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Rita: February is the beginning of our year in print. Lolita: It takes a full month to recover from the stifling holiday season. But we’re back with primitive inhibition and plan to display it at our Valentine show at the Dog Bar in Gloucester, Saturday 2/11, with two of our favorite “couple” acts—JOE & RENEE (from Bandit Kings) and BIRD MANCINI. On the cover of this issue witness BARRENCE WHITFIELD, the ageless international savage of excitement. If you pick up the print issue you can also read about the street punks of Boston—THE DUCKY BOYS. If you like heavier hardcore sounds—we’ve got that too—in PRAYERS FOR ATHEISTS from Providence, RI. And in the far corner from Worcester, MA—the lo-fi industrial-art punker CLOWN. Rita: And don’t forget the other goodies we have for you, like Rock School, the most addictive rock strip in the United States of America. If you keep a copy of the Noise in the bathroom you will increase your knowledge of local music and lose weight at the same time. Read the live reviews and CD reviews (also found online) and let us know if we got it right. Everyone has a say around here—communication old school with our Incoming Mail in print. Email us ( tmax@thenoise-boston.com) if you need your viewpoint in print.Or you can just click comments at the bottom of this page to leave your thoughts online.



Lolita: In keeping with our Valentine show let’s get everyone focused on the romantic things in their lives. Let’s find out what the most romantic thing anyone has done for our friends. There’s our current Big Shot with the dreamy eyes—Billy. Tell us the truth—it will set you free. BILLY CARL MANCINI (Bird Mancini): Ruby married me! Now that’s the ultimate romantic deed. *** KEN FIELD (Revolutionary Snake Ensemble/Birdsongs of the Mesozoic/Agachiko): My wonderful late wife, Karen Aqua, brought me with her to a film festival on the Greek island of Kos last year. It was an awesome trip. *** LIZ FRAME (Liz Frame & the Kickers): The most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me? My awesome boyfriend of 10 years surprised me with a new guitar for Christmas a few years ago. I was just starting to get back into playing out live, so it was unbelievably thoughtful and sweet of him. *** JOE COUGHLIN (the Noise): A hand-crafted GG Allin toilet seat and lid done collage-style and expertly shellacked. It incorporates snakes, drugs, devil-girls, and so much more. No joke, it’s a stunning work of art for which I’m forever grateful. You know who you are, Toots! *** JOY COPP (Pull Trouble From the Fire): The most romantic thing that someone did for me was buy me dinosaur bones. UC Berkeley was reconstructing a dinosaur for their museum. If you donated money, you could sponsor a piece and your name would go on the plaque underneath it. He bought me a tooth and a claw. My name is on that plaque… I feel like a part of history. *** ROY SLUDGE (Roy Sludge): Granted me my second divorce. *** RANDY BLACK (Randy Black & the Heathcroppers): In the early days of gigging, the band would soundcheck early and then hang out and drink, go back to the house to get high and drink, get back to the club and smoke cigarettes and drink. After the show we would often go to Vic’s Eggs On One for breakfast. One night we went to Chinatown instead and the MSG put me over the top so that I staggered out the door and almost passed out. She sat there next to me on the sidewalk, backs against the restaurant wall, and she talked about whatever, kept me awake, in a strong reassuring voice. She touched my arm. *** AD BOC (Ad Boc/Promise to Be Good) She moved 7,285 miles from home to be with me. *** CLAY N. FERNO (Middle East/Leaguepodcast): An ex once gave me a spooky little skeleton guy made of plaster with red candle wax dripping from his eyes, nose, and mouth. Ahhh, youthful love and undead bobbles. *** MIKE LANGLIE (Twink, the toy piano band!): In the early 1990s I was in a goth-industrial band with Karen (aka avant-cellist Wisteriax). We had a recording session booked on Valentine’s Day, and Karen surprised everyone by bringing a big Jell-o heart to the studio. Even more surprising was the sight of the cut-open heart bleeding massive amounts of red goo. We started dating soon after and have been together ever since. *** NIGLE KNUCKLEHEAD (Allstonians/ Spinoff): Break up with me to end a dead relationship. *** HEATHER MALONEY (Heather Maloney): A couple of years ago I lived and worked in a community (sort of a commune) where I was a cook and my boyfriend Peter was a maintenance man. I had my own little parking spot in a shared garage (had no doors). One day I was pulling up the hill and into my spot and I noticed some huge red thing right above the light of my headlights. As I pulled closer I realized it was a huge wooden heart. Peter had used the company tools to cut and paint a heart for me, and nailed it right into the wall of my little parking spot. Rita: See how wonderful life can be! I ran into SCOTT ALARIK, the author of that book about my life as a rising folk star. If you want to know more about me, read Revival. A lot of people thought I was making this up, but Scott approached me at Me & Thee Coffeehouse, and whispered in my ear that I looked just like Kit (the main gal in the book). I know it was his way of admitting the book really is about me. He didn’t want to come right out and admit it because then I have to insist on a cut of the book sales. So I’ve decided he can have the fortune—I’ll take the fame.


Lolita: I can’t believe how egotistical Rita has become about that book. There are other books out there—probably about me. CLEA SIMON, long time Boston rock journalist, was awarded the CWA’s Muse Medallion for fiction for her book Dogs Don’t Lie. *** KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold) was flown out to Ireland to perform in a studio in Dublin with punk legends, CAITLIN O’RIORDAN (bassist of the Pogues and former wife of ELVIS COSTLELLO) and RICHIE RAMONE (former drummer of the Ramones). It was all under the umbrella of a PETER WALSH GOBSHITES’ recording session. *** Celebrate with WBCN Nation the release of the amazing new documentary film, The American Revolution, on the early days of the legendary station at the Paradise. Pledge your donation to the making of the film at kickstarter.com and get invited to a mega event and special sneak preview of this landmark documentary film. *** PETE WEISS (Weisstronauts/Verdant Studio) has an ongoing series of photos of record stores. They can be seen hanging at Christoper’s (Porter Sq., Cambridge) in early February. *** The Mikey Dee Musicians Benefit Trust continues to help musicians in need. Recently both JJ RASSLER for his broken hand and DAVID McWANE (Big D & the Kid’s Table) who is suffering from thyroid cancer, were recipients of Mikey’s generosity. JJ has recovered to the point where he is back in his Cuban Heels hitting that Downbeat once again. *** For winning the most votes in the Falcon Ridge Emerging Artists Most Wanted contest, PESKY J. NIXON will play on the main stage of Falcon Ridge Folk Festival this coming summer. *** Bradford School of Music has merged with the Real School of Music. *** CHUCK U. and DIANE ANDRONICA and other members of the New England Media Coalition won the seven-day contest for My Life, My Choice (helping under age women leave forced prostitution). *** Valhalla International Restaurant & Lounge is a new concept that will be opening at 667 Massachusetts Ave., Central Square, Cambridge. The place plans to have events and shows. *** If you are in a high school band, you can register for the Rock Showdown by 2/15/12 at www.natickarts.com. You can win hundreds of dollars of prizes including partial scholarships to the Berklee College of Music Summer Programs. *** Quiet Desperation, Boston’s reality sitcom, started 2012 with their third episode, Chilly Allston, of season two. It features CASEY DESMOND, SHAUN BEDGOOD, and SEAN SULLIVAN. *** January 1st marked the 14th anniversary of DAVID MINEHAN’s Woolly Mammoth Sound. Lolita: I do believe we plan to honor that man in these page in a couple of months.


Rita: One thing we all do is eat. Lolita: Some more than others. Rita: Our goal with this next question is to find the best place to dine. What’s your favorite restaurant? MR. CURT (MC3): Mmm-mm! Through the years, I’ve been to so many places for different tastes, but there’s one restaurant I would never hesitate to name —Legal Sea Foods. Consistent yet variable, generous yet comfy, and always fresh and delicious. Never been Scrod there! Order a broiled (or fried) Fisherman’s Platter to start the raves! I first went there for my college graduation 40 years ago, when it was a tiny space in the back of a fish market in Inman Square. Phew, that’s a durable eatery! *** TODD HARRIS (18 Wheels of Justice): Hands down without a question the Sunset in Allston. I don’t think I’ve ever had the same beer twice there. Great food and service. Maybe it’s just foggy, beer-soaked memory, but every time I go there I have the time of my life, immediately followed by the hangover of my life. You just reminded me that I’m hungry. *** IAN ADAMS ( Lucky Dragon ): The Washington Square Tavern in Brookline. I would recommend the pan-seared local scallops, with sugar pumpkin risotto. Chef Chris Cronin is a frikkin’ artist. *** CORIN ASHLEY (…& the Guild of Sonic Righteousness): I love Sam’s Bistro down by the ICA—great vibe, devastating Bloody Mary’s, best fries in town, and it’s got indie cred, too! I challenge you to find a restaurant owned by a better local bass player than Drew Parsons. *** NIKI LUPARELLI (Niki Luparelli & the Gold Diggers/ the Steamy Bohemians): My favorite place in the Boston area is Lucky’s Lounge on Congress Street. I love the mac and cheese and also the “secret” veggie burger not on the menu. Combine that with the Sinatra theme, and I could stay in there like Agent Dale Cooper in the Black Lodge. *** TIM MUNGENAST (Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions): My favorite restaurant is Chez Outre. I suggest the Roast Rump of Tree-Dwelling Elephant with Ecstasy Sauce, and the Hummingbird Tongue Flambé for dessert. I also like the Craftsman Socket Set Casserole. *** DAVID AVERY (Powderfinger Promotions): My favorite restaurant is L’Espalier and I’d recommend getting whatever they want to serve. It’s expensive, so unless you have a tanker full of cash you’ll want to go there for a special occasion. But for a “foodie” L’Espalier can’t be beat, and it’s especially cool because if you don’t eat meat they’ll alter their menu to give you either fish or entirely vegan dishes. That’s a rarity. *** JON MACEY (Adam&Eve/ Fox Pass): Anything Korean, order stone pot Bimbimbap with lots of chili sauce to get you through the winter. Helps with songwriting too, especially art-pop tunes. *** PETER MOORE (Count Zero): Journeyman (Somerville) for the win, they’re so courageous, inventive, and tasty. Runners up: Craigie on Main (Central Sq., Cambridge), Bolete (Bethlehem, PA), Local 188 (Portland ME). Lolita: Wow, Peter gets around.


Rita: Musicians get around within bands,too. Here are some new musical groups and new acquisitions in existing acts. BO BARRINGER (Me&JoanCollins) has hooked up with REUBEN BETTSAK and NOELL DORSEY (Guillermo Sexo) to form FUTURE CARNIVORES. *** In a related band BO BARRINGER and REUBEN BETTSAK join cellist RACHEL ARNOLD in THE WRONG SHAPES. *** TONY and SAMANTHA GODDESS have left Jenny Dee & the Deelinquents amicably. MIKE ORAM (Airport/Eric Salt & the Electric City) has been subbing for Tony on guitar and ABBIE BARRETT (Abbie Barrett & the Last Dates) has played some gigs doing the background vocals. *** THE FENWAY BRATS are a multi-vocalist band that includes singers C. MOON MULLINS, LAUREN “POCKETS” ANDERSON, JULIE “PANDA” DZIUBELA, and TED WHITESIDE backed by the three-piece ERIC GRIFFINS (bass), ROBERT ONE (guitar), and TOM MORONY (drums). You can see/hear them every Friday night at Who’s on First. *** SPINOFF contains TIM FERRELL on guitar (Mistaking), DAN WEDDLE on drums (Cheater Pint), SCOTT HOWE on guitar (the Hammond Group), DARREL MORROW on keys (the Allstonians/ the Hammond Group) and GERRY ATTRICK on bass (the Allstonians). They’ll be playing their pop/rock with a sense of humor at T.T. the Bears on 2/24. *** KEVIN STEVENS (the Shods) is on stage again in THE UNHOLY III. Lolita: Yes! Kevin is one of the reasons why music in New England is so good.


Rita: And we all know (except for those a cappella groups) that we need instruments to make wonderful music. What is the latest wonderful instrument that you’ve picked up? KIER BYRNES (Three Day Threshold): Last summer, I decided I’d buy a guitar upon completion of my doctorate, in hopes that it’d keep me motivated. I found the perfect Telecaster on eBay. It was even born the same year as me (ancient)! The problem was I hadn’t finished classes yet. As fate would have it, the e-Bay vendor was Mr. Music in Allston. just a mile from where I was! I trucked over and fell in love with it immediately; the guitar came home with me that day. And as for finishing school, they don’t call me Doctor Whiskey Love for nothin’. *** BRAD BYRD (Brad Byrd): The latest musical instrument I purchased was a classical guitar for $5 (or was it $3?) at a yard sale. Every now and then I see people just tossing these guitars away and I try and grab them if and when I can. The low E, A, and D strings are so incredibly warm and the overall sound is brilliant. I can’t help but not write a new song every time I pick it up and start strumming. I can’t wait to record with it in the studio! *** DAN KING (Bandit Kings/ KBMG): I’m always buying gear but the last instrument I bought was at Daddy’s on Route 1. An American Tele Sunburst. Daddy’s is sadly gone now and that will certainly leave a major void. On the North Shore back in the ’80s and ’90s we had Steve’s in Danvers and Daddy’s in Peabody until Guitar Center opened on Route 114 and Steve’s closed soon after. The first guitar I bought in a store was a strange Gibson Les Paul called “The Paul” or “Victory Paul” with a double cutaway and a Trini Lopez head stock that I found in a Daddy’s in Portland, ME in 1990.( I traded this guitar for a Gibson J30 acoustic in Santa Cruz that I’ve written 80 percent of my songs on). I was on my way to pick up a ’78 Tele Sunburst I had found in the Portland listings but it was gone when I got there. Oddly enough my car broke down on the way home from Portland so we hitched home with the guitar and the car was laid to rest in a garage in Wells. I bought my first Tele at Steve’s in ’94, later scored a ’78 Fender Music Master bass at Daddy’s that’s amazing, a star among many purchases, and 20 years later I got my Sunburst at Daddy’s. *** MICHAEL J. EPSTEIN (The Michael J. Epstein Memorial Library/ Do Not Forsake Me Oh My Darling/ Darling Pet Munkee/ Space Balloons): I’ve been buying samples of all kinds of egg shakers to help shaker-shaker extraordinare Tanya Palit select just the right shaker for her upcoming signature series egg shaker. No joke. *** TIM MUNGENAST (Tim Mungenast & His Preexisting Conditions): A Framus Texan acoustic 12-string from the mid-1960s. It was purchased at a yard sale. *** A.J. WACHTEL (Pseudo-Intellect Extraordinaire): The most recent instrument of punishment and torture I’ve bought is a pocket-sized electronic cattle prod. I bought it at Wal-Mart and charged it to my Noise expense account. Dad: It’s a good parenting tool, too. Harrison: YOUCHHHHHHHH!!! *** WILL DAILEY (Will Dailey & the Rivals): A 1960 Silvertone amp in case. Beautiful condition. Found it on Craigslist with original paperwork and manual. Bought in Peabody. *** TONY JONES (Tony Jones & the Cretin 3/ the Tony Jones Show): After listening to way too much of the band Cake I recently picked up a vibra-slap from Daddy’s Junkie Music. Somehow Cake manages to incorporate it into every tune. I haven’t been so lucky. It sits here collecting dust mocking me! Lolita: Someday it will jump into your hands at the perfect moment and slice a perfect piece of cake for you.


Rita: Time to go out! Saturday, February 4 is a big night—ALLOY ORCHESTRA performs a live sound track to Wild and Wierd at Somerville Theater; Boston musician and activist BRIAN O’CONNELL presents his original rock opera Over the Line at Spontaneous Celebrations at 5:00 and 8:00 pm; THEA HOPKINS plays Brew’d Awakening Coffeehaus in Lowell; and in Portland, Maine, LIZ FRAME & THE KICKERS are at One Longfellow Square. *** BRITANNICA brings their British rock to Green Land Cafe on Monday, 2/6. *** 25 PEARL entertains at Robsebud on Thursday, 2/9. *** The Noise celebrates the Valentine in all of us on Saturday, 2/11, at the Dog Bar with JOE & RENEE and BIRD MANCINI. *** Same night in Jamaica Plain experience BLOWW—Boston League of Women Wrestlers at the Midway. *** And if you’re at the Plough & Stars that night, you’ll have the privilege of seeing HEATHER MALONEY. *** On Friday, 2/17, Me & Thee Coffeehouse celebrates their 42nd birthday with AMY BLACK. *** Same night at the Cantab—GARAGE AU GO-GO. *** BOSTON HORNS play Ryles on Saturday, 2/18. *** Over at Johnny D’s on Sunday 2/19, OLD JACK takes the stage. *** THE DEL FUEGOS hit the Paradise on Wednesday, 2/22. *** On Thursday, 2/23, ANAIS MITCHELL release her latest CD, Young Man in America, at Passim. *** Same night in Salem, MA, ERINN BROWN plays In A Pig’s Eye. *** On Friday, 2/24, IN LIKE LIONS drop their CD at the Middle East. *** LIZ BORDEN & THE AXES play the Cantab on Saturday, 2/25. *** Same night THE GENTLEMEN are hauled into Precinct. *** HIGHWAY GHOSTS release their CD, Beyond All Help! at Johnny D’s on Saturday 3/3. *** Same night downstairs at the Middle East, Hear Now Live presents the CD release party for DOCTOR DOOM ORCHESTRA. Rita: We’ll be back in March for our online-only issue, then return to print in April. We love you! Lolita: Speak for yourself. I only love some of them.

RIP: JOHN LINCOLN WRIGHT (…& the Sourmash Boys and vet of the Bosstown days in the late ’60s) died of a stroke on 12/4/11.

RIP: Saxophonist, DAVID SCHOLL (Barrence Whitfield & the Savages/ Four Piece Suit), passed away on Christmas Day, having quietly battled cancer for almost 10 years.

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