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Written by Adventure Set, on 23-12-2011 13:05
ADVENTURE SET returns to The Magic Room on Jan. 28 to celebrate the release of the official video for STEREO HANDS, the single from their new EP, CENTURIES TO GO. With guest DJ Christopher Muther.


Adventure Set reborn
Written by M Pothier, on 23-10-2011 21:26
Our first live show is Nov. 5 at The Magic Room, and our EP, Centuries to Go, is out Nov. 11.


Karen Aqua
Written by Claudia deHaven Biddle-Ciampi, on 14-06-2011 23:32
I am deeply saddened at the news of Karen Aqua’s passing. Her amazing talent, intelligence, generosity to the arts and other communities was outstanding for many, let alone one beautiful person. will miss her smile, her art, and everything else about her.
My heart goes out to Ken Field, her beloved husband and her family.

Love and miss you Karen..Love you Ken,


Mr Max’s Message
Written by T Max, on 02-03-2011 17:24
Eleanor, yeah it really was a great experience with a wild light show supplied by the Magic Room.


Mr. Max’s Message
Written by eleanor, on 02-03-2011 12:44
Nice outfit T. The Magic Room show looked like a great time. I need to get out more.


Paul’s comment
Written by T Max, on 10-06-2010 16:20
Paul–are you in a band? Lolita was asking me about you. I think she’d like to contact you.


Written by Paul, on 10-06-2010 16:17
I’ve secretly been in love with Rita and Lolita since I started reading the Noise in the ’90s. I was kina hoping to be a super rock star by now so they’d write cool stuff about me. haha, guess not! Hugs ladies!


the article on the vibrations
Written by michael mcgehee, on 11-11-2009 00:38
Man, the Vibrations were one great group who would come on stage and bring the house down. I have seen many groups at the Apollo Theater but there was no group like the Vibrations. These guys are truly the most under-rated group that I ever saw, period. These guys were show stoppers. If you don’t believe me, ask anyone who saw this group live. I hope that one day the vibrations will get the respect that they deserve. Sincerely yours, Michael McGehee


Noise 28th (anniversary issue)
Written by Walter Gustafson, on 28-10-2009 23:43
Sorry, but it’s SCRAPES, just SCRAPES not the Scraps, thank you. Also we feature members of Ganggreen, not “former” members. An honest error I trust. Thanks, W


Written by Michael J. Andrade, on 21-10-2009 11:27
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I been posting the final 4 days of WBCN Special.

Especially the 1st two shows – Tribute To WBCN – 20th Anniversary –
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Written by andwon, on 10-09-2009 00:02
1994 Boston Hemp Festival on YouTube.

David Peel,
Sam Black Church,
Letters to Cleo


NEW Sounds
Written by Starky, on 01-09-2009 23:53
If you like good alternative rock check Far Above The Ground new EP recorded at Galaxie Park Studios by Richard Marr
playing live tonight (September 1) @ Great Scott 9:45pm


Eric Bettencourt-Fine Old World
Written by Joel Simches, on 09-06-2009 13:35
This review seems to be a case of the man not living up to his own hype. That’s what the review is about. If Track 10 is the song “people who have listened to the CD rave about,” maybe he should have put that earlier in the album, so the reviewer wouldn’t have to wade through all the mediocrity to get there.


Eric Bettencourt, Fine Old World – revie
Written by Butch Brooks, on 09-06-2009 01:41
Was this a comment about the CD or the website. The music on this CD was worth more than filler for a review. It was painfully obvious that the reviewer spent more time on the website than actually listening to the music. Track 10 is the track that people who have listened to the CD rave about.


Mr Max’s Message
Written by T Max, on 01-04-2009 20:55
I’m not actually carving–it’s just building it out of wood, adding a roof shingle, and painting a design on it. I just hung two more smaller bird houses this week.


Mr Max Message 4/09
Written by eleanor, on 01-04-2009 20:13
I dig that bird house! Glad to see you are carving again.


Erinn Brown
Written by Mrs. Slimedog, on 21-03-2009 22:00
I am definitely going to check out Erinn Brown live. I do live in Sacramento now so I will have to wait from her West Coast tour.


Erinn Brown’s CD review
Written by Joel Simches, on 04-03-2009 19:17
I could never understand why when someone gets an unfavourable review, that someone almost invariably feels the need to suggest that the reviewer then should drop $8-10 to go see them live.

Listening to music on CD or online is usually the way people determine who they want to see and what music to spend money on.

I would put forth the concept that people need to put more time and energy into making good music and better recordings.

With fewer and fewer people willing to spend their hard earned dollar on going to clubs and hearing live music, recorded music is, now more than ever, the all important calling card of musicians and songwriters everywhere.

If people aren’t impressed with a song on Myspace or on a disc, why would they bother shlepping out to a club to see them play??


Erinn Brown’s CD review
Written by Katy B., on 04-03-2009 16:39
Just here to post that I’m a big fan of Erinn Brown’s, and I guess Mrs. Slimedog is not… but Mrs. S. is missing out on a true talent, and should check her out live. Even Mrs. Slimedog would approve… Now lets try not to be so nasty… Erinn rocks.


Written by Jon, on 01-12-2008 17:00
you guys need to check out mission hill…they sell out all their local shows (just saw them at harpers) and are topping the myspace charts on the local (#1) And national (#16) level…plus they are local duuudes…do it…seriously do it

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