Mr. Max’s Message December 2011


I'm really liking the Dog Bar in Gloucester. I've taken on booking the second Saturday of each month starting in February. And that show on Februay 11th will be a Valentine's showcase with two talented and lovely couples, Bird Mancini, and Joe & Renee of Bandit Kings. Peter and Vicky Van Ness continue to support all the Noise shows through and their marketing genius.


Before the my gig report I want to mention that for the gift-giving season I'll be throwing a copy of "Gimme Some Coffee"/"Chop Chop Chop" with every purchase of the pre-released SHAKE! The CDs are available now for $12 (+$2 shipping). You can always save the shipping cost by purchasing disc at my gigs (listed on

I got started right away on the first day of the eleventh month by attending Steve Caraway's open mic at the Dog Bar (65 Main St, Gloucester). Anne and I first ordered a delicious dinner, so I might have had to loosen my belt before my turn to take the stage. I was suprised to get a request after finishing my songs. Seems like my rendition of the Beatles' "No Reply" (available on Low Budget Records Across Their Universe compilation) is appreciated by the Gloucestonians.

On Saturday, November 5, I got to play at the Bandit Kings CD release party at The Rhumb Line. The Bandit Kings threw quite a party, playing their CD upstairs with lots of food for the guests, then went downstars and let it rip to a packed house. Their title track song, "Epic Hello" is my vote for best song of 2011.

On Sunday, November 13, I headed over to the Walnut Street Cafe (157 Walnut St, Lynn) for the open mic run by Don White and was very impressed with the cafe and the open mic, which featured David Jackson. Owner Jim Chalmers is quite the handsome gentleman making sure everyone in the cafe feels as though they are sitting in their own livingroom. The place is very creative with poetry nights, writing worksops, drum circles, and songwriter sessions. I even noticed that Randy Black (x-Limbo Race) played there on November 18th with his new band the Heathcroppers. I wanted to see Randy, but...

I had a gig myself (I was under contract) at AfterHOURS on Northeastern University's campus. It was the third time I've played there and, like they say, the third time is a charm. Two great acts sandwiched my show. Sophia Moon opened with her Asian pop act and Pervez (a duet—voice and 7-string guitar) closed the night with some heavy (acoustic) melodic material. For my set, I had the lovely and talented Katya Lancero reading the environmental earth-story of SHAKE! For those who keep track of my musical history, Katya was a member of Sgt. Maxwell's Peace Chorus.


The manufacturing of my environmental music project, SHAKE, is complete. Now I'm looking for a good place to have a release party.


The follow up project to SHAKE is already on its way. It will include "People of the Sun" with Claire Paulsen once again joining in on the reading part of the musical story. That track along with a bunch of other song I've recorded at Project Sound with Jason Duguay will all be on one CD. 


Well—I sold out of the first pressing of Why Do We Go to War and decided to edit the second pressing. So I added a couple of new tunes, change the ending, took some songs out and shortened some of the songs to make it a compact half-hour disc now titled Why War. This half–hour version is how I prefer to play the show live. So now the CD represents the live show well, but adds a lot of production. That added production is me layering more guitars, me singing all the choir parts (male and female—or should I say bass to soprano), and all fun extra stuff you can do with sound while you’re in the studio. Jason Duguay (at Project Sound) produced this CD with me and Mike Loce once again is the lone extra musician playing the jet engine electric guitar in the opening track. Although you can purchase this CD from me through email, tmax(at)thenoise-boston(dot)com, or at a live show ($10), the disc hasn’t been officially release yet. I may wait ’til October to do that.

If you'd like to contact me, email is the best way… try tmax(at)thenoise-boston(dot)com You can hear a sample of my music at…
T Max/the Noise PO Box 353 Gloucester, MA 01931

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