, because I don’t believe a word anyone of them says. *** ANNE BROWN (the Noise): I’ll take political issues of the sort wherein something very morally corrupt is at the root of it all, and I’m going to find out what it is.  I read everything possible on the matter and become a veritable authority on the subject to anyone who wants to listen to my rant.   This provides a temporary and complete escape from whatever else is going on offensively in my life.   Solving the world’s problems is my forte. *** DAVE PLUNKET (Somerville Grooves): 1. Music: it can be art, joy, all the things that make life worth living. 2. Politics: those people have a big impact on our lives, whatever you think of the process. 3. Sports: fine if you like them, but not important. *** SAMMY MIAMI (Sloppy Johnson): Creating, performing, and listening to music is extremely important to me because it’s my vehicle for communicating my true feelings. I really don’t care about sports unless you consider sex and drumming a sport, in that case it’s just as important to me as music for similar reasons. As for politics, other than my firm belief that Mitt Romney is the devil, I’m pretty much a political reject. I’m not a fan of political musicians, although I would thoroughly enjoy a death match between Ted Nugent and Michael Stipe. *** JOE COUGHLIN (the Noise): Speaking for myself, music first. Then a hundred more things, then sports. Sure, there are great athletes, but I could hardly care less. And politics is just another bunch of annoying millionaires.



Lolita: Here are some great places for good music. LIZ BORDEN BAND’s CD release is on Saturday, 6/2, at the Hard Rock Cafe—Boston. *** On Thursday, 6/7, MC3 play the Rocky Neck Church in Gloucester with RANDOM ACTS OF HARMONY around the corner at the Imagine Gallery. *** STEPHIE PEEKA & THE SEEKING 7 plays  the Cantab on Friday, 6/8.  *** On Saturday, 6/9 T MAX releases On British TV at the Dog Bar with CHAREE BIANCINI and DOUG MacDONALD. *** Down at the Wellfleet Beachcomber, THE INCREDIBLE CASUALS are back again for another season—dance on the sandy floor on Sunday, 6/10. *** AIR TRAFFIC CONTROLLER plays the Brighton Music Hall on Tuesday, 6/12. *** On Saturday, 6/16, FARREN BUTCHER, INC. is at the Tupelo Music Hall. *** BRAD BYRD plays the Red Room at Cafe 939 (at Berklee College of Music) on Thursday, 6/14. *** TOM EATON & PICK 3 play Giuseppe’s Ristorante in Gloucester on Sunday, 6/17. *** Experience ELECTRIC MUMMY at the Cantab on Thursday, 6/21. *** Friday, 6/22, has HOT MOLASSES releasing their CD at the  Middle East Downstairs. *** THE GREG HAWKES UKULELE TRIO plays a benefit at the UU Church of Marblehead on Saturday, 6/23. *** CHELSEA BERRY has the opening slot for CHRIS ISAAK at the North Shore Music Theatre on Thursday, 6/28. *** On Friday, 6/29, SPOT MARY headlines the Midway. *** Same night GIRLS, GUNS & GLORY play downstairs at the Middle East. *** On Saturday, 6/30, RAZORS IN THE NIGHT slash a daytime show of hardcore punk upstairs at the Middle East. *** MARK ERELLI plays the Marblehead Festival of the Arts on Saturday, 6/30. *** On Sunday, 7/3, on the Village Green in Danvers the SATCH KERANS BAND raises money for homeless kids’ activities. Rita: We love you. Lolita: You love me!


RIP: JAMES MORRILL (Marblehead, MA): Singer/guitarist for Stars Above and Pure Impact. Passed away Saturday, May 12, 2012.  He was 26.



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