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Our Valentine show in February was as good as it gets. The publicity was excellent with multiple video-ettes on that were basically a tour of Gloucester’s music venues and other places of interest. I spent one full day with Peter Van Ness shooting from the train tracks to Main Street with no script or rehearsals, improvising with what ever came our way. When it came time for the Valentine show, lots of people showed up for dinner and to take in the wonderful sounds of Bird Mancini and Joe & Renee. I hosted the show and played a couple of songs myself. The audience was the best. I’ll be booking more second Saturdays at the Dog Bar starting in April.

I’m getting way ahead of myself with recordings. SHAKE is just waiting for the perfect CD release party. And in the can, waiting for the artwork to catch up, is ON BRITISH TV—a mix of my favorite songs from my live set. Some of the highlights will include “No Reply” (my dark version of the Beatles classic), “People of the Sun” (a follow-up to Shake with Claire Paulsen reading another wonderful tale about how the sun was once inhabited by people—but something went wrong), “Holy Moley” (a song that my band Mr. Timothy Charles Duane opened every show with, written by Charlie Esposito), and “Fat Belly BBQ” (a little promo song that I wrote on the spot while performing at the Georgetown Farmers’ Market).
And in the infancy stage is a children’s CD with Mike Loce. The ideas for it are just starting to take shape now.
All the recordings are coming out of Project Sound in Haverhill, MA, with Jason Duguay at the board. Manufacturing is done with Ken Cmar at Wonderdrug Records.

I’ve taken a sudden interest in trains. I’ve been photographing them and anything connected to them. I’ve already found two very old keystone bridges that were built for trains moving around Gloucester and Rockport. Anyone interested in photographs on this subject can contact me.

If you’d like to contact me, email is the best way… try
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