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Lolita: It’s May, and may I introduce you to BOBBY KEYES, our cover boy. He’s an inspirational guitarist who pays homage to the musical styles of Les Paul, Chet Atkins and Django Reinhardt. Our other features include CHARLIE FARREN and JON BUTCHER’s latest band FARREN BUTCHER, INC., RYAN LEE CROSBY (Cancer to the Stars/ Faces on Film/ Ryan Lee Crosby Quartet), and from Worcester—THE BALLS.


Lolita: Step right up here… hey—aren’t you Deb Hardy? Do those sunflowers follow you around where ever you go?  I mean, that is you in the photo below, right? And aren’t you playing at the next T Max Concert Series at the Dog Bar? Rita: Lolita, please, just ask Deb the Question of the Month. Lolita: Oh yeah, forget all those questions and just tell me what song would best describe a relationship you’ve been in, currently or in the past? DEB HARDY (Deb Hardy): A song that best describes my relationship with my wife could be a song that I wrote entitled “I’m Home When I’m With You.” A couple of the lines are: “Nourishing woman you feed my hunger/ nourishing woman before I’m under I’m home/ Beautiful woman a song serenity/ beautiful woman,  a scented energy of home.” *** JOE COUGHLIN (the Noise/ Alice Coughlin/ The Sickening Thuds): There are thousands (of songs, not relation-ships), but right this second it’s NRBQ’s “This Love Is True.” “Some-times it’s hard to find/ a true and trusting kind/ a love like yours and mine/ …and there’s one thing I know/ my heart it tells me so/ I’ll whisper soft and low/ this love is true.” *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensem-ble/ Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/ Aga-chiko/ Musaner): Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go”: “Flowers on the hillside, bloomin’ crazy/ Crickets talkin’ back and forth in rhyme/ Blue river runnin’ slow and lazy/ I could stay with you forever and never realize the time.”  *** SAMMY MIAMI (Sloppy Johnson): “Can’t Get This Stuff No More” by Van Halen. “How many times does some-body lie ‘til patience runs her course? / Keep that in mind, when we say goodbye ’cuz you can’t get this stuff no more.”  These lyrics remind me of a relationship I had with a former band manager. It all came to a crashing end due to negligence, rumors, and thievery. When I lost my patience, that manager lost their hardest working band. *** CASEY “SPACEY” DESMOND (Casey Desmond): “Desire’s Under Your Spell”: “I don’t eat, I don’t sleep/ I do nothing but think of you.” Lolita: Well, Casey, ditto. And isn’t it a great way to lose weight!


Rita: Here’s what rolled by our desk over the past month that we thought was worth passing on to you. TONY & SAMANTHA GODDESS (Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents) are expecting a smaller Goddess this summer. *** COUPER BROTHERS left their decade-old Friday and Saturday night regular gig to hit the road with DENNY LAINE (Wings). *** The Garment District celebrated 26 years of outfitting Greater Bostonians. *** THE DEJAS’ song “Lights Down” from their first studio album Speeding Softly has been licensed by MTV for use in their reality show programming. *** TIM MUNGENAST & HIS PREEXISTING CONDITIONS have given in to the media complaints about how many keys have to be hit to print their name—they’ve officially taken on the new moniker TIMWORLD. *** COUNT ZERO’s “My Mockingbird” video, directed by underground filmmaker MICHAEL POPE, was chosen for the Boston Underground Film Festival. The video features the band as commedia dell’arte troubadours, and a rivoting avant-garde dancer EVA PERROTTA. *** DARLING PET MONKEE’s debut video for “X-Ray Specs” was also screened at this year’s Boston Underground Film Festival. *** SESSIONS AMERICANA is touring the West Coast with MIRALE PARADE (of Los Angeles). *** FLASH IN BLUE is celebrating their 10th anniversary at Middle East on May 26th along with a lingerie fashion show. *** SHADWELL performed on TV on The Steve Katsos Show (seen in over 13 million international homes). *** BOW THAYER & PERFECT TRAINWRECK from Vermont have backed up RINGO STARR, LEVON HELM, and BOOKER T. *** STEVE SCOTT of AIR TRAFFIC CON-TROLLER directed a 40-pice concert band on the song “Blame” from the band’s upcoming album, Nordo, produced by BLEU. *** MIKE LOCE has a ukulele club that is growing popularity.  The  club meets at 7:30 every second and forth Monday at Studio 99 (17 Factory Street, Nashua, NH). *** THE GROWNUP NOISE was not able to play their Rumble preliminary set because of a back injury PAUL HANSEN that lead siger/ guitarist sustained days before the event. But when Paul’s back pain subsided the band was asked to play on the finals night as a ceremonial guest band. Lolita: That’s the most creative thing any band has ever done to get to play the finals of the Rumble.


Rita: I know you’ve all been out to see some great acts in New England. Tell me what’s the best show you’ve seen recently. Hey John, give us your first answer from your store’s new location. JOHN DAMROTH (Planet Records): Bang On A Can All-Stars performing Steve Reich (as well as B.O.A.C.’s Field Recordings) at MIT. Let’s just say he brought his clap. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): The sold out Whiskey Boys concert at Club Passim. I liked it so much, I think I’ll write a review. *** TONY SAVARINO (The Savtones): I have seen three awesome shows recently! Van Halen at the Garden, Dennis Brennan at the Lizard and Cooling Towers at the 2012 Rumble! *** STEPHEN SILBERT (Bobby Carlson & the Stones River Band): Zappa plays Zappa at the Rio Theatre in Santa Cruz, California, on February 15. I had a problem with how a singer tried to sound like Frank. I would have had a problem with how similar Dweezil sounded to Frank if Dweezil weren’t Frank’s son. Alan Holdsworth showed up and played way too many notes. It was comical. That all being said, the musicianship really was beyond exceptional and the band wailed. Most of the material Dweezil chose from Frank’s catalog was really, really good. Good and great music played by great musicians. Carry on, Dweezil! *** IAN ADAMS ( Zen Lung ): The Beatings, Friday, March 23rd at Radio in Somerville. It was the 10th anniversary of their first album Italiano, so you had a band with 10 years of experience under their belt essentially celebrating 10 years of existence. So much love in the room that night. *** AD BOC (Crimson Spiral Records/Promise To Be Good):  In the past year, I’d say the final Ad Frank & FEW show last June at T.T.’s.  The “finality” of it all added extra-special kick, and they did just about every song I’d hoped, and Count Zero was fun, too.  I regret missing the local Papas Fritas reunions last May, which would’ve been tops for the going-back-in-time thrill. *** JOHNNY LYNCH (the Neighborhoods/ Watts/ the Dirty Truckers): Best show I’ve recently seen has been Van Halen at the TD Garden on 3/11. Yeah, it sucks that Michael Anthony isn’t in the band, but Wolfie kicked ass!!!  The kid can play and sing.  VH played one of my favorites, too, “Hear About It Later,” but the surprise of the night was “Hang ’Em High”!  Great show. *** RICK BERLIN (the Nickel & Dime Band): Best recent show was Gracious Calamity at the Cambridge YMCA (part of Blastfest5!, the annual Whitehaus Family Record showcase). Two women  on guitar and uke, sing-ing ee cummmings-ish lyrics with the sweetest harmonies ever. Their voices matched so smoothly—it was as if one person was singing both parts. They played super quietly. A pin could  drop and be heard. Transporting and clear as the sky. *** GARY WALEIK (Big Dipper/ Mars Classroom): The Vivs, Arlington Theater, December 2011. *** JJ RASSLER (…& thee Cuban Heels): The Dead Beats, Regent Theater, March 24th. Primal, minimalist with clever lyrics. I’ll refrain from using the vastly worn out adjective, “seminal,” however, it could apply. *** JOHN POWHIDA (…International Airport): I recently saw Amy Correia at the Lizard Lounge and she knocked me right the hell out! Lolita: You said the same thing about me when I gave you that unsuspected kiss!


Rita: This year’s Rock ’n’ Roll Rumble ended with BOW THAYER & PERFECT TRAINWRECK winning the $15700 prize package in the final showdown against GARVY J. and MOTHEBOAR (wildcard). Congratulations to all the participating bands. Other bands that won their preliminary competition night were THE RATIONALES, GHOST OF JUNIPER, and CASK MOUSE, with THICK SHAKES and SHERMAN BURNS the semi finals wildcards. *** LAST ONE OUT, TONY JONES & THE CRETIN 3, LLAMA TSUNAMI, and THE GRAVE REVIEWS made it to the finals of the WIXN Rock Hunt. *** MARS CLASSROOM includes GARY WALEIK (Big Dipper), ROBERT BEERMAN (Pell Mell), and ROBERT POLLARD (Guided by Voices). *** GYMNASIUM consists of CHARLES HANSEN (guitar/ vocals), MELISSA GIBBS (keys/ guitar), JIM ZAVADOSKI (bass), CHRIS BLUE (guitar), and JONATHAN SCRENCI (drums). *** JOEY AMMO has a new band called SPOT MARY. Catch them at the Cantab on 5/26. *** CATHY and CHRIS CAH now have a Ramones cover band called the ERDELYIS. *** The rumor we heard that JENNY DEE & THE DEELINQUENTS have broken up is not true. The difference with the band is that TONY and SAMANTHA GODDESS have been replaced by ABBIE BARRET  (background vocals) and PAT DiCENSO (guitar). *** GARVY J. has picked up a amazing band of Boston veteran musicians that include TOMMY TULIP, SCOTT DAKOTA, TONY SAVARINO, and MIKE PIEHL. Lolita: I just saw Mike recently at Arts at the Armory and I remembered him riding on his bicycle carrying his entire drum set!


Rita: My pet monkey used to ride a bike with his drum set attached—and he’d always crash into me while I was brushing my teeth. I know that’s a very common experience owners of pet monkeys have. What’s the most annoying thing your pet does? CORIN ASHLEY (…& His Bulldog Sun Machine): Pretzel the pig-dog has an entire repertoire of annoying habits that he foists upon our household day and night. The snorting, the farting, the constantly falling asleep on any horizontal part of any of our bodies- it’s all part of his charm. Recently, he has taken to launching himself skyward in the general direction of my face. I was wrestling with my son on our bed last week when, all of a sudden, the sky filled with pig-dog underbelly and he landed square on my nose, shredding the side of it with one of his talons with blood squirting on the comforter and me attempting to choke the life out of his empty, but giant and square, skull. *** PETER RINNIG (QRST’s): We used to have a chinchilla (happily passed away about a year ago). He used to hang on the side of his cage looking out at you and his penis would just be hanging there staring right at you. He wouldn’t move for hours. *** WILL DAILEY (Will Dailey): Tonka thinks that anything on the counter is his as long as there are not any humans in the room. *** JOE CARDOZA (Bandit Kings): Our cat Ernie was waking us early in the mornings, demanding to be fed. Now, Ernie eats after gigs at 2am, just like we do. *** MR. CURT (MC3): First off, many heartfelt thanks for featuring our wonderful three kitties as last month’s Pets of the Month. As noted, our Frank can be a tyrant, even pushing the other two out of the way to chow down. His new thing is to gouge, walk away, puke, and then return for more. Is this a case of feline bulimia?   Yuck! *** DJ MÄTTHEW GRIFFIN (the Noise):  Whenever I pet my 16 pound black Maine Coon, she automatically sticks her ass up in the air. Guess she learned it from Daddy! Lolita: Matthew, lower that butt of yours. I know you’re not that excited to see me.


Lolita: And here we go! Or should I say, here you go? Because I’d personally like to see you, yes you dear reader, at one of these hand-picked shows. THEA HOPKINS brings her roots to the Museum of Fine Art on Thursday, 5/3. *** On Friday, 5/4, BILL STAINS and BOB FRANKE play the Me & Thee Coffeehouse. Bill has played the venue each and very of the 42 years of its existence. *** Same night DIRTY TRUCKERS release Tiger Stripes at Radio. *** DUCKY BOYS headline a free show at T.T. the Bear’s from 3-7pm on Saturday, 5/5. *** Later that night you can shake it to BOOTY VORTEX at Johnny D’s. *** D-TENSION excites the crowd at the Middle East on Wednesday, 5/9. *** TIM GEARAN  celebrates the release of his new CD on Thursday 5/10 and Friday 5/11 at Atwoods Tavern in Cambridge. *** WHALE OIL provides the new school punk at All Asia on Friday, 5/11. *** The Midway has an all-ages show at 3pm on Saturday, 5/12, with BARROOM HEAROS leading the charge. *** Later that night at the Dog Bar in Gloucester,  T Max’s Concert Series continues featuring JEREMY LYONS, DEB HARDY, and T MAX himself. *** Also on that night WMBR’s Bats in the Belfry (gothic/ ethereal /darkwave radio show) celebrates it’s 20th anniversary with NISI PERIOD (reunion) and DREAMCHILD at the Magic Room in Brighton, MA. *** And still on that night the 15th annual St. Stanislaus Day Polka Party featuring AL JANIK & HIS PLASTYCZNY SER ORKESTRA at the Polish-American Club (747 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA). *** On Friday, 5/18, SARAH BLACKER opens for STEVE FORBERT at Me & Thee Coffeehouse. *** MC3 plays Gallery 263 (263 Pearl St, Cambridge) on Saturday, 5/19. *** That same night PSYCHO (How long have they been around?) performs at the CANTAB. *** SANS NOMENCLATURE release their CD, Tea & Kittens, at the Middle East on Sunday, 5/20. *** On Friday, 5/25, the JOE MACK BAND rocks the Spotlight Tavern in Beverly, MA. *** FLASH IN BLUE celebrate 10 years of performing together at the Middle East on Saturday, 5/26. *** THE INCREDIBLE CASUALS are back at the Wellfleet Beachcomber on Sunday, 5/27, starting at 5:00. *** CAPTAIN EASY CHORD hits the Rosebud Bar & Grill on Thursday, 5/31. *** And a preview to our next issue—ARLO GUTHRIE and GUTHRIE FAMILY REUNION are celebrating  WOODY GUTHRIE’s 100 birthday at the 26th annual Green River Festival—held on 7/14 & 7/15 outdoors at Greenfield Community College (Greenfield, MA). Rita: Now I’m sure there is something in all these listings that is bound to please you. Lolita: It all pleases me! I’ll be back stage if you want me.

RIP: JAMES “SCOTT” RICCIUTI (Childhood/ Huck/ Pistol Whipped) died when his car struck a guardrail on Interstate 290 eastbound on April 4, 2012. Scott was 48 years old.


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